Stephan Bonnar Tests Positive for Steroids, Dave Herman for Marijuana at UFC 153

November 2, 2012
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Stephan Bonnar UFC 139The UFC 153 drug tests have been returned and two different fighters tested positive for banned substances including main event fighter Stephan Bonnar.

UFC Executive Marc Ratner confirmed the results with on Friday.

According to UFC officials, who were in charge of the process because Brazil has no recognized athletic commission to oversee the testing, confirmed that Stephan Bonnar and Dave Herman both tested positive for banned substances following their fights at UFC 153.

Both fighters are expected to face suspensions, although UFC officials had not handed them down as of Friday afternoon.

Stephan Bonnar, who retired from MMA just earlier this week, tested positive for Drostanolone, an anabolic steroid, following his bout against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

This is Bonnar’s second infraction for steroid usage. He tested positive for Boldenone, another anabolic steroid, in 2006 following a fight against Forrest Griffin at UFC 62. At the time Bonnar was suspended nine months and handed a $5000 fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The other drug test result returned positive came from UFC heavyweight Dave Herman, who was popped for marijuana metabolites following his loss to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in Brazil.

Herman took the fight on short notice, but this isn’t his first run in with a positive test either.

During a pre-fight drug screening at UFC 136 in 2011, Herman was pulled from the card after testing positive for marijuana there as well. Herman denied any usage, but because of the positive test he was yanked from the card, and his fight against Mike Russow was cancelled.

The loss at UFC 153 marked Herman’s third straight defeat inside the Octagon, and with this latest mark on his record it’s unknown if he’ll be returning to the UFC or not.

The news of the drug test results were first reported by on Friday.

  • Boom Boom

    Can you blame Bonnar? He was facing ANDERSON SILVA. Haha.

    • bajafox

      If I was facing Anderson Silva I would have gone with the weed, lol

      • Lawdog1521

        If I was facing Silva I’d go in with a .357.

        • bajafox

          LOL, very well played.

        • Prince James

          Still wouldn’t help

  • Crash and Burn

    Even the juice couldn’t save Bonnar.

  • DraytonSawyer

    Bonnar has turned into such a pud over his career.Anyone hear his interview on Cowhead.Down right embarrassing!

  • captain obvious

    why am i surprised????

  • KyleZombie

    Not looking good for Herman. Shame too, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with smoking weed. But the three straight losses kind of speak for themselves.

    • onehitwonder

      that is to bad, he looked great in strikeforce but didn’t seem to take the ufc fights too seriously, he was slower and stood in the way of a lot of punches, i like weed but you can’t keep smokn’ when you know your going to get tested. hope he does better and gets to the top.

  • justin_e

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Makes me really glad Forrest got both decisions.

  • Brandon Van Zeggelaar

    atta boy bonnar. If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    hAHAHAHA steroids they are everywhere

  • Stephan Bonnar

    Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn…

  • oooo

    thats pullshit!