Stephan Bonnar, “It Sucks When You Gotta Ref Your Own Fight”

December 5, 2010
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Even after three hard-fought rounds, Stephan Bonnar’s humor doesn’t fade.

After walking away with a unanimous decision victory over Igor Pokrajac at “The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck,” Bonnar met with the media to break down his fight, and talk a little bit about his future.

One thing is for sure, he’s not making any plans to return to the Octagon when the UFC returns to Sydney, Australia in February.

  • BigGuy

    This cocky asshole acts like he just beat someone for the title. Him and Forrest should jump off a cliff together!

    • pogodog7

      Forrest Griffin is an over-achiever. That is why people like him. Stephan Bonner is a maniac with no quit. LittleGuy does not know anything about MMA.

      • BigGuy

        Pogodog (aka…Homodog) is a Griffin ass-licker! Griffin got extremely lucky in winning the belt when he did, but there is little or no chance he will ever regain a title in the UFC. He and Steffan BONER are disposable, and the UFC would do just fine without either of them. They are two guys that really believe that they are doing the UFC a favor by fighting there. Two smug, arrogant guys that act like they are on topof the heap in the UFC. They are FAR from it!

        Got it, Homodog?