Should the Fight Have Been Stopped? Pat Barry Talks UFC on Versus 4 Loss to Cheick Kongo

June 27, 2011
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Pat Barry stunned and almost finished Cheick Kongo twice during their fight on Sunday night in Pittsburgh before a miraculous comeback from the Frenchman to pull off a hail mary KO.

Barry talks about whether or not he believes the fight should have been stopped or was on its way to being stopped.

  • wonggfan

    Eh..the fight just showed you the type of talent the UFC in its mid-tier group.

    Barry and Kongo cannot become champions even in Dream or SF, let alone the UFC.

    Cheick Kongo got knocked silly again? Pat Barry will be released from the UFC within a year.

  • streetfightertoo

    Great fight! I dont see these guys going anywhere if they keep putting on shows like that.

    • wonggfan

      They will end up permanently crippled if they fight 3 times a year like that.

      The UFC will let Barry go after a year from now. There is no future for him in the UFC. He will always be a gate-keeper.

      Watch, the UFC might sign an up and coming fighter and feed Barry to him. Barry = the new Heath Herring.

      • rob da rippah

        That’s your opinion. I think barry has tons of potential, he’s still young in his career. If he had a better ground game he would be a beast. He just walked into a good punch, plain and simple. Anyone who thinks different is a dumbass. He just got caught, it happens to everyone

  • Wronggfan is the Chael Sonnen of MMA fans. Get over yourself and get a life.

  • tapout5150

    wronggfan u have no idea what your talking about , to say something dumb like that u are one of them guys that has never set foot in a gym but thinks he knows everything about mma show some repect u poser