Stefan Struve and Pat Barry at the UFC on Versus 6 Post Fight Press Conference

October 2, 2011
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They were friends before the fight and they’ll be friends after the fight, but Stefan Struve got the best of Pat Barry on Saturday night at UFC on Versus 6.

At the post fight press conference, Struve commented about how he slapped on the fight ending triangle choke, and even a powerbomb from Barry wasn’t about the break the hold.

Meanwhile, Pat Barry talks about the tremendous reach advantage Struve held in the fight, and what he’s feeling following his second consecutive loss.

Check out these highlights of Stefan Struve and Pat Barry from the UFC on Versus 6 post fight press conference

  • sgilliss

    Pat Barry’s a solid fighter and seems like a great guy. Don’t know if either of these will be enough to get him a UFC contract extension when the time comes round.

    We all know he can throw a punch and — to some extent — can take one. He’s a solid striker for sure. But today’s fighters must be more well-rounded and yesterday’s fight proved that yet again. Being a one-trick-pony can produce favorable results when you’re, say, far-and-away a better striker than your oppoent, but Barry’s now dropped two consecutive bouts to other strikers. So what’s the takeaway?

    Barry needed a plan B or C or D. He needed to rely on other skills but they weren’t there. Hopefully he will see that it was tactical shortcomings (wrestling, jits, etc) and not his physical ones (12″ height difference!?) that lost him the fight. Otherwise, Barry can expect to come up short again.

    • shakejunt

      Sorry man, but Struve isn’t a striker. He’s a grappler who likes to bang and doesn’t know how tall he is.

  • wonggfan

    “Pat Barry’s a solid fighter and seems like a great guy.”

    Don’t know about him being a great guy. For the most part his thing with Cro Cop was real. But a part of that was fake.

    But I know for a fact that he is NOT a solid fighter. He won’t make champion at any organization. Even in Dream, where they is a lack of HW talent, he won’t make champion.

    So how is he a “solid” fighter?

    Pretty much anyone that loses to Struve should be cut. Why is the UFC keeping Barry around?