Should Jamie Varner’s Fight Have Been Stopped? Dana White Would’ve Thrown the Towel

May 25, 2014
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Jamie Varner believes he broke his ankle early in his UFC 173 fight with James Krause.

Regardless of the damage, broken ankle or not, it was obvious that Varner was severely injured. He could barely stand on his left leg and fell to the mat several times.

But what was to be done? Should Varner have been saved from himself? UFC president Dana White weighs in.

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  • Corey Hutton

    Got to give him credit, a lesser man would`ve quit instantly.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Or a more intelligent man possibly. Living to fight another day is not cowardly and it’s hard to do if you’re crippled.

  • TW

    Either the ref needs to stop the fight or, barring that, the fighter’s corner needs to throw in the towel in a situation like that. A pro fighter should never be put in a position where they have to quit. Most simply won’t do it because it’s just not in them, and that’s exactly why they have reached that level of the game. Much credit to Jamie for showing true warrior spirit. I hope he didn’t do any long-term damage to his body in the process.

  • Wolf Ticket

    Big respect to JW, but this is not good for the sport. You could see from the faces of some of the fans that they were worried about what is going on. I had hard times watching this fight as well. Should have been stopped IMHO. The ref should have definitely checked whether the fighter is OK.

  • james j

    What is the purpose of a ref? Do they even get paid? Are they trained? There should have been some sort of ref intervention in this fight. The judges and refs in mma are horrible across the board. Yes that includes Herb Dean and Big John.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Ref dropped the ball. He should have called time and had the doctor check it and it would have been stopped.

  • Robert Parks

    This fight is completely different than the Matt Serra-GSP fight though!GSP Was controlling the Tempo,Style and where the fight was gonna go,He got caught by a shot and put to the canvas…If you wanna compare fights,then the fight to compare would be Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen where Chael Dictated everything,pounded on Anderson for 22 plus minutes,but then lost because he was ill-prepared for a Triangle choke!Yea maybe the odds weren’t so heavily in Silva’s favor as they were for GSP vs Serra 1 or Renan Barao vs TJ Dillishaw but that’s the more accurate Comparison!

    T.J. Dillishaw was Evenly ready in every aspect of the fight,even when he could have gotten caught in that Leg Submission,I was also wondering if anyone else noticed how great T.J.’s Cardio was? I mean Renan’s was known to be the best in the division,and 1 of the best in the world,and T.J. made it look like Renan was dragging after the 2nd round!I kinda figured it would be someone from Alpha Male team to beat him eventually,and we know there Cardio training is second to none as a team! Congrats to T.J. Though,and I know this is gonna sound weird,but I could honestly see Uriah Faber Beating T.J. and I know they part of the same team and that Renan already beat Faber twice, but Money talks,and Styles make fights!

    I can’t wait to see Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier,I wan’t Jones to surprise me and beat Daniel and that will easily cement Jones as the #1 P4P fighter in the world easily,but I think Cormier is gonna win and you will see Daniel go down as the greatest,and that is not from 1 of his fan boy’s,that’s just what I see from the guy,from his BEST Wrestling in the game EVER,to his great striking,to his fast evolving Jiu Jitsu game,Yes I know He’s a bit Older at age 35,but you gotta take into consideration,that Olympic level wrestling takes at least a decade away from you,and it gives you excellent Cardio as well as endurance!

    Daniel Cormier is easily the toughest challenge to any Champion from the 205 lb group and the Heavyweight group,but we all know he’s not fighting Cain! It is not unrealistic to say that Daniel Cormier could end up 25 to 30-0 with 10-15 title defenses! If that ended up being the case,then he would easily have to be the Greatest MMA fighter of all time!But obviously,that could be and sounds like a stretch!

  • Jthor

    It DID look like the referee wanted to stop it, and Varner told him no to me. Varner was intelligently defending himself, and trying to finish as he knew there would be no round 2. If he was taking damage after the break, then of course the ref should have stopped it. But if a fighter wants to continue, and he’s doing well, who the f— is anyone to tell him no?