Snoop Dogg Commentating Daniel Cormier Highlights is as Hilarious as it Sounds

(Courtesy of UFC)

Before he defends his light heavyweight championship at UFC 210, Snoop Dogg offers his commentary on the highlights of Daniel Cormier.

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    • Yeah, no
      At least put the pictures of the hot chicks on there

      Nobody cares about that dude
      Except maybe snoop dog

      He’s clicking on that link right now trying to get dudes phone number

  2. Who cares what this idiot says. Not newsworthy!

  3. snoop dog got turned on by that silva fight and hopes he can get his butt humped by daniel cormier too

  4. Let’s not insult Snoop by comparing him to Goldberg.

    • Goldie was always higher.

  5. The one where he watches Rumble highlights is better.

  6. Snoop sucks!