Should He Stay or Go? Fans Weigh-in on BJ Penn

November 1, 2011
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Darling you got to let me know, should I stay or should I go? – The Clash

Nearly everyone in the building at Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas on Saturday night was shocked when, after a drubbing at the hands of Nick Diaz, former UFC champion B.J. Penn said, “I’ve got a daughter, another daughter on the way, I don’t want to go home looking like this. I’m done.”

Penn has often contemplated his place in mixed martial arts, often times re-considering what’s left for him after a decade of fighting.

He began his professional fighting career in the Octagon; a rarity, especially at the time he began fighting in 2001.

Despite failing to capture the belt in his first two title shots, the Hawaiian legend went on to capture belts in both the UFC welterweight and lightweight classes. He remains one of only two men to accomplish such a feat; Randy Couture is the other.

Like Couture, Penn is a shoe-in for the UFC Hall of Fame, but on Monday, after a couple days to allow the heat of the moment to cool, Penn’s stance on retiring seems to have cooled as well.

“I have decided to take some time off to enjoy life, train, and teach. I will keep you guys posted with what’s next,” he wrote on

Perhaps he’s listening to the masses that have voiced their opinions since he made the announcement after Saturday’s fight. ran polls on both our home page and our Facebook page asking if you, the fans, felt BJ Penn should call it a career after his latest defeat.

You overwhelming said that Penn should not retire yet. You don’t want to see him go.

As of Monday evening, 63-percent of you casting votes want to see Penn return to the Octagon, many of you saying you’d like to see him return to the 155-pound division for some marquee match-ups.

Are you among those that want to see Penn continue fighting? If so, who would you like to see him matched up against? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Bob

    I would only be interested in seeing BJ fight again if it is in the light weight division.

  • collideoverme

    Yup. agreed. He needs to get back down to 155.

  • RonnieV

    I concur, BJ has had decent success at Welterweight, and only had the Frankie Edgar obstacle at lightweight. He’s not washed-up, prior to Diaz, he knocked out Hughes in the first round, and went to a draw with Fitch. Diaz is the best boxer in MMA, and BJ stood with him for as long as he could. Many of those shots he tagged Diaz with would have knocked out other welterweights. It was a great fight, don’t retire Penn!

    • Diaz in the best boxer in MMA? WHAT? Can’t agree! Junior dos Santos, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort and GSP are superior boxers as are a few others. IMNSHO

      • DeltaOutlaw

        GSP….seriously? His foot movement is horrible and he uses a speedy jab with range to set up takedowns…albeit his jab has been widely sucessful, but c’mon….one of the best boxers in MMA? Diaz definately belongs and is widely considered by most experts to sit atop or near the top of this category.

  • Towers66

    I think he should call it a career. A great career. Although some intriguing fights are still around for him if he wants them. Definitely 155’er fights. Like that division isn’t stacked enough already, all it needs is a top tier gate keeper like BJ in the mix.

  • sb

    I don’t think anyone likes to get the snot beat of of them. especially in the main event, so I think he was a little hasty in his decision. And 1000% yes drop to 155lbs.

  • I agree. He should go down to lightweight. I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but when he fought Frankie Edgar he jus tlooked disinterested. When he went up to fight hughes, he was a beast! I think he has the same obsession with beating St. Pierre that Mir has with beating Lesnar. I think he is just dissinterested in that division.

  • kongjnr

    I think everyone is right, if he has the motivation, then the 155 lbs title would be his again… no question. I think he should take diaz up on his off to train with him. Diaz said in the post fight conference, if BJ trained his cardio with me, he would have never lost the Edgar fight, he also thought BJ was in the wrong weight class at 170, I think this is a good observation from Diaz.

  • Steven UK

    BJ should do what he wants. If he decided to fight at heavyweight again I’d still watch. Although, my advice, for what its worth (a big fat zero), would be to call it a day. He’s got nothing to prove. He can leave the sport with all senses intact, enjoy his family and his money.

  • bajafox

    At least almost everyone agree’s that he should stay.

    There aren’t very many fights I’d be interested in seeing him take at 170, but like someone said, he just didn’t look like he was into that Frankie Edgar fight, if he goes back to 155, he’d be 2 wins away from a title shot and possibly reclaiming it. Then and only then, should he consider retirement, IMO

  • MikeMc1983

    I really believe that bj moving back to 170 was more a UFC decision than a bj penn decision.

    Bj is supposed to beat everyone else in the LW division. Remember, be fore Edgar, bj completely outclassed his other match-ups. He had been running out of opponents.

    Penn wasn’t going to get another shot at edgar, and they’re not going to want bj around crushing his contenders.
    It’s like the same thing they did with rich Franklin after the 2nd loss to Anderson. At that time rich was clearly the number 2 guy, but couldn’t come close to beating the number one guy.

    It should be on a different Post but that guy brought it up. Penny’s problem was not that he tried to stand with diaz’s boxing. In the first round when bj could move he picked diaz’s boxing apart. (surprised me a bit on how easily bj did so)

    And before anyone makes the lame argument that it was bj trying to keep up nicks pace; the first round did not have bj putting out more energy then you would expect any other mid card lightweight. There wasn’t some torid pace bj had in the first that slowed him down. Even by bj penn standards, that was really poor cardio. He had more energy in round 5 with Edgar than starting round 2 with Diaz. And I would say that he was just as active against Edgar.

    Skills wise, penn’s boxing was far past Diaz. Conditioning wise, bj was way behind Shane carwin. (who at least blew his wad with an insanely intensive punch output.)

    At the end of this, I hope bj is able to do whatever makes him happy. Being a legend is a given. In bj we got to see a guy that when he set his mind to learning something. He learned it faster, and with less effort than anyone else. Also, a guy who brought a world championship to America. (I believe it was the first time)

    He’s one of the few guys out there that seems to have the respect of all of the other fighters, mma media, and fans alike. There’s not as many guys in that group as there should be.

    • sirreadsalot10

      You might be right about the UFC persuading him to go to welterweight. At least they didn’t do what they did to John Fitch and basically black ball him from fighting anyone that is an actual contender. I still say BJ’s problem with Edgar was his game plan. Edgar is younger and faster so BJ shouldn’t box with him. Instead, take him down from the git go and jiu jitsu his ass to death. If Pen can take Fitch down he shouldn’t have any problem with Frankie. If he does that and figures out his cardio issue he will be champ again at 155.

    • DeltaOutlaw

      I didnt read the entire post, but I think this is why they are also pushing Edgar to move to 145

  • gerardgallos23

    he should drop down to 155 and he can face florian, maynard, jim miller, cerrone, or nate Diaz, that’ll be interesting, i think he can defeat edgar if only he has the right gameplan.

    • sirreadsalot10

      I agree. In fact, I have been preaching that for at least 2 weeks on multiple threads and you are the first to agree with me. Actually, no one disagreed they just didn’t say anything about it, LOL.

  • gerardgallos23

    he’s not a natural 170, he’s at his best at 155, he won the mundials in 2000 in the leve division or light weight division, a mundial version of bj penn is a fuckin monster =)

  • He needs to drop to lightweight and get back to his grappling roots

    • sirreadsalot10


  • Vince S

    Bj should fight Bisbing that poor excuse of a contender. No questioning Bj’s skill level but he should really get fit before getting in the octagon and be more aggressive with combos. All he does is box.