Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson – History In the Making: Part 4

April 19, 2012
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Stephen Wonderboy Thompson
UFC 145 fighter Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson presents a new blog exclusively for as he heads into his battle against Matt Brown in Atlanta.

For this edition of his video blog, Wonderboy takes us inside his training camp for UFC 145, and also as he visits with some of the U.S. military before heading to Atlanta.

This is Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson – History in the Making part 4

  • I said it before his last fight and I’ll say it again, he does an excellent job of setting up his head kicks with multi-punch combos. Just slips the kick in there at the end and you don’t see it coming. Saw a lot of that when I was watching some of his old kickboxing bouts and it obviously served him well in the fight against Stittgen in his UFC debut.

    Will be interesting to see how he does against a seasoned and durable vet like Matt Brown.