Sonnen Says Anderson Ducking Him, Not Injured

December 8, 2011
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Ever since losing to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva via a fifth-round submission at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen has been pushing the Brazilian’s buttons in an attempt to get him back in the Octagon.

Sonnen pounded on Silva for the better part of the first four rounds before succumbing to a triangle choke/armbar combination midway through the final round of the fight. It hasn’t sat well with him. At every turn, Sonnen has proclaimed himself the true champion trying to goad Silva into a rematch.

“As far as I’m concerned, that belt is worth nothing more than a piece of tin when it’s around (Silva’s) waist,” Sonnen said after defeating Brian Stann at UFC 136. “I am the true middleweight champion.”

Sonnen nearly had the rematch he’s been angling for. The UFC tried to put the fight together for UFC 143 on Super Bowl weekend. That was until Silva revealed a shoulder injury that will keep him out of action for the next several months.

“Anderson should be ready by summer,” said UFC president Dana White on Wednesday, confirming that Sonnen would be facing his friend, Mark Munoz, for the No. 1 contender slot when they fight at UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28 in Chicago.

“I’m not gonna change my schedule around just to kick his ass. I’m not waiting for him or anybody else,” Sonnen said on Wednesday about accepting the fight with Munoz inside of trying to wait out Silva’s recovery. “If I’m not the best guy and Mark is, then God bless him and he can go have the shot.

“But Anderson is not going to fight me in America, Brazil, in Antarctica, in his kitchen while I’m trying to get a decent Brazilian steak. He is not going to fight me and don’t fall for the hype that he is.”

If that sounds like Sonnen believes that Silva is ducking a second fight between the two, you’d be dead on.

“I don’t believe Anderson is hurt. I know he says he’s hurt then he’s at training camp with Wanderlei; they got caught on tape. He just got done working out with Machida; they got caught on tape,” commented Sonnen.

“Yeah, I think he’s ducking me. I think he’s ducking Dan Henderson. I don’t know that he’d be eager to fight Bisping… but no, I don’t think he’s hurt.”

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  • Chael P Sonnen you sound real stupid to say hes ducking you or henderson,He choke both of you guys out! lol. Sonnen you will go down in the history books as the guy who almost beat silva you got as close as travis lutter. ps Sonnen stop turning mma into WWF with your gay mouth we the people dont care for talk just fight!!!

    • KBEsq

      I totally agree with this. Lutter was beating Silva for most of their fight, and in fact had him mounted! Why don’t we hear people talk about that like we hear Sonnen’s psychologically unstable fans talk about “23 minutes, 23 minutes, 23 minutes, DUHHH!!”

      Ohh wait, I just answered my own question.

    • Sbbohtty

      You’re all are fortunate to have more time to talk since Silva is injured but unless you didn’t see the fight (which some of you don’t seem to have) you know, YOU KNOW that Silva is not anxious to have that rematch. He should be like GSP and man up to a dude that has verbally slapped him in the face over and over. GSP said F that, I want Diaz. Not Silva. Used to love Silva until he started treating people he was fighting with complete disrespect I bet (I bet Maia loves Sonnen). Now it’s happening to him and he can’t deal with it. Sonnen lost the first fight, no doubt, but if Silva ever agrees to fight him again, we all know (again if you know anything) that it will probably end with Sonnens hand raised. Of course then you all will be on here making excuses for him.

      • artoffighting

        This is the facts about the Sonnen and Anderson fight:Anderson under-estimated Sonnen, he heard all this hype before and to come in and destroy his opponent…he realized that all the fighters Chael fought and lost too, he demolished…he had this false sense that with the bruised ribs and lack of serious training he’ll still beat Chael, a reasoning that almost cost him his belt…Now! the second fight with Chael, will be a barn-burner know doubt. the Anderson we’ll see will be the real ultimate fighter and the best Anderson…you see! that was the best Chael Sonnen and he still lost, the best Anderson Silva will destroy the best Chael Sonnen…hands-down

  • Wonder how many comments this article will get.
    I bet it gets 32 comments.

    Over / Under? Post your predictions.

  • shereko

    SHORT_BUS, I want in on this action I predict the over… because I can control that and add to it ;)… Sonnen sounds like an idiot, basically its not a karate kid point fight, if he was choked unconscious anything he did prior doesn’t matter… Just face it. Wow his talk is just old. I hope someone else beats him then all the talk goes out the window. Deal with his Test overage tests and his shady money laundering before he can seem credible. He even was trash talking to Arianny Celeste, wth…

  • KBEsq

    Did anyone see the UFC on Fox 2 press conference? As much as I hate Bisping, he had a great line in the conference. He was responding to a reporter’s question of how he (Bipsing) responds to Henderson saying, “I bet if Bisping were available to fight Silva, Silva’s shoulder would heal up quickly.”

    I can’t recreate it here, plus it’s 100 times better with the accent, but go watch the press conference for his response alone. He totally pwned Sonnen and Henderson. It was kind of in line with what danieldieringer said about Sonnen and Hendo being tapped out and talking S*** now.

    With regard to the story, I still don’t see how Sonnen, or anyone, says Silva is ducking him. When Silva hurt his shoulder, Sonnen was given the opportunity to wait for Sonnen, and Silva knew that. SO, in Silva’s mind, Sonnen could have just waited for the fight, which I’m sure Silva thought Sonnen would do. Therefore, in Silva’s mind, he was going to face Sonnen anyway, just later. OR, Sonnen takes another fight, and wins (which I’m sure Silva thought was not just possible, but probable) and Sonnen is going to fight Silva anyway.

    Silva knows he’s fighting Sonnen, and Sonnen needs to shut up about “I saw a video of him training with W. Silva.” Who cares! That’s training.

    Ohh, and as I must always say on ANY Sonnen post, Sonnen is a criminal, lying cheater! Peace!

    • KBEsq

      *correction* Sonnen was given the opportunity to wait for SILVA.

      MMA WEEKLY, can you please give us the option to edit/delete our comments!?

      • 100% agree with adding an edit option. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted something and then realized I forgot to add something or had a glaring grammatical error that I wanted to correct.

  • Team Quest should be renamed Team Whiners!!!! From Lindland crying over getting beaten by David Terrell and Vitor Belfort, to Henderson crying about wanting to rematch Silva and Sonnen insanely whining about everything else!!! They need some serious counseling!! I say have the state athletic commisions not let them fight until they successfully pass a psychological evaluation.

    • afk

      lol or Team TRT

    • RonnieV

      Hernandez, I typically like your comments (regarding Diaz), but this statement is dumb. What do you have against Team Quest? Chael speaks his mind, and brings attention to the sport we all love. Team Quest enhances MMA in the Pacific Northwest, and brings out tons of talent in the MMA scene. Sorry man, but don’t dog the gym, those guys make peanuts. Dog the dudes that make 6 digits and don’t represent the sport well.

  • clarkw90

    If your shoulder is hurt that bad, we the hell would you risk further injury by training? I highly doubt that he wouldn’t go out all out with training and i’m pretty sure the standard contract has a clause against training while injured. Silva fought “injured” before, so why should this be any different? Not a Sonnen fan, but I have to agree with him at this point. Silva should just come out and say he needs more time to work on defending the take down. And yes, he did get tap out. Considering everyone will soon be starting out with the cheating, TRT, not heart,
    1.) Medically cleared is not cheating. If so, what would you call Diaz’ “medical” use of marijuana?
    2.) If the TRT, roids give such a super human talent, why did Royce Gracie lose to Matt Hughes and how did Chris Leben get blasted on by Mark Munoz?
    3.) Sonnen tapped. Yes he did, how many of you tap while in training? If you are trapped and can’t get out, not tapping is dumb. Besides, Silva tapped to a heel hook as well, so does that make him a “heartless champion”

    Somehow, someway, Silva’s shoulder is going to “miraculously” heal when the “choice” opponent comes up.

    • shereko

      In the past many more fighters didn’t have insurance, and wouldn’t have gotten these types of injuries paid for and don’t have to pay out of pocket. Now with the insurance kicking in they go and get these injuries taken care of. But, the insurance is only on injuries happening during getting ready for a fight, not a car accident, or sickness. (Lesnar wasn’t covered, but he isn’t hurting on money, doubt Silva is either) but, if he has no fight scheduled its not outside contract to train. So why wouldn’t he help his guys out? Plus he has given the UFC a time table, you don’t “miraculously” heal outside of that when they won’t know the opponent til close to that. I’m not a Sonnen fan, but I do like Henderson, and either way why wouldn’t they say whatever they can do to get their shot, but realistically… they have both lost, why would you duck someone you already beat? Your point doesn’t make sense, unless its based upon your own emotional tie to the fight, and like/dislike one of the fighters, which is fine… but, not fact based. Again, thats fine to express your opinion like everyone else, but don’t phrase it likes its a solid concrete law. Who said anyone was “heartless”, but you can’t argue that Sonnen lost, right? He was winning the bulk of the fight, FACT. He lost FACT. Your point that if you use illegal drugs and lose its ok? Fighters that use and win should be the only ones punished? How does that make sense?

    • KBEsq

      I just had to respond to this comment from clarkw90 because it is so ridiculous. First, and I think I have said this many times before, TRT IS cheating if you’re above normal levels, which Sonnen was. How many times does that need to get said.

      Furthermore, the most insane part of your comment is to ask how Leben lost to Munoz. Leben was caught with opiates!!! If anything, an addiction to opiates (or just taking them a few times) would severely hinder his performance. This logic applies to the Diaz marijuana analogy as well.

      With regard to your comment about Gracie and Hughes (the only analogy that is actually apt), it does not prove anything that you can mention SOME fighters who lost although they got caught with performance enhancers. The bottom line is this is a sport where you use your body more than any other sport, and TRT gives you a huge advantage. Mentioning some fights where the fighter who used performance enhancers lost does not disprove that.

      • RonnieV

        I love how you guye are all smarter than the CSAC commission. I’ve argued with you guys before about this, but silly me, I know nothing. All I do know is that Sonnen’s suspension was lifted by CSAC after just two months. If they don’t have a problem with what he took or didn’t take. Why do you clowns have a problem with it? If you have proof that Sonnen had 10 times the testosterone he should have, let’s see some published facts. Give me factual websites that back-up your claim, not just message board allegations.

        Someone brought up the Diaz “no-contest”, that was just wrong in so many ways. I haven’t seen a gogoplata executed that well since. Btw, I believe it still won the “MMAWEEKLY Fight of the year in 2006” (correct me if I’m wrong).

        • shereko

          @RonnieV- I know you’re smarter than everyone else, BUT here is an article…

          “It states (a small snippet): Commission members voted for the reduced penalty 3-1 after the four deadlocked on upholding his original one-year suspension. Commission executive officer George Dodd, who was a witness in the hearing, did not vote.

          The suspension stemmed from a positive drug test produced from Sonnen’s UFC 117 pre-fight urine sample. Testing showed his testosterone to epitestosterone ratio to be 16.9, well above the legal threshold of 4.0″… So granted I never said “10 times” but, it is 4x the legal amount… which for his hypogonadism, he gets shots that are legal, but its not hard to up the dosage of the shots nearing fight time, or he could use testim or androgel to go directly into the system. Dispute please?

        • KBEsq

          Ronniev who calls others clowns. As well as what Sherko mentioned, the Sherdog Rewind with Jack Encarnacio and a doctor (who’s name escapes me). I don’t remember the exact rewind episode but It was approx 2-3 months ago.

          You are just so dedicated to defending a loser, disrespectful criminal, you don’t even realize that Sonnen just laughs at people who defend him like you.

          • RonnieV

            You guys are effin morons! First off, I’m not a Sonnen fan, but I’m becoming one quickly. Second, Shereko, your web-posted story is completely factless. Reading that article, makes me think that the UFC is a compltee farce, and Angela Lansbury writes all the UFC scripts. Make a dumb claim… give facts…… Not some douchebags opinion! Just sayin!

          • shereko

            Ok RonnieV it was a reputable website, they posted direct quotes from the hearing, they are reporting not giving an opinion. It isn’t a message board, its consistant with many other sites, yet I dont see you posting anything better to substantiate your babblings. Plus besides the fact Sonnen fights for the ufc they had nothing to do with the article. I guess the fact in this situation is you act like a blow hard know-it-all who can’t accept being wrong, and stomps his feet like a small child. I can see why you wouldn’t be a Sonnen fan you’re too much alike. Fact in this case– you’re a child RonnieV

          • KBEsq

            RonnieV – I’m an effin moron for listing a reputable source, which is exactly what you asked for? Nice!

  • collideoverme

    I thought there were some smart mma fans on here that would know where to call BS?
    Truth of the matter is, Silva was training with Wanderlei and he shouldn’t have been if her were as injured as he says he is. Silva has done anything he can to duck a second fight with Chael. Just like Rampage did with his crazy driving on the side walk running people over and all that crazy ****, Sonnen did his time, paid his fines, and got back to fighting, you don’t hear people still calling out Sherk for his supposed steroid test. Sonnen beat Stann and not many thought he could. He not only beat him, he dominated a guy most thought was going to give the Middleweight division a serious run for it’s money. It’s going to be the same with Munoz. Silva is not injured. Far from it. He is ducking. I’m calling shenanigans.

  • afk

    Silva is going to wait until Bisping/Maia sign the dotted line and then say he wants a fight immediately because his shoulder is feeling better than it ever has before!

    Next thing we know — Silva vs. Stann for the MW title of the world and another supreme highlight ass whooping for the video libraries while Chael/Munoz/Bisping/Maia knock a few out of the race before even getting to the finish line.

    Lol just kiddin’, but if something like that did happen it would probably be Vitor if he wins his next fight against Rumble. He’d be the sensible decision for Silva if everybody else is busy.

  • Iamrozylo

    Ya, it’s impossible for a UFC fighter to fake injury. Once they report injury, they get checked out by doctors who work for the UFC, not the fighter.

  • shereko

    This just sounds crazy, everyone on here is supposed to be fans of the sport, but yet everyone tears down the legitimacy of the sport by saying fighters are “scared” and “not really hurt” and will “miraculously heal” on both Silva and GSP… It tears down the very fiber of the sport, you might as well just call it WWE then. Just think what the sport has to gain from allowing that to happen. The doctors check injuries… I’m sorry but, training in less than 100% (if happened) is MUCH different than fighting at 100%, and fighting a fight if different than a title fight! Tell me where I’m wrong. I’m cool with that.

  • dathump

    Not sure why Sonnen even gets a rematch so soon. He lost, plain and simple, Losing by submision in the 1st or 5th round is still a loss. Sonnen, every loss is the same way, he makes mistakes and gets submitted. I could see if a guy has never been subbmitted before, maybe, but thats not the case here. Then he beat Stann, did it in domination fashion, but not exactly a title contender yet. Silva fought Sonnen the last time with an injury, so of course he wants to be 100% to face him again. that way there will be no doubt in the end. Watching the fisrt fight, Silva just didnt look himself, and i think if he is 100% Sonnen wont even get ahold of him, and eveyone will be asking why did Sonnen get a rematch again?

  • why would he fake an injury to not fight a guy he already beat, even if sonnen did beat the **** out of him for four rounds im sure that gives silva more confidence for the next one because now he has took everything sonnen had to give for 23 minutes and still finished im so what is there to be scared off

  • and for henderson idk what the hell he is talking about silva hurt him on the feet and finished him on the ground by the 2nd round in what was a pretty easy fight for him, i like henderson but he is pretty one dimensional i like him but he dont have enough skill to beat silva he has the ko power to beat anybody but anderson is to smart to get into a slugfest with him like fedor, i mean come on jake shields beat him and he cant hardly put together a win in the ww division

  • Eudo

    I do not understand why the MMAWeekly did not post the full interview to end this freshness that is pretending to Anderson Silva is injured, since now part of the interview with Dana White to shut up fans Chael Sonnen:

    UFC President Dana White came out in defense of Anderson Silva on Friday. The official dismissed suggestions Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen that the current champion middleweights is pretending injuries and ensured that the fighter is injured Corinthians.

    – (Anderson) is injured. Is away until summer. This is all of these guys just cry – Dana White said in an interview with “MMA Junkie” on Thursday, after the press conference of UFC 140. The director has guaranteed is impossible to deceive the Ultimate injury.

    – First of all, just to clarify, and these guys – you know Dan Henderson, Chael knows, and all other acts in the UFC fighter who knows – you can not fake an injury. It is impossible to do. You can not. When you say you’re injured, we take our doctors and they do tests and find out if you’re injured or not – he said.

    According to the president, Anderson Silva should be recovered from bursitis in the shoulder and ready to fight in the summer of 2012, when he expected to face the winner between Chael Sonnen and Mark Munoz. They both do a duel for the position of number one challenger for the title on January 28, 2012, in Chicago.

    White had previously stated that Sonnen would face Anderson for the title in a rematch of the fight won by Brazilian at UFC 117 in August 2010. However, the long period of inactivity of the Brazilian American windbag himself did decide to face another opponent early.

    – He said, “I will not wait for this guy. I want to fight” – said White.

  • philmckracken

    The comments saying if a Dr says your hurt then you must be hurt are so not true!!! If so then why are so many people getting social security when they arent actually hurt?? Because a Dr signed a paper saying they are!!! I know pieces of crap that claim to be hurt and get a check for their so called injury that are not actually hurt. Im not saying Anderson is faking, im just saying just because the Ufc Dr says they are hurt isnt a solid fact that he is. A man says his arm hurts when he moves it up and down cant be proved.

    • blh2007

      Why would he duck him when he already beat him? The little kids are gettin worse and worse that follow this sport… I’m beginning to wish it wasn’t mainstream because I’m sick of all the talk of “he’s ducking him” or “he’s not really hurt” like you guys know anything that is going on in the training camps… Try training before you jump to conclusions

    • shereko

      Like you said, doctors can lie. Fact in point, doctors can lie when prescribing drugs for someone, they can prescribe Testosterone and say the recipient has hypogonadism, so then the recipient could have elevated levels of testosterone in their system… Ohh, or are we only talking about Anderson’s doctors?

      • philmckracken

        Awesome point and very true!!

  • i knew it wouldnt take long for this prick to start running his mouth about the injury. i hope sonnen beats munoz that way anderson can finally shut his annoying mouth.

    • KBEsq

      Anderson can finally shut his mouth? Anderson barely says anything. He doesn’t need to. Sonnen is the one who goes on every news outlet spewing his insane psychobabble.

  • Alternate title for this article: Sun Rises In The East Today

    • blh2007

      haha nice

  • philmckracken

    BLH2007 If you read wht I said fkr, I said I’m not saying anderson is faking.. I just said because a Dr said your hurt it isnt proof that you are.. I’m not a kid that just started following the sport so go back to training Mr professional and tell everyone how it works.. Its a forum for giving your opinion not for the hardcore mma computer tuff guy to act mean with a keyboard.. And for your info I think Anderson takes him out in the 1st round if they do rematch.
    P.S. Eat a D#@k!!

  • MikeMc1983

    I think it’s quite interesting that of all the fighters in the UFC, Anderson, and Gsp are the two that people keep inferring are trying to duck fights.
    Those two are arguably the two most dominate champions of all time, possiably two of the best fighters of all time, and are numbers one, and two on just about everyone’s pound for pound list.
    It’s just interesting that of all the people in the UFC, people think those two are ducking fights. Oh yeah, people said Jon jones was ducking Evans as well. Kind of funny.