Stefan Struve and Matt Mitrione Got Paid UFC 175 Show and Win Money

July 11, 2014
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Following the UFC 175: Weidman vs. Machida post-fight press conference at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 5, UFC president Dana White said Stefan Struve and Matt Mitrione will receive both their show and win money.  The two heavyweights were scheduled to fight on the main card, but the bout was scrapped after Struve suffered a panic attack in the locker room.

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  • This is really nice of Dana White. People have been hating on him but I’ve seen him do really great things for the UFC.
    I didn’t know it was a panic attack though, hopefully it’ll be a quick healing process if any.

  • TRT-rex

    Good for Dana. What a nice gesture, considering they made all that extra cash on a 4 card ppv and 16 second fight, when I’m sure they new the fight was off before the ppv started. They probally could have let us know when we were watching the prelims. Dana is a snake

  • Joe

    Most promoters would say fight didn’t happen we will put you on the next card, sorry that’s how it goes. Many would say Matt you were ready to fight here its your show money. Good promoters would give both show money. Great promoters would give both show money, and win money to Matt. Dana is the only one that gives both show and win money to both guys and people still want to trash him.

    • Seth

      Coz that’s Evil Dana, who rips fighter, pays them a few bucks and tries to make as much money on the company that was 40 milions in the hole and makes any money for last few years. Yeah, he and Fertittas are doing this only for money.

      People will hate when they don’t get what they want. It’s normal. They don’t see how much Dana and Fertittas did for this sport – without them we probably wouldn’t be watching MMA – as it wouldn’t exist. But yeah, hey – UFC doesn’t pay their fighter 20 milions per fight and they charge 10$ for THEIR PRODUCT. Yeah…at the end he is horrible person, right? How can he sleep at night…

  • bvol

    Nice. Can I get some money back on the ppv as well? Haha

  • TheCerealKiller

    The only thing that sucks about this fight is that I like both guys. Glad they got paid.