Should TJ Dillashaw Fight Raphael Assuncao Next or Rematch Renan Barao?

May 25, 2014
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New UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw didn’t even get to celebrate his victory over one of the top pound-for-pound fighters on the planet before questions started flying about who is next for him.

That’s okay, he had a little something to say on the matter anyway, and so did UFC president Dana White.

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  • Gabriel

    Why would he rematch he handed baraos ass to him

    • Maddawgmar

      Agreed, if he eeked out a submission maybe. But this kid made Barao look like he was out of his league, like an Amateur even.

  • Austin, TX

    What is this immediate rematch always crap with a fight like that was. He should have to fight again and win again impressively once or twice at least. Like Dos Santos or Gus. There are other fighters etc. I mean I’m just saying. And for the record, it was only Anderson that got the immediate rematch word, not GSP. Also Weidman agreed to it beforehand and said he was going to beat him twice.

    ps. Joe Rogan, Goldberg. You guys are perfect at what you do, man. You’re part of the whole magic.

    So is Bruce Buffer I almost forgot. 😉

    • deepgrim

      yes i agree with what you are saying, the rematch with anderson weidman made sense because of the way that fight finished, but barao was dominated for 5 rounds and finished, the counter argument will be how dominament baroa was before hand, but i would still like to see him cruz and now there isnt as much pressure on cruz to have a warm up fight cause it wont be a title fight

  • shakejunt

    assuncao rematch makes sense i guess, but looks like it would be a completely different fight after last night. really no one else in the picture that is more deserving.

    • atmosphere325

      Dillashaw got robbed against Assuncao though. Assuncao hasn’t done enough since to get a title shot. His last fight was a decision against a debuting UFC fighter.

      • shakejunt

        agreed on all points, just hard to deny him the shot unless cruz comes back soon and wants the immediate shot.

  • Wolf Ticket

    If anything, I would love to see him in a rematch against John Dodson.

    • atmosphere325

      That makes absolute NO make sense now that Dodson’s in a different weight class and is still in title contention at 125.

  • riverdawg

    Barao was a great champion. 9 wins under Zuffa. 4 Championship Wins in the UFC. And now only 1 loss under Zuffa. But he got completely shut out in this fight. TJ dominated him and finished him. If Barao had been on a run in the UFC like Anderson Silva or even Jon Jones I’d be more open to an immediate rematch but I think he needs to go and get 1 or 2 impressive wins before he fights for the title again. Would love to see him fight Cruz (if he’s healthy) and winner gets a shot at the title. TJ earned the opportunity to defend against a new challenger and that should be Junior Assuncao. TJ won that fight with Assuncao in my eyes and he deserves the opportunity to go out and get that win back.

    • Gareth Hudgins

      Yes, for sure. Very sensible indeed.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I’m still laughing at why people thought this puke was so good? Cruz or nothing.