Should Bisping Have Gotten Decision? Sonnen Wouldn’t Have Complained

January 29, 2012
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The blogosphere, the Internet, the social network… whatever you call it now, exploded following the decision for the Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping middleweight showdown at UFC on Fox 2 on Saturday night.

By most accounts – no matter what side of the fence you fall on – it was a close fight.

Sonnen earned a unanimous nod from the judges, sending him past Go into a summertime rematch with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in Brazil.

Sonnen was able to put Bisping on his back several times throughout the course of the fight. Conversely, the brash Brit put his fist upside Sonnen’s face on several occasions.

“He hit me so hard in the first round I wasn’t positive when we were in the third,” Sonnen commented after the fight, when his faculties had mostly returned.

Not only was Sonnen able to admit that Bisping rocked him, he was willing to admit not only that it was a close fight, but that it could have easily tipped in Bisping’s favor… and he wouldn’t have been running up and down the Magnificent Mile screaming “robbery.”

In fact, as uncharacteristic as it may seem for a fighter to do so, he admitted as much to Bisping in the Octagon after the fight.

“(Bisping) said, ‘I don’t know, I think I might have got the first two.’ I said, ‘yeah, I think you might be right,’” recounted Sonnen at the post-fight press conference, although he was quick to explain himself.

“They were close rounds. Even a 30-27 (score), I would agree that he should have got a round in there somewhere. They could have been razor-thin, but if a judge thinks you win, you can have a 30-27 fight, that’s still a very close 30-27.”

Bisping also felt it was a close fight, but there was no straddling the fence. He clearly fell on the side of “The Count,” no questions asked.

“I think I won rounds one and two. I think in this modern day of social networking and stuff, you just got to look at the Internet, and the general consensus is people think I won the fight,” he declared.

“But biggest cliché in the book, don’t let it go to the judges. I did that and Chael got the decision, congratulations.”

Bisping wasn’t bitter towards his foe though. He had nothing but good things to say about Sonnen. While many people might not take to Sonnen’s fiery demeanor, shooting from the hip – and mouth – Bisping said that the Oregonian had been nothing but a gentleman to him all week long.

But the judge that scored the fight 30-27 in Sonnen’s favor won’t be getting a Christmas card from the recently relocated Brit.

“There is no way on earth that was 30-27. That judge needs to have a serious think about his career options.”

UFC president Dana White says it time and again, most fighters repeat the refrain, and Bisping did on Saturday night.

“Congrats to Chael. He was the better man tonight. Don’t let it go to the judges.”

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  • Very close fight.

  • KBEsq

    It’s funny – there were two fights tonight where I was actually hoping that the guy I dislike more would win so I could see that guy face a guy I like who I think will beat the guy I dislike. Sonnen so he could face Silva, and Evans so he could face Jones

    I was cheering for Bisping, because I hate Sonnen, but I was actually happy when Sonnen won. That performance is not going to be enough to beat Silva.

    All Silva has to do is just work extra hard on not being taken down, and the fight is pretty much in the bag for him. Sonnen was vulnerable to standup and was unable to keep Bisping down.

    I also wanted Sonnen to win last night because I want all the Sonnnen nut huggers to shut up when Silva beats his ass. If Bisping won last night, Sonnen lovers would probably continue to say that Silva was dodging, etc.

  • If Bisping vs Sonnen would have been a main event, a five rounder, Bisping would have beaten Sonnen!! No doubt!! Anderson will blast and smash Sonnen for sure!!!

  • Sonnen is such a blow-hard douche-Bag. Looking forward to Silva giving him his 12 loss.

  • natpaukar7

    To be honest, I didn’t see any aspect of the fight that was even that close. While Chael Sonnen is undeniably boring, IMO he never lost any aspect of the fight to Bisping. The standup was close and they certainly rocked eachother a few times each. I would give a slight edge to the stand up for Bisping. However, I think the ground game was 85% Sonnen even though Bisping got up to his feet rather quickly. In all honesty I was impressed with Bisping because I thought he was going to get beat worse than Brian Stann did, and I was unimpressed with Sonnen for the same reason. I would like to see Bisping and Belfort or Bisping and Brian Stann, I don’t believe Bisping could handle either one.

    That having been said, neither one will be able to handle Silva, this is my opinion and clearly Sonnen did well last time I just do not think he will be able to do it again. Over all, upsetting night of fights, no one showed up to fight the way I believed they should…I hate to say it, but perhaps Michael Bisping was the only one and he still lost.

    It was, to me, a simple case of Sonnen looked bad and Bisping looked good, and still Sonnen was better, I can’t imagine him at his best versus Bisping. Maybe he mis calculated his steroid cycle…just kidding…had to throw a little jab, not as hard as the one that Silva will knock him out with tho.

  • Danjitsu

    “I think I won rounds one and two. I think in this modern day of social networking and stuff, you just got to look at the Internet, and the general consensus is people think I won the fight,” he declared.

    Wonder why he wasn’t willing to apply this same logic to the Hamil fight? Besides, the poll I saw said 50% Sonnen, 40% Bisping and 10% draw. I thought it was clearly 29-28 Sonnen and don’t even have a problem with the 30-27 under the current scoring methods.

    • MrAdidas

      I completely agree, I thought 29-28 Sonnen & I would not have been surprised if it was 30-27 Sonnen. You are also right, most people on the internet believed Sonnen won the fight, I guess Bisping was checking out the England websites =)

      BTW: People say “Sonnen didn’t look good” but “Bisping did”, how in the hell does that make any sense? STFU! Rogan was right about Bisping, he is the most underated fighter in the UFC, people hate him yet he has 3 losses to all previous world Champs & 1 loss to Sonnen, not a bad record at all & he has some decent wins. Just b\c we hate Bisping doesn’t mean hes not a good fighter, you cant have a UFC record like Bisping and not be a good fighter, thats just being silly & ignorant. Silva will not do much better than he did in his 1st fight Vs Sonnen. Bisping has great takedown defense & can get to his feet without taking much damage, hes only been KO’d once (whic i saw from 24 rows back – classic) & never submited & has fought….. 20 or 20+ fight in the UFC, with 4 losses, but he’s no good?!? Ughhh NO! Just not real liked, big difference!


      sonnen felt he lost. bisping felt he won. this was a clear judge favorite. sonnen said he felt bisping won rd1 and rd2 samething bisping said. bisping is the clear winner and if you see it the other way your playing the favor game and would be horrible judges like the bias ***** they are

      • RonnieV

        Obviously, Bisping isn’t the clear winner. Watch the interview again, Sonnen said he thought he might have lost the first two rounds (agreeing with Bisping), but then he said it could have gone either way.

      • TKD

        What fight were you watching, xXxGOODKILLAxXx????

  • Speaking of complaining, man, Fox’s production is ridiculous. The Monday Night football theme music, the robots, the guy who doesn’t know jack about MMA talking to Jon Jones and Randy Couture like he was introduced to them for the first time two days ago… And the fighters… Everyone gassed. Not a good day for MMA.

    • RonnieV

      It was free, quit complaining. It was broadcasted by Fox Sports, so you are going to here Fox Sports music. You never heard that theme on Monday Night Football btw.

    • jared499

      I kind of agree that the FOX production theme was kind of old. But the fights, well I think that some thought went into that. I do not think that UFC wanted another card of quick KO’s so they filled it heavy with wrestlers, this almost made it son that we would have the majority of the live card go the distance. The problem I have is that all these people complain when the first FOX show was a quick KO and they complain then when the next show is filled with Decisions, complaining again. I agree with RonnieV, stop complaining it was free. Enjoy the fights and stop complaining when they are giving pretty important fights for free..

  • RubeKegal

    Another clear case of people not knowing how to think for themselves. Joe Rogan is a douche and has an agenda behind everything he says. Sonnen dominated on the ground, and a good portion of the fight was on the ground. The 2nd round could have gone either way, but 1 and 3 for sure go to Sonnen.

    The 1st round, Chael took Bisping down twice in the first minute in a half and pummeled him a lot. Bisping attempted a takedown with 3:05 left in first and was clearly unsuccessful. The 3rd minute of round 1 was spent in clinch with noone getting significant advantage. The last 2 minute Bisping was being chased by Sonnen the entire time with both landed decent at best shots.

    How the f*ck anyone can score round 1 to Bisping is a travesty. Pro judges scored it for Sonnen unanimously. End of story. Rogan and Dana can suck it as they only push their agenda.

    It’s clearly a tactical move by the UFC because their aren’t many middleweight challengers, so lets make it look like a close fight. The #3 Yushin, #4Belfort, #5 Marquardt rankings all lost to Anderson and with Bisping at 6, Munoz injured at 7, Maia at 8 who lost to Silva already and 9 being Brian Stann, their aren’t many MW contenders out there.

    Rogan and Dana got the whole world believing Shogun won first match with Machida decisively although noone will logically debate me on any of the 1st 3 rounds. They are doing it again here, and the idiots have taken the bait!!

    • What agenda do you think they’re trying to advance? LOL

      • RubeKegal

        Simple, they don’t want to run out of contenders. Who would fight Anderson next? An injured Munoz?? Thats basically the only other “top 10” guy in UFC outside Chael and Bisbing who hasnt already lost to Anderson. Palhares just eeked his way back to top 10, but Bisping/Anderson is bigger money fight than Silva vs Munoz or Palhares.

        • bbtakayama

          How long have you been dating Chael Sonnen? If you think Dana White doesn’t want the Sonnen v. Silva rematch you are are crazy. If he wanted Sonnen to lose that bad he could have had him fight Maia again, and get submitted in 2:37 again. Instead he gave him the easier style match up. I think you are giving Rogan and White too much credit. People just have different ways of scoring fights. The Machida/Shogun fight, people liked the fact that Shogun was always pushing forward so they thought he won a pretty boring decision,they don’t think he won because White or Rogan told them to think that.

          • jared499

            Sorry, but Dana and Joe set him up to fight to win his shot at the title, the origional fight with Munoz would have been much harder in my eyes for Sonnen. Munoz is a better wrestler then Bisping by far, and I think that Munoz’s striking while not as good as Bispings in much improved and definatley better the Sonnen. I see Munoz fighting a return match to recover from injury and then fighting the winner of Silva/Sonnen. Bisping vs Stann would be a good fight.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’ve copied and pasted a long comment I put in another spot. It’s more fitting under this topic thought the first part doesn’t really really fit.

    January 29, 2012 at 1:24 am
    A bit interesting. Some of these comments seem like they were defending the judges decision before anyone attacked it.

    I guess I’ll be somewhat the first. Sonnen got some takedowns when he started eating punches, but did nothing with them. They lasted a very short time as well. Mike had control against the cage Often, but didn’t do a ton with it. However he had him there quite a bit of the fight. So octagon control goes to bisbing pretty easily in the first 2 rds.
    Sonnen moved forward when he wasn’t against the cage so I guess one could give him aggression though that one is close. I think more click time was spent with bisbing in an aggressive position, but sonnen looks stronger bull rushing ahead.
    Effective striking has to be bisbing. I didn’t see any stats, but it’s what’s effective. I don’t believe Chael threw a single punch that wasn’t to setup a takedown/clinch attempt. The whole fight he spent trying to avoid having to strike. He acted like bisbing was a prime chuck Liddell.
    The grappling goes to bisbing because it’s what nullified chaels wrestling. What got him right back to his feet, and what let Chael not get any real shots off on the ground. (not that Chael really tried to get off anything meaningful)

    That was all about the first 2 rds. No doubt Chael gets the 3rd. The 3rd is what could also really skew the total stats in the fight.

    I thought bisbing won up until I heard a judge had it 30-27, and there wasn’t a split. Look like Chael thought he lost laying on the ground until big John told him “it could be close in the judges eyes” and then he proceeded to jump up with his arms raised.

    I didn’t agree with the decision. (though I thought/wanted Chael to win)
    It wasn’t nearly the worst decision Ive seen. (I still think bisbing over hamil was the craziest)
    Fight looked bad because Chael didn’t fight well. Chael wins, but bisbing’s stock rises. Chael better hope that he still has a huge style clash with Anderson because he’s in trouble if he looks like that vs. silva.

    Another thought. Chael might have had a bad weight cut because he might have tried to put on more size for munoz. Chael looked bigger. Mark is big and strong with some cardio issues. Chael might have gotten bigger thinking he’d still have better speed and cardio than mark. Bisbing is a different guy. Sonnen needed his speed and cardio more than size vs. mike
    Maybe. Who knows. Just a possibility.
    I didnt like Maia decision in an ugly fight either.

  • Iamrozylo

    Some people’s comments are so ridiculously long. It’s a comment, not a second article. Anyway… Half point system would settle alot of these arguments.

  • shamrock130

    Chael won that fight, plain and simple. All of you bitching about how Bisping should have got the decision, are ******* high

  • RonnieV

    Considering how many dumb posts there on this article, I’ll add another one. Nick Diaz could beat both these guys. Just Sayin’

    • MikeMc1983

      Lol, I’ll give the nick Diaz fans credit. People believe in him like a religion. No need for true evidence or logic when you have faith.

      • RonnieV

        Thanks, I was just trying stir things up! I’ll be here all week.

  • Steven UK

    The judges missed the fact that Sonnen was rocked by Bisping in the first round; as Sonnen admitted himself is the post fight press conference. Yes, Sonnen had some takedowns but inflicted no damage. Bisping was able to control the majority of the round. It was a close round; but my money was on Bisping.

    2nd round was clearly Bisping’s.

    3rd round was clearly Sonnen’s – although Bisping was able to inflict more damage on Sonnen in the last 20 secs than Sonnen was able to inflict on Bisping throughout the whole round.

    Its a shame the fight wasn’t a five rounder.

    Its a win-win for both fighters.

    Sonnen gets the Silva fight

    Bisping didn’t get smashed but his reputation as fighter is seriously enhanced. Most people (including me) thought that Sonnen would easily win this fight.

    • macka6

      totally agree

      • RubeKegal

        totally disagree, did the judges miss the fact that in the 1st minute and a half of the first round, Sonnen took Bisping down twice and pummeled him like he was his little brother? No they didnt miss it and they scored it that way.

    • RubeKegal

      lol bias UK guy. “although bisping was able to inflict more damage on Sonnen in last 20 secs” <– its like saying Shogun won round 3 vs Hendo because he had Dan in a heel hook setup for all of 5 seconds.

  • maddawgmar

    The only round in question in my mind is the first round. Jus about the same time controlled by both fighters. I watched it multiple times on DVR and couldn’t find when Bisping hurt Chael. Chael did a good job to hide it. If the announcers, judges, and even Bisping didn’t see it, then it couldn’t be scored. The difference in the scoring was the two takedowns, however brief they were. Two takedown are scored higher than holding against the fence. Thus Chael edged out rd 1. Rd. 2 edged by Bisping due two cage control and some good strikes. Rd. 3 dominated by Chael takedown and back control. 29-28 Sonnen.

  • RubeKegal

    Round 1 Sonnen
    Round 2 Bisping
    Round 3 Sonnen

    That’s how 2 of 3 professional judges scored it. Dana is a lowlife scumbag who uses the F word and critiques the judges as if he were a dumb fan at a barstool chuggin beer with his buddies.

    Bisping didn’t dominate on the feet in the 1st round to warrant winning it, especially since Sonnen scored 2 takedowns and pummeled him for the majority of the round.

    You fans need to stop listening to that assclown Joe Rogan. And MMAWEEKLY same goes to you, you need to step up your journalism game if you want to remain on top of the heap instead of pawning off Rogan’s sediments as your own. Have the balls to call out Rogan for all the ridiculous comments he has made. If Erick Silva didn’t punch Carlo Prater in the back of the head, then im the f*cking tooth fairy.

    • Matt Magick

      Thanks for bringing up the Erick Silva fight again because it was crap that he was DQ’d for punches that happen literally every time someone punches a face-down opponent, although Rogan shouldn’t be such an accusatory d-bag about it. Where do you draw the line? If Prater wasn’t already rocked when that happen, there would be no DQ and most likely not even a single point deduction.

      With that being said, excited for Sonnen / Silva 2 (Hope Chael looks a helluva lot better) and I’m gonna give Damien Meia a call and tell him to quit drinking between rounds, seriously he should retire, he’s never been the same since the Silva fight.

      • RubeKegal

        Mario Yamasaki is the 1st ref who DID THE RIGHT thing. Just cuz you daze an opponent, that shouldn’t allow it to be a free for all rules go out the window. Vitor Belfort gets away with it way too much and its about time someone got DQ’ed. Matt you must be puffing some real awesome shiit if you think he didn’t punch the back of Praters head….and dont give me that, “Prater was already done” bs that I am hearing alot.

  • shereko

    I’m not saying I know who should have won or not, heck I’m not saying I could answer that without bias, both guys are polarizing figures, you either like them or hate them… with that being said, I’m tiring of this site more and more by the day based off the comments people leave after every article. Its called and “Opinion” section… which means its peoples opinions, yet others have to take as personal of a shot as they can to try to prove themselves right, but usually turns the other way. Makes themselves look petty and immature. If you know so much, show some gumption and start your own site, you’ll own it, you’ll run it and do whatever you want, and your opinion on that site would be gospel until then your opinion means about as much as anyone elses. Thats my 2 cents, feel free to rip me… mind you I didn’t single anyone out. MikeMc, Ronnie, RubeKegel, Shortbus, TKD I’ve agreed and probably disagreed with all of you on different articles, whats wrong with that? I respect all your opinions, its what makes us who we are. But, its funny to me when you can agree with someone on one article/fighter and the next you’re a complete moron because you don’t agree… no names, just sayin.

    I think IF Anderson comes back healthy (not easy at his age) he can and should destroy either Bisping or Chael, the talk and maybe taking Chael lightly the first time wouldn’t happen the next time. But, I also think Anderson’s reign may be done soon too many injuries to come back to top form in such a tough sport. Ok, rip away.

    • MikeMc1983

      I understand what you’re saying. When I make a serious post I try to keep any personnel stuff out. I do however do some trash talking here and there. I usually try to keep it separate as I try to make the trash talking funny. There’s no one on here that ever really makes me angry. It’s just a comments section of a mma website. I don’t like, or dislike anyone on here since I have the stance that I don’t know anyone. It is fun to talk crap every now and then, but it’s in just in fun.

      People should realize that if there were not people who see things different than yourself, there would be no point in voicing your opinion. I like debating topics as I believe it’s the best way to learn. The more contrary beliefs I hear, the more I can learn. About the subject, or about how people see things. Whether they’re “idiots” or not. There’s enough “idiots” out there in the world that understanding how they perceive things is important.

      I know you weren’t attacking anyone. This is more me supporting your comment than anything else.