Should Rory MacDonald Get the Winner of Hendricks vs. Lawler?

March 11, 2014
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Rory MacDonald vs. Nate Diaz at UFC 129Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodley square off in the UFC 171 co-main event on Saturday in Dallas. The winner is in line for the first crack at the new welterweight champion after Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler battle for Georges St-Pierre’s vacated title in the night’s main event.

Rory MacDonald, however, is sitting on the fringe, declaring that he should be the first one to get a shot at the winner of Hendricks vs. Lawler.

MacDonald is coming off of a victorious, Fight of the Night performance against Demian Maia at UFC 170. It was a performance that the Canadian feels should put him in the catbird seat for a title shot.

“I think [the win over Maia] puts me right there for a title shot.  I’m really pulling to fight the winner of the Hendricks vs. Lawler fight,” said MacDonald after his win at UFC 170.

“I think the fans want to see it, it’s a big money fight, it’s going to get a lot of attention, and I think that my talent is at that level.  I feel that I am the best in the division and I’m ready to prove it to the fans and to the UFC.”

As you might imagine, Condit and Woodley both disagree with MacDonald.

Condit in particular has a strong argument considering he is a past interim UFC welterweight champion and has a victory over MacDonald in his pocke

“He looked great in his last fight. But I am in line before him,” Condit told recently. “I have a win over him. I see a rematch on the horizon, but I think I’m first in line [with a win over Woodley].”

It’s been a few years, but Condit scored a TKO stoppage due to strikes over MacDonald at UFC 115 in June of 2010.

Woodley was a little more colorful in shooting down MacDonald’s line jumping.

“I think Rory needs to get out of here, to be honest,” Woodley told “He got finished by Carlos and he just lost to Robbie. In the event that Carlos wins or even that Robbie wins. Where’s he’s stanza then? He lost to both of those two guys.”

Not that Woodley wasn’t impressed by the win over Maia.

“I think that he did look good against Demian Maia. I think it was a good fight. He stepped forward,” he said, but added that he felt MacDonald should have threw his name in the hat when St-Pierre held the belt instead of constantly saying that, as teammates, they would never fight each other.

“I think that he should have took the chance when he had it,” said Woodley. “When it comes down to the fight GSP he didn’t want to do it.

“I’m pretty sure that Carlos has had some training sessions with GSP at Greg Jackson’s camp. When it came time to fight him, he stepped up to the plate and he was trying to take his head off. I think that’s where the ball kind of dropped in his court.”

Now, just one victory removed from his loss to Lawler, Woodley believes there’s some humor in MacDonald trying to position himself at the head of the class.

“I think it’s kind of comical that he thinks all of a sudden he’s going to jump in front. Same as [Nick] Diaz, he’s just trying to jump in front. I think they share the same bag of weed.”

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  • asd

    MacDonald went full retard. He hasn’t even got 2 consecutive wins right now, and he beat Maia who was coming off of a loss. What a silly person Rory is.

    • hyderabod

      His win streak is longer than Hendricks’ is, just saying, 1 beats 0 all day long!!!

      • Lucas Freire

        Delivering punishment to the most successful champion beats one win “streak” all day long!

  • TheCerealKiller

    A one fight win streak doesn’t qualify you for a title shot. Besides, it’s basicly a tournament right now(jab at Bjorn) Hendricks/Lawler vs Condit/Woodley. McDonald needs to fight one of this weekends losers and then might get the next shot.

    • Liam O’Keefe

      They should have had an eight man tourny. That would been a lot more fun to watch.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Then one guy gets hurt and the whole thing is no longer a “tourny”.

  • RFisher

    LOL Diaz and Macdonald smoking weed together Lol

    • Guest

      Dude that is funny…laughed my @$$ off when I pictured how that would go.

    • KJK

      Guess they did’nt like my wording…anyways…Dude that is funny I laughed pretty hard when I pictured that.

  • KJK

    I’d say atleast 2 fights before he’s even given consideration…Has to beat loser of Condit / Woodley and loser of Hendricks / Lawler convincingly and then maybe. Wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Diaz or Shields either.

  • uncle

    I like to see Brown fight him or he gets the winner of Lombard vs Shields

    • joe

      Brown would be perfect!

  • Whackster


  • Whackster

    Winner of Condit/Woodley

  • Maddawgmar

    And Tyron Woodley is coming off of a recent loss to Jake Shields. Who coincidently beat Damien Maia to. They weren’t ‘t exciting wins, but wins. And he holds a victory over Condit. So he is in title talks too.

  • jimmy777


  • fedor is the best ever

    Brown, condit, shields are all ahead of Rory. Rory is boring. his face and style suck. UFC is turning into a joke with more and more hoes and less and less true  fighting men

    • TheCerealKiller

      Fedor was a can crusher. He was exposed as soon as he fought people tested and proven.

      • deepgrim

        a you mean them proven fighters at the end of his career. name a list of better fighters available at the end that he could have fought.

        • Seth

          Why would anyone write you down list of fighter Fedor fought? Fedor fought almost only better fighters. His New Japan Pro Wrestling employer made him look good – same as WWE makes John Cena look good – or anyone that is on top there atm.

          • deepgrim

            fedor made fedor look good. he was nearly 10 years unbeatin, and because he didnt fight in the ufc people try and act like he is a con, when the top heavyweights were in pride at the time his was in his pomp

          • Seth

            “fedor made fedor look good”…before or after he ducked UFC? If you aren’t in this sport to be the best, you are in wrong place. Fedor clearly had no intention to fight the best in the UFC, same as Cro Cop and Wandarlei. Most of the so-called “Elite” of PRIDE fighters was done when PRIDE was out.

          • RubeKegal

            “Ducked UFC” You must be new to this MMA thing. He crushed Sylvia, Coleman(Twice) and Arlovski(3 HW UFC Champs), dominated Nogueira twice, dominated Mirko, bitched out Babalu and Arona, but people still hate. The guy could have been a 205’er but fought undersized at HW his entire career. Not to mention, look at his physique! He def never took TRT or any other crap but simply dominated.

          • Seth

            Aaaaaand…what about that? Renan Barao has same time for being unbeaten now. So what? is he goat or something? He’s by far the best bantamweight…and that’s about that. Same with Fedor, he probably was the best heavyweight at some point – but when it comes to legacy, he’s no where near someone like Anderson. GOAT = Greatest Of All Time. There can be only one. And deffy its not Fedor. I’m not fan of Anderson either, but that one Brazilian middleweight is waaaaaaaaaay ahead of everyone, when it comes to talk about who’s GOAT. Fedor may be somewhere up there like…idk, top 10? top 15? maybe somewhere there. I don’t know, as I don’t care about so-called “emperor”.

          • Austin, TX

            There are millions of people who would probably disagree with you on that one, my friend. Fedor was an undersized hw who fought the best of the best hw’s on the planet undefeated for 10 years. Think about it. Go watch all his fights. He is 2 inches smaller than Silva and fights at HW. Anderson is a con artist. Him and his manager picked and chose cans and also rans his entire career. He faced 1 tough fighter during his entire reign. An over the hill Hendo who gassed from a crappy weight cut to 185. He had to be forced into taking the Weidman fight.

            Fedor has been voted several times as the GOAT by mma organizations and sportswriters. many MMA fighters say he is the GOAT. Cain, Aldo, etc. Do some research man. He’s approach to the game makes Anderson and his manager look bad. He’s a fighter/politician. He’s also a bully who likes to challenge St. Pierre. (4 or 5 inches smaller, 35 lbs lighter street weight etc., and over the hill boxers who are 45 years old). He’s a pick and choose champion. Fedor is smaller and fought the best hw’s on the planet undefeated for 10 years with a 27 fight win streak. Think about it man.

          • Seth

            Then got bitched out by then-still-average Verdum and still-sucking Big Foot. He did all of those things you said and all of the sudden he started to lose…once he entered the promotion that doesn’t tell your opponent when he’s supposed to play dead. You are wasting your time, man 🙂 I doubt there is an argument that will make me admit Fedor is GOAT. That’s just my personal opinion, same as yours is that he is GOAT.

          • RubeKegal

            ^^ Moron alert!!

          • RubeKegal

            The difference is we know who Fedor beat. Barao’s early career we don’t know any of them.

          • Denny Swain

            Fedor is goat!!! Cain velasquez agrees. Mike tyson says the same and they know each other. These are fighting warriors who have come to this conclusion, not keyboard warriors who think they can ruin fedors legacy with their non valid envious prejudiced oppinion.

          • Seth

            I can’t ruin it. I don’t even try. I just don’t plan to jump on Fedor bandwagon, only because some guys say so. I don’t see him as goat, no where near that. That’s my personal opinion on it. Same as you guys have a right to come here and call him goat, and say all those good things about him – I have about same right to come here and say that he sucks. It’s called freedom of speech, in case you didn’t heard about it. It has nothing to do with ruining legacy.

  • Ryan thompson


  • if woodley beats condit (unlikely) then yes, otherwise, hell no!

  • alexthemaster55

    rory vs kim sounds good

    • Jacob K

      That would be a really great fight for Rory style wise. Lombard would be a horrible fight for Rory. Instead of lobbying for a shot, lobby for the better match up so you can actually build a win streak.

  • Keny Powers

    No, Condit should mos def get the next shot if he wins. There’s plenty of contenders right now that Rory can fight, Dong, the winner of Shields/Lombard, Ellenberger/Saffiedine, or Brown/Silva.

    • Jacob K

      I bet hedoesn’t wanna fight shields or Lombard and thus trying to get that shot quick before Dana feeds him to another animal at the top of the ww division.

  • Manuel Lopez


  • wait, what?

    lol comparing rory to diaz bros? didnt he slame the last brain cell nate had out of his head three times? rory should get the shot.

    • Jase Austin

      congrats…he beat a 155lber by dec how many years ago? guarantee nick would pick him apart, then rory would go straight to taking him down and laying on him.

    • Jase Austin

      You don’t get a title shot for beating maia. especially when you’ve lost to 2 guys ahead of you in line, and have 0 wins vs top 5

    • Lucas Freire

      Dong Hyum Kim also dominated Diaz, I guess he should get a title shot immediately

  • Ted Binsky

    F–k the author of this article, Rory is point fighting and lost against Lawler. He hasn’t beat any top 5 guy unless you count Jake Ellenberger. He bearly beat Maia, he needs a few more wins before he can even ask for a shot.

    • Seth

      I wouldn’t say he barerly beat him, Maia had his moment on the ground but since they got back on their feet it was all Rory. But agree – he shouldn’t get a title fight anytime soon.

      • J.D.C.D.

        I agree a fight or 2 for Rory and should he win both in exciting fashion he’ll be in title contention.

        • Seth

          Well…that’s gonna be hard, Rory isn’t know for being “exciting”. He’s good, if you enjoy good, technical fight – then you like he’s style. He won’t win many Fight Of The Night awards in his career, but his calm and cold approach to fight allows him to remain focused no matter what. I say let him beat up 2-3 top guys this year and early-mid 2015 title fight is his to take.


    Nope, you’re incorrect.

  • joe

    Rory needs to win more fights.

  • OneFansOpinion

    Set up Diaz vs. McDonald for the next contender after the winner of Condit/Woodley has their shot.

    • Dragon Kid

      Diaz had two title shots and didn’t do jack all in them. At this point, he doesn’t deserve one. He’s just a crybaby now.

  • Seth

    Hendricks would KTFO him and Robbie just beat him…I don’t see him anywhere title fight anytime soon. I thought he’s smart kid and he went full Nick Diaz here. Why not ask for a title fight after loss? That would be classy.

    • deepgrim

      dont see mac donald in contention. if hendricks wins i would rather see a rematch with condit personally as i quiyte enjoyed that fight, whereas another lawler mac donald fight doesnt have the same appeal. feel like johnny is going to win this fight

      • Seth

        I would say Robbie over Hendricks – mostly because of experience and the fact that Hendricks will be calm, he knows that he is able to work his way back up if he losses now and get another shot – but Robbie prolly knows that this may be his last chance to get where he wants to be, so determination and focus will also be at his side IMO. I knew he’s gonna beat Rory and now I think he’s gonna beat Hendricks. But no matter what happen – we are up for a treat 🙂

  • Mihael Hajdin

    Nope, winner of Woodley vs. Condit should get that fight!

    • Jeff Andrews jr

      No way in HELL does Woodley deserve a title shot even w/ an impressive win.

  • Denny Swain

    Gunnar nelson whoops all welterweights and soon will be champ

    • Dragon Kid

      Gunner continues to impress me in his fights

  • King Of The Spread

    Is this a real article? Where is your journalistic integrity for writing quality stuff? Seriously – no one is thinking Rory is next in line not even rory when you get right down to it. (if here were honest with himself)

  • RubeKegal

    Anyone lobbying for Matt Brown is crazy. What is his biggest win? Mike Pyle?? Let him fight a few top contenders then we’ll talk.

  • Austin, TX

    Tyrone Woodley just lost me. Get a grip man. You’re the one that jumping in line and hasn’t fought anybody. We’ll see how you do against Condit. Jackass. me me me me me me me me me me. Show some respect. He goes …”Maybe he share’s the same bag of weed as Diaz…” blah, blah, b,lah, ha. Gosh that was so funny, Tyrone. And so apt. Yeah…Rory is really in that same category, I mean as Diaz. What a Douche. i just realized your IQ isn’t that great dude. I think you’re the one that’s sharing the same bag as Diaz. Douche.

    • Jeff Andrews jr

      And the thing is prior to the Koscheck fight HE JUST came off of a loss… And now he is acting like he is the next up for a title shot. And he talks about Rory not wanting to fight GSP his training partner but I remember him saying that he didn’t want to fight Lawler for the same reasons!!! The guy is such a hypocrite!!!

  • J.D.C.D.

    How about Jake Shields to fight Rory or Jake Shields to get a shot at the title soon? The guy does have some impressive wins.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    No, Rory looks like a mouth breather. He’s so dumb and boring he’d be a nightmare publicity challenge as a champ

    • Austin, TX

      Unlike all those other champs the UFC has that are so amazing…

  • Jeff Andrews jr

    Woodley needs to stop believing in his own hype… He JUST came off of a loss before his Koscheck win… Add to that the fact that he too has said that he would not want to fight Lawler and that they REALLY REALLY would have to talk about it if Dana and the UFC were going to push them to fight… AND LASTLY… In the pre-fight press conference at 171 HE was trying to jump the line as well… The guy is SUCH a hypocrite…I hope he doesn’t feel that if he wins he would be in line for a title shot himself.


    Rory should fight winner of Shields vs Lombart and that winner should be next after condit/woodley

  • Paul Baumeister

    I’m a Rory Fan, and I don’t think he should be that far up in the pecking order… His last few fights were lackluster at best, even when he did eke out a win, and he didn’t finish this last fight even though he did show a lot more activity. I’d say give him one more contender fight and see what happens… If he’s the old Rory wrecking ball, then look at the rankings again.

  • draven jones

    this is what I think. rory should face the winner of condit vs Woodley. the winner of that should get a shot oh yeah and thiago alves and matt brown will be climbing up that ladder soon

  • ActiveEvolution

    Huge fan of the TriStar gym and Rory is a great fighter! probably a future champ but as of now I dont think hes that close to a title shot. Maybe face the winner of Lombard/Shields and if he performs well then Id say he deserves a title shot.

  • kelly

    May I say, did Heath Herring play dead when he got his head bashed in my Fedor? Did Nogueira play dead when he got his head bashed in my Fedor? I’d say no. It’s still to early for any good ol’ GOAT talk but Top 10 or 15 for Fedor? That’s just retarded.

    • Kelly

      lol by Fedor but he’s my Fedor 🙂

  • taylor2008

    Winner or Condit/Woodley should get it. Then Lombard/Shields fight is next up.

  • taylor2008

    As amazing as all the tomatoe cans boxing throws at certain people to make them champs?

  • taylor2008

    Give me some of what you bought off of Diaz

  • deepgrim

    im not saying fedor is defo the goat but he has to be in the top 3. the difference between baroa and fedor is that fedor fights in the heavy weight division where anyone has the power to knock you out but he still went nearly 10 years unbeatin. with baroa and this is no disrespect to him cause he is a beast, not many people can ko with one punch and so the most skillful fighter will nearly always win.

  • Adam

    Rory should get the winner of Lombard/Shields or even Woodley if Condit wins that fight.
    a one fight win streak shouldn’t qualify him as a contender.

  • Austin, TX

    yeah. its amazing how people forget things they’ve done and said.

  • onehitwonder

    Great comments Woodley, I’d like to see Rory get past either of those guys, I didn’t see him dancing around with Jake Ellenberg like he did with BJ Penn, and I’m not impressed with a win over Maia.