Silva vs. Jones Super Fight Possible, but Silva vs. Sonnen Rematch Likely to be Next

October 12, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

UFC light heavyweight champion has been nothing if not impressive… and that’s probably an understatement.

After rocketing to a 12-1 record, with his only slip being a disqualification loss to Matt Hamill, and crushing the likes of Brandon Vera, Vladimir Matyushenko, and Ryan Bader consecutively, Jones found himself in a title fight.

Everyone knew that his fight with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128 would be his proving ground, with most insiders believing Shogun to be favored in the fight. But Jones passed the test with flying colors, proving himself with a third-round TKO of the champion, claiming the gold.

He then made the first defense of said title by becoming the first fighter in the UFC to finish Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, submitting him in the fourth round with a rear naked choke at UFC 135.

The kicker to all this is Jones is only 24 years old.

“You’re not in your prime until you’re 27, 28, 29 years old. He’s only 24 and he’s fighting Lyoto Machida; he’s fighting all these guys who are legends,” commented UFC president Dana White on Wednesday. “You have to respect what this kid has been able to do at such a young age and how he’s been able to do it.”

Especially after the stoppage of Rampage, he is getting respect. He opened as a heavy favorite for his upcoming title defense against Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 in December.

But with that respect also comes higher demands. People are now starting to clamor for a super fight between Jones and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who has stepped up to the light heavyweight division a couple of times with smashing success.

As much as White believes Jones is the real deal and is amazed at how he’s running rough shod over his competition, he’s not ready to put that much of a task on Jones’ plate. White believes both have other matters to attend to first.

“(Jones) has got two tough fights ahead of him. Anderson is gonna continue to fight. He’ll probably end up fighting Chael Sonnen,” said White. “They’ve got a lot of tough guys in front of them.

“I know everybody loves the idea of a super fight. But the thing you’ve got to understand, Jon is 24 years old. He’s got some business to handle in the light heavyweight division without thinking about Anderson Silva right now.”

If he gets past Machida at UFC 140, Jones is then expected to finally square off with former teammate, and top contender, Rashad Evans, who happens to be on the sidelines recovering from an injury at the moment.

Those are both tall tasks. Machida and Evans have both been ensconced in the upper echelon of the light heavyweight division for a long time. But if he gets past both, would a super fight between Jones and Silva, who has often hinted at nearing the end of his fighting career, be out of the question?

The way Jones has been performing, we might not be all that far off from finding out.

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  • jared499

    I completely agree with Dana on this one. If Anderson defeats Sonnen and one other fight with the next top-contender, and Jones can beat Machida and Rashad, then and only then should the superfight happen. Which in turn makes the match much more winable for John Jones because he will gain more experience in the cage and Anderson will be closer to the end of his career.

    I personally would rather see Jones v Anderson as oppossed to GSP v Anderson. Although if Anderson has not improved on his takedown defense and getting up from his back, I still think GSP would stand and “Lay and Pray” chance.

  • bajafox

    Totally agree with Dana on this one too, they both have pretty good fights ahead of them to even think about fighting each other

    • mod777

      Such a Kill Joy!

  • Mario

    I still don’t understand the whole idea behind this rematch deal?

    It is what it is I suppose. Opening your big mouth is apparently the way to go now if you want a title shot. I swear, this whole Sonnen gimmick makes me feel like I’m watching the WWE, which I despise! 3 years ago or so, nobody even gave a shit about Chael Sonnen.

    I hope Anderson destroys him this time around, so all this silly drama can be put to rest. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Sonnen vs Belfort match somewhere down the line also.

    With all that said: Sonnen DID impress me in his fight with Stann. WHY?

    Cause for once he actually finished a fight!

    Still shouldn’t hold credible towards another title shot. It’s really his mouth that earned him the shot. Not his performance.

  • tsszaltax

    You’re right, it wasnt his performance that got him a title shot. I mean, he’s only had 6 fights since his return to the UFC, all of which against top 10 guys, and has gone 4-2 against them. And whether you like him or not, he made Silva look stupid for 24 minutes out of the fight, the guy SHOULD be the champ. But yea yea, coulda shoulda woulda. Fact is, if the roles were reversed and Silva woulda beat his ass for 24 minutes and he slapped on an arm triangle in the last minute of the fight and won, EVERYONE would be screaming for a rematch, cuz Chael got lucky. Silva does it and nothing. The dude deserves a rematch, plain and simple. Besides, who else is there?

  • I don’t disagree Chael Sonnen deserves a rematch. What I do disagree is with the timing. Why now? Make him fight three or four other guys first and then get the rematch. His mouth got him the rematch because idiots in this country love the drama. Also, as I have said before, Dana has to favor his guys; therefore, the title shot for Chael Sonnen. As for Jones vs Anderson, I would like to see that fight, but there are still a lot of good matchups for him at 185. I want to see him beat everyone, just like I would like to see GSP and Jon Jones beat everyone in their respective divisions. Then, we can talk about the super fights.

  • BigGuy

    YES, I can’t wait for that superfight! The superfight between St. Pierre and Silva was so supremely exciting that I can’t wait to see the superfight between Jones and Silva!! Oh, wait, that fight never happened because Dana was blowing bullshit out of his ass. And now he is doing it again.

    You will never see St. Pierre vs. Silva, nor will you ever see Jones vs. Silva. And, while we are on it, I would prefer to never see Sonnen vs. Silva again either. Although, since it seems inevitable, I hope Silva shuts Sonnen’s hole once and for all. Sonnen is entertaining, but to call himself the real champ is hysterical.

  • eddiecantu

    Guys, let’s not forget Mr. Sonnen failed his post-fight drug test for elevated testosterone levels losing, if not all, at least some credebility in his match against Silva. So really he should really have to earn his shot, but that performance against Stann was quite convincing. He’s a great self promoter running his mouth all the time, but it really does work at selling the fight. It does get annoying though, and that’s why some people just can’t stand him just like Rashad…drama queens! Also, stop with the WWE comparisons. It’s just typical main event prefight hype just like it’s been in boxing for so many years. If a professional football team stirs up the pot a bit and talks a little smack to the next week’s opponent, am I going to say, “I hate this…it’s turning into WWE!” No, I’m not because it’s comparing two different things…apples and oranges.

  • tchaser1313

    It amazes me that EVERYONE keeps saying about Sonnen “he’s the champ! He’s the champ!”. The reality of it is that even if he did win that fight, he would have been stripped of the belt anyways for his use of performance enhancing drugs! I can’t believe how this fact keeps getting overlooked when everone talks about this topic. I understand that Sonnen was dominating that fight, he looked really good. It does make me wonder however what kind of fighter he would be without the use of those. Look at what has happened to baseball power numbers since the “juicing” era has come and gone. There are so many masking agents and different ways of cycling on and off this stuff that maybe we’ll never know. I do agree that it’s not right to talk your way into a title fight, but gotta give props to the man for knowing how to work the system.

  • mod777

    I think this is the right time for the super fight to Happen Anderson is not getting any younger and Jones is at its peak Anderson can stamp his legacy right here and then. When did a super fight ever happen lately in MMA? Mir versus Lesnar? Penn versus GSP? This is the super fight the would go beyond any pay per view it would interest the whole world not just Brazil and USA.

  • tsszaltax

    Anderson wont fight in a “super fight” until he has either lost the belt or completely clears out the division. Clearing out the division to me doesnt mean just beat everyone, but beat everyone in contention that is able to fight soon, and thats just not the case. Fortunately for Chael, there is nobody left in the division except Alan Belcher or Mark Munoz that can fight right now, and nobody wants to see either of them fight Anderson. Look at the top 10, he just destroyed Okami, Marquardts out of the UFC, Bisping is slated to fight Mayhem, Munoz but thats a boring fight, he’s destroyed Maia plus Maia just fought, he just destroyed Belfort plus Belfort is injured, Stann just lost and you’re not getting a title shot coming off of a loss unless a drastic chain of injuries occur, and Belcher who’s a boring fight.
    So that rounds it out and basically narrows it down to the fight a lot of people want to see, Chael. The superfight thing wont happen when theres a ton of people that want to see the Chael vs Silva rematch. They may not be here reading this, but they’re out there.
    As for the juicing crap, let it go. He paid his dues, get over it. And I highly doubt you can credit “most” of his success in his first fight with Silva to his juicing…lol, really?

  • holidayian20

    I am so sick of all you Silva nut huggers saying Chael doesn’t deserve a shot at the title. You just don’t want to see your golden boy get the crap beat of him again. Chael is the only fighter left in the middleweight division that can beat Anderson. That’s why he’s getting the shot. Bisping would be a waste of time and money. Belfort would get knocked out again. Quit whining about it!

  • gm256

    If you know anything about juicing or steroids and its affects, they main thing that it will give you is recovery time on your body. Thats why most bodybuilders use it. Muscles can repair almost over night with steroids, then you can work that muscle more frequently which in turn grows the muscles more and more. The misconception is that you cannot get away from training hard.
    This is not the affect in MMA fighting. Steroids will not help you in fighting or technique in fighting. Most people that are banging steroid use dont have a crap of an idea what the drug does to a person and its affects.

  • bigdaddygunit

    his mouth didnt get him the rematch his win got him the rematch all these other guys getting rematches back to back and now u dont think chael should get a another shot. hell lyoto lost 2 straight won one and is getting a tittle shot all based on name