Stefan Struve Suffers Broken Jaw in UFC on Fuel TV 8 Loss to Mark Hunt

March 4, 2013
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Stefan Struve Broken Jaw X-RayMark Hunt is known for his punching power and he added evidence to that claim at UFC on Fuel TV 8 with a knockout win over Stefan Struve, breaking Struve’s jaw in the process.

The news of Stuve’s broken jaw was confirmed during the UFC on Fuel TV 8: Silva vs. Stann post-show on Fuel TV.

Struve, the seven-foot tall heavyweight, was unable to keep the much shorter Hunt on the outside.  Struve was expected to have an advantage on the ground against the former kickboxer, but Hunt showed he’s been working on his ground game.

Hunt held his own, and then some, on the ground with Struve, but it was his striking that proved to be the difference.

Early in the third round, Hunt landed a right hand to the temple and a left hook immediately followed.  The hook caught Struve flush on the jaw as he was moving away.  Hunt walked away, knowing the fight was over.  Referee Herb Dean then moved in and realized Struve was in no condition to continue and stopped the fight.

“Thanks for the support everybody. I wanted Herb (Dean) to take the tooth out of my cheek and continue, but then it turned out my jaw was broken,” said Struve on Twitter following the event.

The knockout extended Hunt’s winning streak to four, ending Struve’s four-fight run.

(Updated on March 4, 2013, with x-ray photo courtesy of Stefan Struve)

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  • Cereal Killer

    Really sucks, because I was hoping Struve was getting better and could become a force. He doesn’t have chin. Hunt offers nothing to the HW title talk.

    • Cptmats

      Your an Idiot !
      Hunt is an amazing striker and his ground game has improved %1000 !

      “Hunt offers nothing to the HW title talk”

      There isn’t a HW in the UFC that can stand with Hunt !

      • Adam Bianski

        Yeah a huge KO victory over Kongo and Struve really put this guy in a different realm as a striker. I mean hell Frank Mir couldn’t even stand with Kongo…. oh wait Mir floored him in first rd. You really think this guy could even go toe to toe with Big Roy? “HUNT OFFERS NOTHING, NOTHING, ONE MORE TIME NOTHING TO THE HW TITLE RUN.”

        • Anthony Lopez

          So you’re saying Kongo doesn’t have great standup? If so, you know absolutey nothing about striking, or fighting for that matter

          • Adam Bianski

            Kongo has average striking at best. As far as this K-1 argument, sorry guy’s here is the truth it is two different sports. Overreem was also a K-1 champ and just got kod buy Big Foot. No K-1 fighter has ever won the title in the UFC. Also I never said “Kongo wasn’t a great striker” in my first post. I just said he got floored by Mir in the first rd, but I guess that is what that statement kinda means.

          • RondaKenPish

            Why are you running away?

            Yes! Kongo and Pat Barry are not elite strikers. They are above average striking at best.

            And that is why I knew that Mark Hunt would be game against Kongo.

            No one seriously expects Hunt to become a champ. But to say that he adds nothing to the UFC is retarded as hell. If Hunt doesn’t add anything, then 1/2 of UFC roster should be erased.

        • Cptmats

          “You really think this guy could even go toe to toe with Big Roy?”
          Wow you are clueless ! Hunt is a K-1 world champ, and he won his back when that actually meant something.

          • Adam Bianski

            Please me how K-1 means anything in the UFC it is a completely different form of striking. Did you happen to catch the great K-1 fighter Allistair Overeem’s last fight. Silva is not even that great of a striker see D.C. fight. Also if he fought Roy he would get pushed around and knocked out. I hope they fight so bad, or I just hope Hunt fights someone worth a penny.

          • A child is born every day and then they post on

          • Adam Bianski

            Sweet another nut hugger to follow my posts and make great arguments. No way to prove my point wrong so just call me a child. U mad bro.

          • hybe

            You’re an idiot! Stop watching mma you ignorant prick!

          • Kris-tyahn

            LOL – funny! +1 & collect $200 for passing GO

          • Cptmats

            “Please me how K-1 means anything in the UFC it is a completely different form of striking.”
            Striking is striking moron whether it in the UFC, K-1 or on the street, Or do they not allow kicks, punches knees and elbows in the UFC ?

            “Did you happen to catch the great K-1 fighter Allistair Overeem’s last fight. ”

            Obviously you didn’t uderstand what i meant when i said

            “Hunt is a K-1 world champ, and he won his back when that actually meant something.”

            As in the Glory days of K-1 were long gone by the time Overeem won his tiitle. Overeem would have gotten beaten even stupider than he all ready is if competed in K-1 when Hunt did. The fact that you would even dare to compare the level of competition Overeem fought in K-1 to the level of fighters Hunt fought shows you know knothing about Kick-boxing.

            Hoost, Aerts, Hug,Crocop, just a few of the legends Hunt competed against in K-1.

            “Roy he would get pushed around and knocked out.”

            Yeh, He took Crocop’s high kick and smiled but fat ass Roy Nelson would knock him out.

            Thanks for proving how much of an Idiot you are for me.

            Saved me the trouble !

          • MuayThaiFood

            Agreed, he’s faced some bad ass strikers but I don’t think Hug or Aerts were among them.

          • Super Samoan FTW

            Obviously we have a Mark Hunt hater here…lmao. Please you talk like you know sh*t. Everyone knows Hunts floor game is weak but trust me when i say; Hunts stand up is one of the best, if not the BEST in UFC. Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson – Mark Hunt got this. Roy will either try take him down. Hunt is more precise when it comes to his stand up. Roy swings and hopes. If there is a next fight it should be this one so Hunt finally put a stop to all the Sh*t talkers like everyone on here. The doubted him against Kongo, then they doubted him against Sturve. Haters always have something to say lmao. Thing i love about Hunt is he’s a man of few words. HUMBLE! Anything could happen when he fights thats why he a very exciting fighter. His words “You can be the perfect fighter, but when i connect with your chin, its goodnight!” Mark Hunt #Fark the haters! @facebook-100002842960083:disqus

          • Cereal Killer

            Kick Boxing < Everything else.

        • RondaKenPish

          Dude I agree that Hunt is no where near the top. It is a different generation of fighters now and Hunt is too one dimensional.

          But to say that Fat Roy would walk through Hunt is a bit of a stretch. All Fat Roy can hope for is taking Hunt down. And I don’t think Roy’s takedowns are good enough to put Hunt on the mat at will.

      • Mark Hunt is a world class kickboxer and JDS, The Reem and Roy Nelson are the top guys who have a chance to stand with him. Other then that everyone would have to rely on take downs and submissions to beat the guy. Happy to see Mark Hunt get the win but he’s a long way from being talked about when it comes to title contention. Who do you think he should get next to be in talks?

        • Cereal Killer

          For the pure fun and entertainment of it, he should fight Ubereem. Then Harry can see his K1 fight that he keeps babbling about. Carwin would be another fun fight for him.
          Still laughing at the “amazing striker” comment. You are easily amused.

          • I was proved wrong when I bet against Hunt in the Kongo fight but I see both Reem and Carwin beating him for sure. Reem in standup or on the ground and Carwin for sure on the ground.

          • Ian Price

            I doubt the Reem can stand and trade with Hunt.

          • I would normally go against Hunt in that fight but the way he got in on Kongo and stayed in on Struve showed a lot. Although Reem is a different fighter and has beaten Hunt already in mma (submission). Well I guess we’ll see who they give him next. A lot of the guys are already booked.

          • RondaKenPish

            We’ll see. Carwin is a wrestler but his wrestling may not be good enough to dominate Mark Hunt.

            Carwin has heavy hands but his technique is years away from top K-1 guys like Hunt.

            I see Carwin vs Hunt as a good fight.

            Roy Nelson will try to get it to the ground and we may see him getting KOed while trying.

          • It’s nice to know we could have some interesting fights coming up. Although Hunts record may not be up to par his veteran status as a combat fighter makes him a threat to anyone whether they are a high level striker or grappler.

          • Cptmats

            Hunt is an Amazing striker, its not an Opinion, check his record !

        • marcus miles

          I would dig on seeing hunt against big country. both are coming off wins. the rankings have roy somewhere around seven or eight, hunt just kod struve who was ranked around nine i believe. it would be a good fight style wise and it would be good for hunt to fight a mid ranked opponent next. if hunt were to beat big country then feed him bigger sharks.

          • I think Nelson would have that fight with his high level grappling and ability to take punishment. Would be an interesting match up though for sure.

      • George Sperry

        It’s you’re.
        It simply cracks me up when someone calls someone else an idiot and can’t use his native language correctly.
        Hunt does offer nothing. He hits hard. That’s the beginning and the end of his MMA skill.

        • Cptmats

          Welcome to MMA can wait to chat with you about it after you maybe watch your second or third fight and learn a little,
          PS this isnt a f****** spelling be dumb ass and only tools who get pissed about being schooled in mma fact are petty enough to point out a spelling mistake !
          Its called short, or are you new to the internet as well ?

          • Kris-tyahn

            It’s spelling BEE ….. just kidding! Only said it b/c you mentioned about this not being a spelling bee & you are correct about typing on in the interweb! As for your arguments about Hunt ….. I’m 50/50, same with Big Country 50/50 – only one way to know for certain!

        • RondaKenPish

          You sound like one of those TUF noobs that overrate being “well-rounded.” Pretty much anyone that is “well-rounded” is good for the sport and anyone coming from one discipline is bad for the sport?

          Hunt offers more to MMA than your mother ever did to dogs. And yes, she gave her all to every dog she has met.

          • George Sperry

            And you sound like an angry 12 year old that thinks his opinion is so important that everyone should overlook your lack of education.

            The way you lash out at anyone with an opinion other than your own indicates heavy drug use.

            Get help.

      • westcoast fan

        Roy Nelson

    • matt

      Hunt said himself that he has no desire to run for the HW title.

      • Keithy

        Did he? I reckon he would have a different view after his last two performances. He’ll be an underdog against any of the top ten guys but with his improving ground game he’s a dark horse.

        • His ground game is to far behind. He’ll never be able to handle a guys like Cain, Mir, Cormier or Barnett. Still a great kickboxer though. No doubt about that.

          • RondaKenPish

            You sound so dumb comparing him to top guys in the HW division.

            Why are we even having this debate?

            Hunt will never be champion at HW. Again, he will never be champion.

            But he is interesting as hell and as an old PRIDE fan I love watching his fights.

            I never liked the new MMA guys like Brenden Schaub, Stefan Struve, Matt Mitrione, Pat Barry, or..other guys that do not come from a single discipline. Pat Barry and Cheick Kongo didn’t even compete in K-1. They were kickboxing at local circuits. So I am glad that Hunt is replacing them as the new middle tier HW fighter.

    • kbroesq

      I actually agree with you. I think he has something to offer the HWD, but, as you said, not as far as a title is concerned. That Hooper guy is right that Hunt is world class in the stand up department, and his ground game is improving, but his cardio is abysmal, and that keeps me from getting excited about him progressing in the HWD. Both guys needed huge improvements to really be title contenders in the HWD, but I was much more excited about Struve making that trip than Hunt. The things Struve needs to work on can be improved easily, but at Hunt’s age, it isn’t likely he is going to significantly improve that cardio.

  • Adam Bianski

    Mark Hunt 9-7 mma record. With pretty much all of his wins coming against door mats in the UFC. Sounds like a contender to me.

    • Someone got their little feelings hurt, hahahaha.Kids these days.

      • Adam Bianski

        ???? Just stating a fact kinda confused right now.

        • shakejunt

          i understand that the hunt hype is somewhat facetious, but he’s on a 4 fight win streak at hw. of course dominant grapplers will put him on his back but it’s not like he’s beating guys that don’t belong in the ufc

          • Adam Bianski

            I agree with that. I just believe before we start saying he should even be fighting for a number one contender shot, he should have to beat a legit top tier fighter.

          • Lucas Freire

            And that’s what’s expected of his next fight.
            I don’t think he’s a complete MMA fighter,but hell,let’s just see where he can get with his striking,he puts up fun fights and is on a 4-streak win. Let’s see what he can do.

          • why do you guys think that he needs to be a complete fighter… before he deserves a chance to be a top contender… JDS only thinks to stand and trade and he became champion Mark Hunt is the same way and is dramatically improving… Only preparation and luck determines the outcome Roy Nelson would be the Logically Next Opponent and we will see how much further he can take this. even the most complete fighters loses

          • Lucas Freire

            I don’t think he needs to. Let’s just see what he can do,as you said, Cigano became a champion with only strikes.

          • you are right he doesnt just deserve to be in there for a title shot… Mark Hunt is like watching JDS though…. is why he is Hyped Up… He comes to knock your head off and he doesnt just get knock out so easily the thing is JDS and Cain Is beating the Shi out of everyone else… and These Oppertunities dont just come … The fans one see some trading off… Newer Faces not always part 2 and 3 and 4 rematches hahahaha

          • Cptmats

            Check his record. His first two mma fight were against a prime Wandy (#1 ranked LHW at the time) which he won and Crocop(#2 ranked HW at the time) which he won as well. And his third and forth fight were against Fedor( #1 HW in the world at the time and of all time) which was a close fight And Josh Barnett (been a top 5-7 HW for at lest ten years)

            ” I just believe before we start saying he should even be fighting for a number one contender shot, he should have to beat a legit top tier fighter.”

            No one said anything about a contender spot just yet but to say he needs to fight a legit top tier fighter to prove himself dosnt make much sense.
            IMO Crocop a fedor were both better than any current UFC HW and Hunt fought them both and beat Crocop !

  • adice89

    If hunt can continue to improve his ground game and conditioning i think he has a great shot at beating anyone, cain valesquez and d.c would beat him because they are such dominant wrestlers. Roy nelson would be a tough test also since roy would be trying to use his bjj black belt skills the whole time because not even roy nelson would stand and bang with mark hunt. Hunt would destroy anybody in the standup, including jds and overeem. Yes anybody….he needs more conditioning. If he could drop like 15-20lbs mark could be champion.

    • Kris-tyahn

      If Nelson stood & banged with Dos Santos & survived 15 mins of getting punch repeatedly in the face, I think he’d have no issue standing with Hunt!!! Also, if I’m not mistaken Big Country KO’d Struve in the 1st round in less than a minute, while it took Hunt 3 rounds! Yeah Roy Nelson I’m sure would be “terrified” to stand with Hunt. WINK WINK!!
      Nelson has one of the best chins in all of MMA, he’s only been KO’d once, which was vs. Arlovski 5 yrs ago, every other loss was by decision. He took a beating from WErdum & Dos Santos. I think Roy would probably win vs. Hunt, but Hunt could also win, but if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Roy, b/c of his ground game & his chin. If Dos Santos cant knock him out, Hunt is not going to knock him out.
      The upper cuts Roy ate from Dos Santos along with the heavy combinations was something out of Hollywood, b/c noone would have thought that any man or machine could take as many bombs from Dos Santos as Roy did & still be standing. Especially for 15 mins.

      • Cptmats

        “The upper cuts Roy ate from Dos Santos along with the heavy combinations was something out of Hollywood, b/c noone would have thought that any man or machine could take as many bombs from Dos Santos as Roy did & still be standing. Especially for 15 mins.”

        Hunt could have taken them, I’ve seen him take worse and just because JDS couldn’t KO Nelson doesn’t mean Hunt couldn’t !
        Hunt hits a lot harder than JDS ! Struves jaw wasn’t in two pieces after he got KO’d by JDS !

  • Timothy Malone

    I know he is a big guy, but Stefan Struve had absolutely no footwork in the fight. Several times he literally just stood in front of Mark Hunt while getting beat on.

    • shakejunt

      exactly. idk if he got tired or what, but he just turtled up and let hunt tee off. bad move against someone like that. thinkin struve would’ve gotten the nod had he survived the rest of the round

      • RondaKenPish

        Umm..Struve has never faced an elite striker in the UFC. He has faced wannabe strikers that picked up striking as part of their MMA game.

        Seriously, Hunt is a K-1 champ and was a champ when the K-1 was filled with talents like Ernesto Hoost, Semmy Schilts, Cro Cop, and of course Remy.

        • Kris-tyahn

          So you’re telling me Dos Santos is not an elite striker?!? I’ll pick him over Hunt any day of the week!

          • Collideoverme

            As much as I love Hunt, this guy is right. Dos santos is most definitely an elite striker.

  • El Gvapo

    Personally, I don’t think hunt could get near a title shot really, I see most top wrestlers/grapplers could handle him. I think he could beat any of them on his day, I just don’t think he’d able to beat all of them consecutively without defeat.

    I think the point about Hunt though is that he’s a helluva lot of fun to watch and that’s the most important thing.

    • anyone can be handled at any time… Wrestlers have a good base but even someone like a Matt Hughes if they dont stick to there strengths loses

      • El Gvapo

        That’s my point. Hunt could beat any HW in the UFC on his day, but I just don’t think he could beat 3 in a row or whatever he needs to do to get a title shot.

    • RondaKenPish

      I agree. No one seriously expects Hunt to be a champ. His fans find him to be entertaining and as an old PRIDE fan, I loved watching him and wandy do well on Saturday.

      The top level grapplers/wrestlers and monsters like Cain/JDS/Reem/DC (Reem with juice) are too much for Mark Hunt to handle. They are from different generations and too physically strong for Hunt.

      I don’t want to see Hunt vs any of these guys. I would want Hunt vs Big Foot, Mir, Nog, Carwin, or Roy Nelson. That would be more of an interesting fight.

      • Lucas Freire

        You talk about top grapplers/wrestlers and leave Mir,Nog and Carwin out of this list?

  • westcoast fan

    Strive ain’t that good. I think all the top five or six guys would ko him

  • MuayThaiFood

    I was surprised by Struve. He looked really bad. He seemed to gas really early on and was extremely sloppy after that. I think if that weren’t the case he may have subbed Hunt. I like both these guys but neither is close to being a threat to the top 3 yet. Both have conditioning issues to work on.

    • RondaKenPish

      No one was surprised by the outcome due. Struve is no Semmy Schilt or Ernesto Hoost. Struve is a tall guy that has below average (by K-1 standards) striking that has recently picked up good sub moves off of his back.

      When I saw the way Mark Hunt handled Cheick Kongo, this was a no brainer for me. Guys like Pat Barry, Cheick Kongo, Struve, and other UFC guys with no K-1 background but claim to be elite strikers are not technically on the same level.

      JDS probably can beat Mark Hunt but it is not because he is a technically superior striker. JDS is just too strong for Mark Hunt to handle at this point.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I didn’t say I was surprised by the outcome. What surprised me was how quickly Struve faded. Also, that Hunt stayed on the ground so long when he had the chance to stand up which was where he had a big advantage. If it were just straight standup then Hunt could get the better of anybody on the UFC roster on any given day IMO so I’m not surprised he KO’d Struve.

        • Lucas Freire

          Guys,don’t forget we’re talking about heavyweights. And don’t forget we are talking about 4oz gloves. It isn’t always about who has more technique,just look at Bigfoot vs Overeem fight. lol
          And no RondaKenPish,I don’t think Mark Hunt is a superior striker than JDS.

  • hybe

    Hunt is the man!! He’s beating up guys one after one, he shouldn’t be able to beat! I know he’s never gonna be champ nowdays, but it really seems pretty sad, the waste of talent!

    • RondaKenPish

      sad? dude you sound like a dude that jumped band wagons after the KO.

      Hunt was a K-1 champ. He started this MMA thing just because he wanted to challenge himself. He was a superstar in PRIDE, beating Cro Cop and Wandy.

      And currently he is fighting out of his prime and doing extremely well in the UFC in the tail end of his career.

      Give props when due. Don’t say cr@p like “oh sad that he can never be champion!” Mark Hunt fans don’t like the dude because he will be champ one day. Mar Hunt fans (usually old PRIDE fans) find him extremely entertaining.

      I am not a Mark Hunt fan.

      • hybe

        No I’ve been a Hunt fan for a long time.

        I just think he’s talent is obvious and he could’ve been much more, if he had been more serious when it comes to training and evolving as a fighter at an earlier stage.

        But yes, I’m a fan because I like his fights, his show of heart, and his personality!

  • BobLemons

    Who is Struves striking coach? Why is a 7ft dude striking like he’s 5’8? If he could utilise some footwork, get some jabs and pushkicks going etc he’d be dangerous..

  • Lawdog1521

    The crazy thing is that’s not an X-ray, just a regular photo of Struve after Hunt hit him.

  • Turua Marsters

    struve did well early keeping at bay with the jab, but punched himself out into the third. you could tell him a million times to keep his hands up, but have you felt mark hunts hands haha

  • Fireballkid666

    “I dont want to fight Mark hunt”
    Roy Nelson
    yet hes the guy to snap mark hunt 4 fight win streak.
    kiddies. Everyone saying struve has no chin I recall mark breaking it and struve still not going completely unconcious its the HEAVYWIEGHT division try taking a easy jab from one of these guys and see how much chin you have… seriously.