St-Pierre Injured: Diaz vs. Condit at UFC 143

December 7, 2011
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Match-ups change on a dime in mixed martial arts, and the pairing of Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz has suffered its second blow. Slated to fight each other at UFC 143 on Super Bowl weekend, GSP has been knocked out of the bout with a “blown ACL.”

UFC president Dana White tweeted the news on Wednesday, identifying St-Pierre’s injury, and noting that he will be out for about 10 months due to the injury.

White also confirmed that Carlos Condit would be slotted in his place to face Nick Diaz for the interim UFC welterweight title.

This marks the second time the bout between St-Pierre and Diaz has been derailed. The first time was UFC 139, when Diaz missed a couple required public appearances, raising the ire of UFC officials, who pulled him from the bout and replace him with Carlos Condit.

St-Pierre, however, suffered a minor knee injury in training prior to the bout, leaving officials no choice but to elevate the UFC 139 co-main event between Nick Diaz and B.J. Penn to main event status, rescheduling GSP and Condit for UFC 143.

Diaz went on to defeat Penn. White then made the call to put Diaz back in the title picture, setting him up to challenge St-Pierre at UFC 143 on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas, moving Condit aside to face Josh Koscheck on the same night.

Now, with GSP having to bow out once again, the UFC is matching up Diaz and Condit in the UFC 143 main event for an interim belt.

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  • Well this sucks.

    • RonnieV

      I agree!

      • MrAdidas

        I agree that you agree with Short_Bus! BUT GSP was’nt really injured in October, he was “scared” of Condit right?!? (according to GSP haters)
        **** I’m rotted – so who does Koscheck fight now?!? ****ING ROTTED!!!!

        • If I’m Joe Silva here’s what I do:

          – Pull Koscheck from UFC 143 and move him to the UFC on Fuel card that is taking place 11 days later.

          – Pull Diego Sanchez from UFC on Fuel and slide Koscheck into his spot against Jake Ellenberger and make that the main event (guaranteed fireworks).

          – Then I move Sanchez to UFC 143 and have him fight TBA. Maybe Rory MacDonald if he’s healed up by then. That would be a solid match-up and good test for an up-and-coming guy like MacDonald. Would be a chance for him to have a “break out” moment or let Diego prove that he’s still a relevant force in the division.

          Cliffs: Have Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck trade places and find a new opponent for Sanchez.

  • judo johnson

    this is a bummer, But I do like this match up, its gona be a war!. wow

  • On a positive note, this fight makes a lot more sense for Condit than the Koscheck fight did. Although a solid fighter and a good match-up, Koscheck is not a title contender right now so that fight was all risk and little reward for Condit.

    Condit vs. Diaz is a good fight. I think it will be an all out dog fight and Nick will come out on top. I’ve got Diaz by TKO late in the 4th or 5th round. I’m not counting Condit out though, that guy is as game as they get and he has the skills to hang with anyone.

    Should be some good quotes coming from Nick in the next 24 hours about Georges pulling out of the fight. Gonna be entertaining.

    • RonnieV

      Once again, I agree! Will be a great fight, and it should be for an interim belt.

  • Santz

    I don’t remember who it was, but somebody totally called this happening just a few days ago…you’re a freakin fortune teller, man! I do still like this matchup and glad they made it at least an interim title match. Both are no nonsense go getters that keep on coming and don’t give up…when have you seen either one of these guys give up by turtleing up and waiting for the ref to stop it?

  • I think Fitch deserves the shot more than these two.

    • RonnieV

      He already had a shot, and got crushed. I agree that Fitch is definitely top 5 in the division.

    • shakejunt

      deserve.. maybe, but not nearly as marketable. Condit was promised and Diaz is a PPV draw. BUT at least this gives Fitch the opportunity to get back into the picture.

    • kneedleskane

      WHAT!!! Did you not watch their first fight???

  • Staff

    SHORT_BUS, for sure and we’ll be here to pick them up.

  • phrankthetank

    Sounds like GSP didn’t give his knee enough time and Made it worse. That sucks! I do like Diaz vs condit tho. Very tough to call.

  • MMA_JUNKIE1990

    And I thought I could not hate GSP enough. He has got to be pissing his pants over fighting either Diaz or Condit. If only Dana stripped him of the belt when he greased up against BJ. GSP fans bring the hate.

    • Cptmats

      You are a complete loser !

    • Seriously? LOL

    • jpgagne

      Really? Going through a dangerous surgery like rebuilding an ACL just to avoid Nick Diaz? You really are an idiot if you think that.Anyway, with the new insurance policy that Zuffa provides for their fighters, every injury is examined by the insurance company’s doctor. For the greasing though, as big a GSP fan as I am, I have to agree with you that GSP greased during the first fight. That’s why there was a second match, in which GSP destroyed BJ’s face with his hands.

      • RonnieV

        Actually the greasing happened the same fight he destroyed Penn’s face, which was their last fight.

        • jpgagne

          if that’s the case, then there is no ”greasegate”, because the greasing of St-Pierre did not affect the outcome of the fight.

          • MikeMc1983

            Well penns arguement was that the greasing did not allow him to grip Gsp. The only thing I would say is that I was surprised that penn could hold rubber guard. He was trying in the first. He’s incrediably flexible but could hold it. I found that strange. That does change the fight considerably if he could utilize rubber guard in that fight with Gsp.

          • MMA_JUNKIE1990

            your high

          • jpgagne

            Just watched the fight again and you are absolutely right. I thought the action was more standing than on the ground. Thanks guys. That’s why blog and talkback can be so usefull!!!!

  • whiteman17

    I’m not saying gsp was using PED’s but fighters like Matt Serra n others have mentioned it..could be his body breaking down..with that being said should be a good fight

  • americanmma

    New it was going to happen….the damn canadian F*G is dodging Diaz……. WHAT A BI*CH…….

    • KBEsq

      Ohh, you “new” it was going to happen? I’m not one to correct spelling/grammar, but seriously!? You obviously don’t even have a third grade education, so you shouldn’t be judging anyone. Diaz fans are just like Diaz – pretty much inbred and half the brain size of a normal human.

      I am normally really disappointed when things like this happen, but I am just as happy with this fight. I think this is a great match-up and whoever wins has that much more of a claim to be fighting GSP.

      I really want Condit to win this fight.

      • RonnieV

        As a Diaz fan since 2005, and not an inbred (like SEC football fans). I was praying this wouldn’t happen. Diaz will beat Condit, but GSP getting hurt is going to suck the wind out of his motivation. Diaz/GSP will now be stalled 1.5 years once GSP is ready to be back in the Octagon.

  • bajafox

    I like this match up more, as much as I wanted to see Diaz beat GSP, this fight makes way more sense.

  • trevor

    Yup George blew his ACL just to get out of a fight!! What a bunch of idiot comments ämericanmma -idiot! Do you even know what an ACL is? assclown.

    • RonnieV

      I’ve had three knee surgeries (including ACL), doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed that this fight isn’t happening. As a Diaz fan, I’ve been waiting since July for this fight. Injuries happen, but as fans doesn’t mean we can’t be pissed.

  • Iamrozylo

    It’s pretty common people.
    Anderson silva – out with injury
    Frankie Edgar – was out with injury
    Cain valazquez – was out with injury
    Brock lesnar
    Shogun rua
    That’s just in the last 2 years. List goes on and on with champions who’ve been out.
    So beat it haters

  • bdono554

    What the hell GSP? what did u put yourself in a heel hook just to duck Diaz!? Bitch!

    “Completely kidding right now. Get well soon and get your ass back to Greg Jackson’s camp full time I’m sick of watching decisions! Kick his ass Condit!”

    • Gsp is a big V Dana strip the title from his ass

  • BlackWolf_8

    Diaz nutthuggers saying GSP is ducking diaz are retarded and should go finish their high school. GSP, a professional athlete and a fighter would sit out for 10 months, just because he doesn’t wanna face diaz? Really? how retarded u gotta be to think so.

    • MMA_JUNKIE1990

      Shut up and put GSP grease in your mouth.
      P.S. educate yourself in proper grammar and spelling, you are sounding like a mentally challenged person.

  • ajmadic

    Diaz is pwn but WAR CONDIT! This fight should be epic.

  • Dyldozer16

    Damn, Im tired of waiting for GSP,Diaz but I gotta say what a plan B. This fight will be incredible from start to finish.

  • I like this matchup a lot and it will be interesting to see an interim champion in the welterweight division, which has never happened. I hope GSP is ok and will have a safe recovery. I am disappointed because I won’t be seeing GSP in action, but Diaz vs Condit should be all fireworks. I guess I just saved $50 which is always good.

  • The UFC needs to move one of the UFC on FOX 2 fights to the Super Bowl card. I wouldn’t pay for the card how it stands now.

  • Man its becoming long enough that there is a question if St. Pierre’s performance will be affected on his return.

  • fsunoles09

    yep ive played football and baseball my whole life so i know how a blown acl effect u in those sports, mma not so much but i would imagine it would effect atleast a lil bit.and to the gsp steriod deal again i dont really have any knowledge on steriod but it seems like i heard from somewhere i cant particularly remember now but they said gsp has quick twitch muscles on account of steriods like i said i have no idea but it sounds logical i guess.and this should be interesting fight cant wait i got diaz by death condit aint no joke though

  • shakejunt

    glad it’s for interim so at least the division can move on

  • RubeKegal

    Shame on MMAWeekly for their poll asking if “GSP is ducking Diaz”. GSP’s ACL has been at risk for a long time now…His knees bow in terribly and I remember him doing backflips where the inside of his knees would land on the octagon and I would cringe.

    GSP needs to tighten up his gluteus medius and stretch his groin better.

  • MikeMc1983

    Look on the bright side. For all the Gsp fans that will miss seeing him perform there is an answer. John Fitch has a fight coming up. Maybe someone could talk Fitch into getting a hair cut, and start wearing spandex. You could get your Gsp fix that way.

  • FlowWithTheGo

    If anyone thinks GSP is ducking Diaz you are a complete retard. An ACL tear probably the worst knee injury you can get. Its not like a break where it heals stronger than before & relativity quickly. They take tendons out of your hamstring to make a new ligament then its 10 long months of intense physio to recovery. Note I didnt say full recovery as your knee will never be 100% again, which means a high chance of a recurrence. I know this as I’m 4 months post op.

    I wouldnt be at all surprised if this has a serious detrimental effect on GSPs career & he goes the way of Shogun, blowing his knee out every few fights & never reaching his full potential again.