Stone Cold Steve Austin: “I Think Brock Lesnar Woke Up Everybody in the MMA World” (Video)

April 1, 2014
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Love him or hate him; take him or leave him; there is no denying that former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar put the MMA world on its head during his short stint in the sport.

He’s the subject of a new video special on UFC Fight Pass. We don’t have the full video, but we have do have this clip from Best of the Beast.

This clip features another WWE Superstar in Stone Cold Steve Austin, who also happens to be a mixed martial arts aficionado. Throwing his two cents into the mix, Austin believes the his friend, Brock Lesnar, “woke up everybody in the MMA world.”

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  • InTheColosseumTonight

    A lot of the fans that Lesner brought to MMA left when he left. I enjoyed his rivalry with Mir, but outside of that I was never very impressed with Lesner. He dominated people, but was also dominated. He is a great athlete to be able to transition into MMA like he did, but I think most of the fans he brought went back to WWE and that is for the better. MMA is a sport, it is real, and the theatrics belong in pro wrestling.

    • WarWand

      I agree 100%, unfortunately the remnants of fake wrestling are left behind and has now saturated mma. Bring back Pride!!!!

      • shakejunt

        you mean that organization that had a bunch of fishy fights and questionable management?

      • InTheColosseumTonight

        I dont think that pro wrestling has saturated MMA. People like Chael Sonnen are fight promoters and trash talkers, he is an entertaining exception to what most fighters are looking to do: win fights and get money. UFC and WSOF are alot more about being serious professional sports than anything, and the fans that stick around from the Brock day prolly buy ppvs. Pride on the other hand actually had fake wrestling matches on thier fight cards, Prolific steroid abuse, and was famous for fixing fights. So please dont bring back Pride days, nostalgia is sometimes best left as such.

  • stone cold=too many beers

    yet a tiny kick to his stomach is like a fire mob with pitch forks to the brockenstein…

    • InTheColosseumTonight

      I dont think Overeem could throw a tiny kick if he tried, his legs are huge :S

    • Jacob McDonald

      or the fact that brock had 2 life threatening bouts with a disease that can kill you and had to have surgery twice on his abdomen probably had a little to do with that

      • Ron Bidelman Jr.

        You probably believe WWE is real too dont you dumbass??

        • shakejunt

          no need for name calling, junior

          • Jim Beam

            no need for you to be here so STFU lesnar fan.

          • shakejunt

            not a fan. did we beef in the past?

        • Robert

          I think Little Ron needs a timeout. They need to have a age limit for comments on these pages.

      • DamianCross

        awwww does poor widdo bwock got a tummy ache? :D

        • shakejunt

          immaturity always proves your point

          • Jim Beam

            yeah you should talk.

          • shakejunt

            oh, that’s creative. too bad this thread was over 6 months ago.

          • Jim Beam

            and yet you came back to it, douchebag.

          • shakejunt

            that’s what you wanted, no?

    • Royce Treichler Jr.

      You sir, are a dumbass. :)

      • Ron Bidelman Jr.

        You sir lick his dumbass. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see Brock is a puss who didnt like to get hit. Hes about as fake as they come……next to you!

        • shakejunt

          that’s a pretty good insult

        • Reed

          Why don’t you let Carwin beat you for four minutes then have the wits two submit him the next round. You sir have no sense, and certainly are no Spartan!

        • Aaron Gustaveson

          Nah, a puss doesnt make it as far as he did in wrestling. I mean real wrestling, sad that I have to clarify that.

    • Liam O’Keefe

      I’m not Brock fan but lets see you take one of those tiny kick. And by the way, it was a liver shot. I would love to watch Reem give you a nice tiny roundhouse kick to the liver. I got $50 says you’ll cry.

  • Jon Doe

    Brock is a fantastic athlete with incredible size, it is unfortunate on multiple fronts the fact that he entered late and the fact he had to remove parts of his intestine 2x. I have no doubt in my mind, if 12 yr old Brock dedicated himself to mma like he did wrestling and body building he would of been a force to reckon with. You can train to fight, you can prepare to get hit but you can Not, no matter how hard you try, turn yourself into a 6’3 295lbs athlete. In his college wrestling days you can see his pop and quickness, shear strength, you cant practice that. You order got or you dont

  • whitey

    I love how at the end of the vid it says watch entire video on fightpass. they are really getting desperate too sell this fightpass garbage.

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    Goes to show you how dumb Steve Austiin is. I dont know of one real MMA fighter who doesnt like to get hit and that puss Brock DID NOT LIKE TO GET HIT!!! Why do you think he took a year off in between fights?? They made up that condition just like when MJ went to baseball because he was about to be suspended for gambling on NBA teams. Hes a big dude…..thats it. Austin is a big dude. Thats it. Got no respect for them damn fake ass wrestlers.

  • Joe

    Am I the only one who would love to see Lesnar vs Sapp. Neither one if them were great mma fighters, but both had tremendous success using their size and power. I’d like too see Lesnar in a fight where he could be out muscled.

    • wayne

      would be interesting but brock did well because he had amazing amateur wrestling and speed for his size he would easily take sapp down and keep him there.
      He kind of did get outmuscled and dominated a bit in the carwin fight for the whole 1st round but then carwin gassed in the 2nd and got submitted.

    • Sir_Roy

      Lol. No way Sapp lasts a second against Lesnar. Sapp is, and has always been, a tier or three below the big league talent pool. While Lesnar was never top tier talent, and did indeed rely on his size and strength more so than raw MMA ability, he still had said ability all the same. Sapp could never dream of fighting any heavy weight in the UFC during Lesnar’s run. Ever. While not the most skilled to be sure, Lesnar was successful all the same and only really fell from grace when his health failed him. He was never the same after that ordeal (and this by his own admission). He lost the hunger and his head was no longer in the game.

      Lesnar is in better shape, more athletic and stronger and an all out far better fighter. Sapp is just bigger (fatter too).

  • brad king

    Brock did dominate frank mir in his revenge match! (his most notable fight) His ape shit attack did not faze Velasquez and he ran outta options, as Cain picked him apart in a brutal fashion. After Overeem it became clear Dana White could no longer claim Brock as a serious fighter.
    Glad Brock is back where he can pretend he is a big bad dude without taking a vicious pummellling from smaller men.

  • DamianCross

    I always hated how everyone gasped in awe when Brock would bloody his opponents with hammerfists. He wasn’t doing any actual damage! He was just slashing them with the 9 inch seam on his gloves!

    • Dragon Kid

      He did damage, look at what he did to mir’s face after the first round of their rematch.

      • DamianCross

        That’s exactly my point. He didn’t hammerfist in that fight. He held Mir with one arm and created distance, then punched him in the side of the head. I’m not saying Brock wasn’t effective, but those hammerfists were weak and stupid.

        • Dragon Kid

          I’d like to see u take them then tell him the were weak ;)

          • DamianCross

            I could. You could. Your grandmother could. You can put pro fighters up against keyboard warriors all you want, but it won’t change the fact that Brock’s hammerfists are weaksauce.

          • Dragon Kid

            I think cains punches are weaker

          • DamianCross

            You also think physics is another word for medical professional, so there’s your opinion in a nutshell.

          • Dragon Kid

            Ok troll

          • Jim Beam

            Damian speaks the truth. why don’t you get off lesnar’s nuts already?

          • The Warrior

            If that is so then why did randy give up from hammer fists? That right, he couldn’t take it cos it f**ked him right up. So suck on that loser!

          • Aaron Gustaveson

            Why, would brock assault him for saying that?

    • doug mayer

      Doesn’t he have the biggest hands

      • Aaron Gustaveson

        No. shane carwin

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      I think the gloves cutting are a factor but hammerfist are effective.

  • WillHunting

    everyone has always spoke of brock’s speed and agility. he is big and for that size moves well. but, it looks like to me that he is not in the same class as some of the other heavyweights. moving forward in a straight line he does move well, but when he try’s to move side to side he looks like a fish out of water. he really only won when he could completely out muscle his opponent. like Mir, and Hearring. when in with the elite he showed he is only a B level fighter.

    • Keith McNeill

      Randy wasn’t elite?

      • Maddawgmar

        Randy, was an over the hill undersized champion. Nothing against Couture, I love him and am a big fan but he would have lost to Mir or Nogueira. His championship was not staying with him much longer. Brock was spoon fed a championship. If he had to fight his way to a shot, he would have been derailed by Cain or JDS before he got his title shot. Yes, he was champ, kudos to him, but definitely didn’t deserve the shot.

  • MikeMcK83

    It’s funny how people still sit around and bash “pro wrestling.” It’s just another tv show. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Do these same people complain that CSI has fake law enforcement or that blacklist has fake criminals. It’s just a tv show. Get over yourselves.

    • asd

      WWE is NOT just another TV show. It’s some of the craziest, most athletic stuntmen in action.

      • Aaron Gustaveson

        Oh yeah the way they fall off a 6 foot ladder is amazing, really shows up those hollywood stuntmen. A few of them can even do flips . . .FLIPS!!

    • green giant

      Its a little different then CSI pal. Yea WWF is just a tv show for
      entertainment,no big deal but some people prefer REAL stuff not
      something that trys to act like its real but is really fake. WWF is more
      for kids that haven’t developed mentally much yet.

    • Mason Buhler

      WWE is sad because 99% of the people who watch it think it’s real, unscripted fighting.

    • Baller31

      It’s at least as real as what passes for reality tv.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      I dont remember anyone ever trying to say that CSI is real or that we should have great respect for the actors on the show as crime scene investigators.

  • shakejunt

    the fact that people have anything to respond to stone cold, other than some combination of his catch phrases, shows a severe lacking of intelligence

    • Jim Beam

      no more than your comments do you pathetic biased lesnar-loving scumbag.

      • shakejunt

        love you too hun


    I didn’t like Brock when he was in the UFC, but looking back with his “size & speed” there still hasn’t been anyone else like him !!!

  • TheCerealKiller

    Fedor ducked Lesnar, enough said.

    • RealityPunch

      Oh yeah he ducked a guy who runs from strikes. I swear people that think like you need to think before they speak.

      • TheCerealKiller

        C’mon, I’m just trolling the Fedor fans. But it’s amazing that in less than 15 hours, you get 35 posts when someone mentions Lesnar.

  • custard chucker

    Its still real to me god dammt

    • LokiD


  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Lesnar showed just being big and strong was enough to be a UFC Champion.

    • Dragon Kid

      He had name value unlike most new fighters and UFC capitilised on it

    • fuzznarf

      Big, strong, and heavyweight NCAA wrestling champion.

      • Jim Beam

        Big, fat, overrated, no-talent pile of garbage.

        • doug mayer

          Like I said before,tell him that not us

          • Jim Beam

            Until you stop supporting him you will be told that whether you like it or not.

  • El Gvapo

    Jeez, some of you people on here are such bitter and twisted idiots. The fact is Brock became UFC heavyweight champion. That in itself is very impressive considering his mma experience. But on the other hand it’s true that he wasn’t the best fighter in the end and didn’t possess the multi-dimensional skills of superior fighters. Why would you hate someone for that or make disparaging remarks against him? And why do so many people have a chip on their shoulders about the wwf? Yes it’s scripted but who doesn’t know that? It’s just a bit of fun and it’s not like it takes itself seriously at all. It’s actually a gruelling profession and by all accounts significantly more taxing on the body than almost all other “real” sports.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      Alot a stupid actions are taxing on the body. Ever seen the guys from Jackass? That doesnt say anything about the guys doing it except maybe they aren’t so smart.

  • Steve

    WWE is a soap opera for men. Brock was in the UFC at the perfect time and was slingshotted to the top on name recognition. No way would he have fought his way to a title shot and when he had his shot he out weighed Randy by about 80lbs

  • Michael Rohrbacher

    I had hoped this was about Stone Cold joining UFC lol, if he’s got the knees for it, be sweet to his clothesline again

  • The milkman

    Like it or not he beat the man with the belt. Yeah he got a title shot over more deserving people. But got it and won and defended it twice proving that he was legit. Greatest all time? No way. But legit

    • Jim Beam

      no not legit. you have to earn your way to the top to be legit and you have no business making him the exception.

  • doug mayer

    Everyone on here needs to talk to Frank Mirs about Lesnar.Mirs got Lesnar in the first match with a leg lock or heel hook or something but the next fight Lesnar beat the hell out of Mirs,you could tell that since Mirs had run that mouth about how he was going to …. Lesnar up,all Mirs done was run in the second fight and eventually got cornered by Brock and took a beating.Mirs looked like he had got hit by a locomotive with blood spewing out of 2 or 3 places.Just ask Mirs how he felt the next day after that fight.And set on here and talk crap about Brock Lesnar,he’s a man’s man if you ask me.

    • Jim Beam

      Well nobody asked you so shut your hole stupid lesnar fan.

      • doug mayer

        Say that to his face not mine……hahahaha

        • Jim Beam

          @doug gayer
          I don’t have to say anything to his face. you just have to stop liking him you dumb POS.

    • The Doc Says

      It’s just Mir, and yes I agree 100% with what you and SCSA have to say about Lesnar here, the guy is a beast! What most people either forget, or fail to realize is that while Lesnar fought in the UFC, he was never 100%, not one day while holding the Heavyweight Championship was he even close to being even 85% healthy, the guy nearly died from his repeated bouts with diverticulitis and when he went into those fights after his first illness, he always knew in the back of his mind that he was one good body blow away from crapping his shorts and falling over dead, and his opponents knew he wasn’t at 100% so of course he was beatable, but you know what, it still took Velasquez to finally beat him for the title, and his loss to Alistair Overeem is tainted at best seeing as Overeem failed his drug test post fight and was suspended for steroid use, since coming back Overeem has not looked anywhere near the fighter who was in the cage with Lesnar that night. Sure would be a shame if Cain Velasquez wasn’t able to ever get back in the octagon, but then again it could end up being the right situation at the right time, (Lesnars contract with the WWE is set to expire right after WrestleMania 31 next Spring, right around the time when we’ll find out if Cain Velasquez will be able to get back in the octagon, and if not I have zero doubt as to whether or not Dana White would be willing to give Lesnar another big contract to get back in and put those 4XL gloves back on and do some serious damage to the Heavyweight division, which we both know he would.
      I sure would love to see a healthy Brock Lesnar climb back in the cage and show everyone just how big and bad he is when running on all cylinders!

  • LokiD

    All this activity proves one thing WWE fans already know, if Lesnar does come back it will be a sellout with half the crowd wanting him to win while the other half hopes he loses. His UFC record was better than Nick Diaz and that loser gets a lot of attention too, but Brock will sell way more without all the bitching if he loses.

  • LokiD

    Of course we all know the Iron Sheik would beat everybody on the UFC roster.

  • disqus_RqqwY8271f

    Wow–the towering intellect of the man…

  • Badmojo

    Terrible hands! Lesnar could not box to save his life. In his losses he was in the fetal position getting punished. I was embarrassed for the guy. He wouldn’t stand in there and trade instead he would flop into the fetal position. Big, strong and scary looking but could not box. The heavy weights are hands first fighters. On the ground he’s a real problem, but on his feet he was terrible.