‘Showtime Either Wants to be in Business with Us or They Don’t’ – Dana White (video)

October 6, 2011
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There can be no doubt about it, the UFC is forcing Showtime’s hand in trying to find out if they want to be in the business of promoting mixed martial arts or not. The UFC has raided Strikeforce’s roster, taking the majority of its top tier talent, including several champions, leaving UFC president Dana White to declare, “You either want to be in this business or you don’t.”

  • Yeah lets hope they dont

  • when strikeforce finally dies (inevitable) dana can hide behind showtime not wanting to continue promoting mma. when in reality it was never dana’s intention to keep strikeforce alive anyways. if he did, why would he raid the roster? another brand name does nothing but hurt the ufc’s brand name. and why does ufc need showtime anyways? they’re going to be on f’n fox national television in a month. glad i’m not dana white. i couldnt go out and bullshit the media this often, but he does it for the sake of mma for sure

    • wonggfan

      @ edwinfuentes

      “but he does it for the sake of mma for sure”

      I sense sarcasm. I doubt Dana cares about MMA more than the UFC. His job is to run a business and he has done really well.

      “if he did, why would he raid the roster?”

      It could be that he wants to keep SF alive as a feeder organization to the UFC. An up-and-coming guy has to go through SF before coming over to the UFC.

      “another brand name does nothing but hurt the ufc’s brand name.”

      LOL! Check out who owns Porsche.

  • It seems like the fans on here are cheering for Strikeforce on ShowTime do die!! Being a huge MMA fan more MMA is better than less. The deal I was hoping for and would make sense to me would be to keep the Strikeforce Challengers on ShowTime (and probably call it UFC Challengers or something) and have the up and comers and people on the way down (instead of being prematurely cut from UFC and feeding the competition again). As far as women I would put women title bouts on UFC PPV and the rest on challengers until the depth is more up to par with the men.

  • edicius

    Everyone blogger has an opinion but it’s clear and straight forward. Dana deals with real money and big deals. Our opinions are from a place that lack perspective. It’s ridiculous to judge him on these forums.

    You don’t even have to read between the lines, he’s practically saying it outright He isn’t pleased with the Showtime deal. He’s going to do what he has to to keep the UFC healthy. If Showtime restructured the deal where it’d be profitable and secure, he’d play ball. He owns SF now and he can take their best talent if he so chooses.

    I don’t think he’s hiding anything. He just laid it out there in broad daylight.