Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Close to Done Deal, but Where Will It Take Place?

February 18, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117
The saga of putting together a rematch between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva continues.

Sonnen on Tuesday, when appearing on UFC Tonight on Fuel TV, stated that he has not officially been offered any rematch with Silva since his victory over Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2 in late January.

Sonnen’s manager Mike Roberts the same when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio recently, and it appears there might be a new snag in the works.

All signs had pointed towards a Silva vs. Sonnen rematch taking place in Brazil later this year, but right now it looks like where the fight will take place is what hasn’t been figured out yet.

“I will say this, we have not been officially offered that fight. I had a meeting with Lorenzo (Fertitta) in Las Vegas during the Diaz/Condit fight when the prelims were on, we briefly discussed it, there are some options,” Roberts said in the interview.

“We have agreed to fight him, we have not agreed where to fight him.”

Sonnen has been rather outspoken when talking about the country of Brazil, and his manager admits there are legitimate safety concerns for the fighter if he goes there. The brash fighter has been the target of a lot of verbal aggression from Brazilians for his comments about the country over the last several months.

Roberts has real concerns about Sonnen’s safety in Brazil, but he admits there’s going to be concern for any fighter taking on a home country favorite.

“Of course. I had a legitimate concern for Chad Mendes‘ safety,” Roberts stated when alluding to one of his other clients who fought in Brazil recently. “It’s not like we’re fighting somebody in Columbus, Ohio; you’re going to get your name called and people yelling at you.”

Overall however, despite facing a home country favorite in Jose Aldo, Roberts says that Mendes was received well in Brazil. Now Chael Sonnen, that’s a different story entirely.

“Chad had a great time; Brazil treated him phenomenally. Chad was so happy. Chad was blown away with the hospitality,” said Roberts.

“Do I expect Chael to get that? Absolutely not.”

Roberts is confident that the fight will come together and fans will be treated to watching one of the most highly anticipated rematches in MMA history later this year. But like any deal that gets done, details have to be ironed out, and both parties have to agree to it.

“There’s some issues there that have to be worked out,” Roberts explained. “I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, I’m just saying we have not officially been offered anything, but we have agreed to fight, we just haven’t agreed where to fight.”

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  • in Sonnens mind, what better way to stick it to the Brazilian fans than have the fight take place some where else… the guys a master at his craft

    • The_SaavedraFiles

      i don’t think it should be in Brazil to me its very dangerous for sonnen’s well being. have it somewhere else. Those Brazilians probably want his head in a platter.

    • p3ezy

      that he is. can stir sh!t better than anyone else. i agree that it would not be the safest option for him to fight in brazil. you can either say that its his fault for stirring so, OR he has done it on purpose so as not to give anderson the fight at home. seeing as he is a real estate agent, and real estate agents spin a lot of yarns, i’d go with the latter.

    • obuchons

      Master of his craft? More like douchebag!

  • shereko

    Didn’t Sonnen come out and say he’d fight him any place any time? Wasn’t he holding a fake belt at the same time… after all he’s said, make him go to Brazil or don’t get your shot. Don’t talk **** if you don’t want the results.

    • I totally agree

    • MrAdidas

      Are you an ididot or just stupid? WHERE IN THIS ARTICLE DOES IT STATE THAT SONNEN IS WORRIED ABOUT GOING TO BRAZIL? WHERE DOES IT SAY SONNEN WILL NOT FIGHT IN BRAZIL? It’s not Sonnen who doesn’t want to go to Brazil, do you think he gives a **** if the fight is in Brazil or URanus?!? NO! Like Sonnen said … “they will fight in Brazil, Anderson will have 50 000 – 100 000 fans cheering for him, but once the Octagon door closes, it’s just him & Silva for 25 mins (if it goes 5 Rounds).

      It’s funny how you interpreted/MADE UP that it’s Sonnen who does not want to fight in Brazil or that it’s Sonnen who’s scared for his safety. Not once did I read or see anything that would even remotely support your claim/stupidity.

      Why dont you read the article again genius, and BTW … it’s probably best to read the article without dreaming about Silvas nuts in your mouth.

  • phrankthetank

    Canyou imagine if chael won in brazil? There would be people climbing the cage to get at him!

    • MrAdidas

      I think he’d get shot, all we’d see is … dozens of lil tiny red dots. Though, I’d doubt many people/Brazilians would actually want to fight Sonnen in the Octagon if he beat Anderson. I mean, what could you do, the guy just beat up Anderson Silva in his home country, for the “2nd” time in as many fights. If the “#1” P4P fighter in the world (not in my opinion) just lost, then what the hell is 1 or 10 Brazilian fan(s) going to be able to do, that Silva was not able to do?!?

      I just hope the UFC upgrades their metal detectors/security if Sonnen Vs Silva 2 happens anywehre in Brazil!

  • rezsurfer

    What a pussy… Now he scared . Roberts says . “It’s not like we’re fighting somebody in Columbus, Ohio; you’re going to get your name called and people yelling at you.” and what the non american fighters fight in ohio and called names and booed and chants of USA in there face aint the same? shut the **** up and man up and fight like you can claim . ***** *** Chael…

  • smill0313

    Whatever they have to say to keep people from remembering that he straight up tapped in their first fight, even after juicing (don’t care what his lying ass says about it). He is gonna get his ass knocked out this time, and I hope he goes away after.

  • first round knockout …. and still ufc middle weight chapioin of the world Anderson “the spider” silva

    • macgrubber

      only in ur dreams

      • MrAdidas

        No man, Silva will KO Sonnen in the 1st Round, b/c Silva did so well Vs Sonnen in their 1st fight, its only “LOGIC” for Silva fans to think he will just KO Sonnen. I mean how could they think otherwise? … after that beating Silva gave Sonnen in their 1st fight, I’d be surprised if Sonnen is able to land a single takedown, considering Silva’s “perfect” defence … BAHAHAHA

        If you were not able to tell that I was very very very sarcastic, then you are an even bigger idiot, than the Silva NUT-HUGGERS who for whatever reason believe Silva will just own Sonnen. I’d like to know where that reasoning/STUPIDITY comes from? Silva got his ass SPANKED for 23.5 mins out of 24 mins fought & then he got “lucky” (lucky b/c Sonnen got lazy/cocky). But seriously, how in the **** can anyone say Silva is going to win in the 1st Round or that Silva is going to DESTROY Sonnen … etc? Based on what info/facts?!? Their 1st fight?!?

        P.S I’m not saying Silva can’t or won’t win, I’m just not going to post a VERY VERY STUPID & VERY VERY UNEDUCATED comment based on a previous fight where Silva got his ass handed to him, like nothing we’ve ever seen. But then to say Silva is going to KO Sonnen in the 1st Round. Like give me a fucking break, GTFO here idiot.

  • maddawgmar

    I think of you want a place that is the best for all parties, then look for neutral ground. Vegas is alway neutral for international fighters, and for this fight there is always a stadium setting, and there is arguably the best stadium in the world in Arlington, TX. They did talk about Sonnen/Silva II at Cowboy stadium before. This could be a huge money maker, it will sell out. Wherever it is Brazil, USA, or even in Europe I’m ready to watch…

  • kev1155

    Roberts has real concerns about Sonnen’s safety in Brazil, but we have agreed to fight, we just haven’t agreed where to fight.”

    Mr.Adidas clearly you need to re read as it it clearly say they dont agree to where to fight and seeing as the ufc has already said they want the fight in brazil and it say they are concerned for his safety in brazil mean they dont want to fight in brazil and as amazing as it was to watch sonnen lay on anderson silva for almost five rounds a lose even after cheating did you see his face and how messed up his was in comparison to anderson’s hence he cheated still came out looking worse and if not losing by triangle he would have lost for cheating.