Silva vs. Sonnen II Possible for Super Bowl Weekend

October 27, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

There is nothing veiled, thinly or otherwise, about Chael Sonnen’s attempts to goad UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva into a rematch.

Immediately following his dismantling of Brian Stann at UFC 136 earlier this month, Sonnen has been laser-focused on pushing each and every button to get Silva fired up for a second fight.

The two first met at UFC 117 in August 2010, where Silva pulled out a last-minute submission victory after Sonnen bullied him around for the better part of four-and-a-half rounds.

Sonnen quickly fell off the radar due to a drug-test-related suspension following the fight, further complications in regaining his license once his suspension was up, and non-related legal troubles due to Federal money laundering charges.

He returned with a vengeance against Stann and has been relentless in his pursuit of Silva.

“As far as I’m concerned, that belt is worth nothing more than a piece of tin when it’s around (Silva’s) waist,” said Sonnen.

It’s comments like this, and numerous other examples, that have UFC president Dana White on the verge of making a rematch between the two a reality.

“I am meeting with (Anderson’s camp on Saturday),” White told reporters at Thursday’s UFC 137 pre-fight press conference. “You know Chael’s position. And I think Anderson’s position is really the same as Chael’s. Anderson’s really pissed off about the stuff that Chael has said.”

After defeating Stann, Sonnen declared, “In some parallel universe, you can hit a man 300 times and he wraps his legs around your head for eight seconds and they call him the winner. On the s

treets of Westland, Ore., that is not the rules. I am the middleweight champion.”

With that, Sonnen lobbied for a Super Bowl weekend showdown with Silva.

The fight hasn’t been inked just yet, and Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, has been vocal in his belief that Sonnen isn’t deserving of a rematch.

“Take a number and get to the back of the line,” Soares told HDNet’s Inside MMA. “You had your opportunity.”

When asked if it was likely the fight could get put together for Super Bowl weekend, White responded, “I think it would make sense, yeah.”

White sounds as if the fight is more than likely to happen, but will surely have more to say on the matter after Saturday’s meeting with Silva’s camp. A recent question on our Facebook page was overwhelming in backing that the majority of you want to see Silva vs. Sonnen II.

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  • Zuffa should partner with Kleenex for this event because there is going to be a whole lot of crying as soon as they announce Señor Chael is getting another shot at Anderson.

  • Where does Chael’s career go after he loses this fight?

  • GSPp4pbest

    My prediction for this fight Chael comes out punches Silva in the face, Silva gets rocked yet again by Chael, Sonnen takes him down, beats him to the pulp for how ever many rounds it goes, Chael wins by TKO, submission, or decision 🙂 then Silva will cry and what is gona happen when Hendo KTFOs Shogun hopefully all this talk of him being great will stop he is 4-2 UFC and he only beat one good person which is Machida before you jump on me i know he beat Mark, Chuck :(, and Griffin but really Mark come on, Chucks chin was fading, and Griffin was having a baby!

  • Really??? Again!!! I’m sick and tired of Chael Sonnen!!! This is retarded!!!!!!!!!!

    • But you’re gonna watch aren’t you?


  • Towers66

    I think Chael will lose this time around again. It will be early in one of the first three rounds and Silva will catch Chael during a takedown attempt or right before. Chael is a great fighter but I believe this will be the last fight of his career if he keeps his word. Everyone KNEW Sonnen would lose the first time around and was so sure it would be another KO from the masta of disasta. Sonnen came out on fire and executed a perfect game plan til he got caught. Now everyone is saying Sonnen this and Sonnen that and hes gonna kick Silva’s ass and blah blah blah. Most of these people didn’t even know who he was pre Silva. He wasn’t much is why. His style collides with Silva’s in a good way for Sonnen. Anderson will show up with a better game plan, at 100 % health, angry and ready to show the world why he is P4P best. I say Silva by KO in the first part of one of the first 3 rounds.

  • MuayThaiFood

    “In some parallel universe, you can hit a man 300 times and he wraps his legs around your head for eight seconds and they call him the winner. On the streets of Westland, Ore., that is not the rules.

    LOL! First off, the streets of West Linn Oregon aren’t exactly the proving ground for urban combat. It’s a quiet little suburban town. In a parallel Universe when you hit someone 300 times you should be able to finish them and not make up excuses for getting your head caught in a vise and being finished yourself. Chael is lucky this fight didn’t happen on the streets of Anderson Silva’s hometown because no ref would have been there to save him. I’m looking forward to this fight because it’s going to shut up Chael and his prove his success during the first fight was an anomaly.

  • I really like Chael’s chances against Silva. However, I do believe Anderson will win this fight IF he can stop the takedowns, and I do mean if! Sonnen is a superior grappler and I think he will work on his ju-jitsu defense. The other question I have is if Sonnen will be able to close the hap this time? I think Anderson comes in with a boxing mentality and will jab Sonnen until he’s able to secure the KO blow. My prediction in Silva by KO in the 3rd round!

  • juniorbra


  • MikeMc1983

    Out of curiosity why do people assume Anderson will come in 100%?
    Everyone on Anderson’s side seems to make that a given.

    Chael was acually defending subs the best way you can. He put his head in his chest and threw little punches at him. When Chael got aggresive in the 5th he postured up and that was his undoing.

    Either people didn’t notice, or don’t seem to remember the fight.
    Anderson did some really odd things during the fight.
    First really shortly after the 1st round started Anderson dropped his hands (presumably to get Chael to strike him) Anderson has done that quite a bit in fights but usually well after the “feeling out” process. Usually not in the first round, and never the very beginning.
    Even though Chael rocked him Chael went for a takedown, and allowed guard. Kind of surprising to shoot when you have a guy hurt. Smart on Chael part though.

    The same thing happen in the 2nd. Hands down, Chael hit and took him down.

    Another odd thing was Anderson didn’t try to evade head shots on the ground. He allowed Chael to throw little punches at his head and Anderson acted as if he didn’t care.

    My thinking is that by putting his hands down standing, and not evading head shots on the ground he was probably TRYING to make his head the easy target. Keeping Chael from striking the body.

    I only bring it up because it does change the complextion of a fight when a guy is game planning around an injury. If your ribs are screwed you don’t mind a guy head to chest on the ground throwing taps towards your head.

    Even if Chael does the same thing in the next fight. It will probably still be very different. (not talking about the outcome, but the action)

    Damn I’m long winded. Sorry guys. Lol