April 18, 2006
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MMAWeekly.com has learned that Scott Smith who fought David Terrell at UFC 59 this past weekend has filed an appeal with the California State Athletic Commission.

Smith and Terrell were standing in the clinch, when according to the appeal, referee Marco Lopez called for the fighters to break. In MMA, if the referee calls for the fighters to break apart in such a position, the referee is then supposed to separate the fighters and then restart the fight.

According to the appeal, referee Marco Lopez called for the fighters to break but failed to separate them and restart the fight properly. Apparently, Smith stopped fighting when asked, but Terrell didn’t. As a result according to the appeal, Terrell secured a takedown and applied a rear naked choke as a result.

Smith told MMAWeekly after the fight that the appeal is nothing personal against Terrell, he just wants to get a No Contest Decision or at least help fighters in the future from having this happen to them.

The UFC is supplying audio and video of the fight in the case, in which it can apparently be heared that Lopez called for a break. A decision is expected by the end of the week.