Still Awaiting an Offer from the UFC, Eddie Alvarez’s Future Remains in Limbo for Now

November 28, 2012
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Eddie Alvarez at Dream 3 in JapanFormer Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez is still in the midst of negotiating his next contract, but right now it has become a waiting game on the UFC.

Alvarez became a free agent following his last fight, a knockout victory over Patricky “Pitbull” Freire, and he’s fielding offers from both his last employer Bellator and a likely offer coming in from the UFC.

Bellator allowed Alvarez to begin his negotiations with the UFC immediately, and once they come back with an offer, they can decide to match and re-sign the former champion or allow him to go on to fight in the Octagon.

The only problem right now is the UFC still hasn’t made an official offer.

“I talked to Ed Sunday and there’s really no update in terms of us having received an offer from Ed through the UFC, so we don’t have an offer in front of us to match at this point,” Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney told MMAWeekly Radio on Wednesday.

When he finished out his last contract with Bellator, Alvarez made it clear that he wanted to test the waters of free agency, and Rebney was completely understanding of the decision.

“Eddie came to me as a friend and said ‘I wouldn’t be doing myself justice if I didn’t go out and see what they would potentially offer me before making a decision’ and I’ve got respect for that, that makes all the sense in the world,” said Rebney.

“If they make an offer we’ll sit back and analyze it and make a decision in short order whether we’re going to match it.”

As of now however the UFC still hasn’t made Alvarez an official offer, and until they do, Bellator remains in a holding pattern on his future with the promotion.

“Ed wants to see what the UFC would put down on paper in terms of a guarantee, and I would do the same if I were Ed,” Rebney stated.

“So we’ll see what they offer and then I’ll sit down with our partners at Viacom and Spike and we’ll make a quick determination as to whether we’re going to match that offer, and we’ll figure out, Ed will either be fighting inside of our circle or inside of their Octagon.”


    Here’s to hoping the UFC brings a fellow Philly-guy into the fold. Eddie is explosive, strong, smart, and he is a friendly ambassador of the sport. He would make a great UFC fighter

    • shakejunt

      i’m thinking ufc is just waiting out the match period so dana can make an offer without bjorn having access to it.

  • humby49

    i hope bellator keeps him. I want to have an alternative promotion to have interest in…

  • I mean, a lot of you guys are gonna hate that UFC can afford to take any fighter they want; but at the same time your admitting that the UFC has the best fighters in the world and pay them top notch. Just cause they can afford it and put their time and money in the business don’t hate.