Shogun vs. Vera Headlines UFC on Fox 4

June 6, 2012
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Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Brandon VeraWith Brian Stann sidelined with an injury, UFC on Fox 4 has a new main event.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will shift from UFC 149 in Calgary and fight at UFC on Fox 4 against Brandon Vera instead.

UFC officials announced the fight late Wednesday evening.

Rua was originally set to fight at the UFC 149 card against Thiago Silva, but his fellow Brazilian fell out due to his long running back problems, and was waiting for a new opponent.

Now Rua will move over to the main event slot at UFC on Fox 4 instead on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles.

Following a tumultuous three-fight streak where Brandon Vera lost two fights in a row and appeared to lose a third to Thiago Silva, he was given new life in the UFC after his last opponent was suspended due to a failed drug test and their bout was overturned to a no contest.

Vera returned at UFC 137 and won a very controversial decision over former Ultimate Fighter competitor Eliot Marshall last October.

Now Vera gets the chance to face a former UFC champion in the biggest fight he’s had in the last few years.

The new bout between Shogun and Vera will headline the UFC on Fox 4 card and serve as the five round main event for the upcoming show taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

As for Hector Lombard, there’s been no word whether he will remain on the event or shift to a different card to make his UFC debut.

One other change to the UFC on Fox 4 card that was announced is Rani Yahya, who will step in to replace Pablo Garza, and will now face former featherweight contender Josh Grispi. will have more information on the UFC on Fox 4 card as it becomes available.

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  • bjjjay

    This is an awesome fight, but i still want to see Shogun vs. Silva

  • Mario

    Vera is going to get slaughtered.

    But damn. Imagine if he can beat Shogun. What a win that would be for him.

  • Dayrelphareal

    I agree with Mario if Vera can beat shogun it would be bigg. I’ll have to go with Vera tho.. He need a big win

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    I have this feeling Vera will win. and i’m hoping he does because i really like Shogun but i’m getting sick of UFC trying to keep the same contenders. yes the both lost to Jones decisively. but i wanna see Brandon Vera succeed now.

  • johnnylopes

    Lombard needs to fight Silva in Brasil instead of Franklin, n Franklin should go back to his original card

  • dez

    This feels much more main event worthy to me than Lombard v Stann did. Sure Vera is no longer main event caliber, but Shogun is a big name and always puts on a great show. I understand Lombard v Stann is more significant to title contention, but Stann’s last fight was a rebound as the co-main event on Fuel. I understand that he is marketable, but I don’t see it pushing him to FOX headliner. And Lombard is unproven in the UFC. I understand he is on a streak, but Bellator’s talent pool is shallow. I honestly felt Bader v Machida would have been the better headliner. I think they have a much better card ratings wise now that Shogun is at the top of the billing.

    Give Lombard a midtier name as a tuneup fight on an upcoming show. Too bad they already gave away the Silva fight to Franklin because that would have been perfect.

  • dez

    Also puts these guys on a similar timeline to set up some interesting matchups between the winners.

    Shogun v Machida III? Hell Yeah!
    Shogun v Bader? Sounds Cool.
    Vera v Machida? Alright.
    Vera v Bader? meh…

    • lawrensco

      None of these fights excite me, once upon a time they may have, but now Bader is the only guy I would be watching, as weird as that is to say.

  • I think Shogun is really glad he didn’t have to fight Glover Texeira. Vera should be a decent replacement but I expect Shogun to get the win over Vera and set up a showdown with Machida again after both are coaches on TUF Brazil season 2.

  • javiersepulveda

    Lombard vs boetsch now on the 149 card bisping injured

  • Brandon just might retire after the beating Shogun gives him. Too bad, he’s a nice guy.

  • jasondecipher

    Fyi Shogun wanted a known fighter preferably a top 10 LH. At this point in his career especially considering hes lost 2 of his 3 fights. But no one wanted to fight Shogun on short notice only fighters not even in the top 20 because they have less to lose & more to gain. I’m a Vera fan no doubt I believe despite the height & reach difference they have similar styles both have excellent bjj but love using their muay thai with Shogun being more explosive. Vera I do believe will have better cardio. Anything can happen Shogun being ranked higher is suppose to smash Vera but I hope & expect a competitive fight!!


    jon jones could probably beat both of these guys at the same time

    • Booker T

      I agree OMAHAK1LLA. And you can throw in Anderson Silva.

      • sameames

        I think Anderson could beat Jon Jones alone. If he couldn’t it would be a good fight. Also, Silva had nothing to do with this article.

  • insane187288

    This is a really dumb fight. Shogun whom is top notch against Vera who cant comepete witht he top notch. Any fight can go any way but with money my vote tottaly goes to shogun. This is a pathetic main event and a step down for Fox. Really shogun vs vera.. who really cares about that fight as a main event and to bring people to the sport… stupid choice. make more important fights on Main stream insted of joke fights. I never second guess the brass but making this a FOX event is a mistake. Silva VS sonnen will be a great pay per view but imagin something like that on FOX.

    • bjjjay

      I care about this fight. Its a great match up and an important fight for both fighters.

    • Sorry Insane, but I couldn’t disagree with you more. Just for the simple fact that shogun vs hendo was one of the greatest fights that I’ve seen. If vera vs shogun is half of the that fight, they will gain fans. Plus there is WAY too much pay per view $ to be made off of a fight like Silva VS Sonnen.

  • This would be an OK co-main… but it’s a terrible main event. The UFC has an opportunity to catch huge ratings and really showcase itself to the world and they give us this?

  • lowlb

    This is horrible fight. Who wants to watch Vera or any fighter blatantly out matched and beat up? Inappropriate match-ups are not good.
    Is Vera even in the top 10?

  • Towers66

    Hahahaha!!! What a pile of **** fight this is. Shogun is going to man handle Vera. That’s that.

  • jessemalloy

    I honestly thought the main event all along was going to be Bader vs Machida….and it still isn’t!?

  • Booker T

    Vera is higher ranked than Shogun. Vera’s ranked #5 at heavyweight. I’d say Shogun is the underdog goung in. Shogun is a #4 light heavweight. Both washed up.

    • Anthony

      Vera is #5 at Hvy? Maybe in 1999– The guys dropped like 8 of his last 9 and Shoguns only loss I can recall was when Bones slaughtered him for the title. Other then that and the 1st fight w/ Machida which could have gone either way, the guys cherry.–Am I missing something here?

      • Booker T

        Sorry, I got him mixed up with Werdum.

        • Anthony

          no worries–Book, you know your stuff , most of your posts are spot on, thats why I was confused and thought I may have been missing something.


    Wow for the first time ever UFC is making some extremly bad match making. I understand we don’t know whats going on behindthe scenes with all the injurys and fighters having to drop out of fights but what are they thinking? Here’s one…. Why would they pull Rich Franklin from the Cung Le fight to face silva? That was such a horrible idea. We have already seen that fight???? Franklin and Cung would of been an incredibly more interesting fight. Instead the put Cung against Patrick Cote?????? Are you f%$cking kidding me? Patrick Cote??? Glover would of been such a more interesting fight for Shogun then Vera. Even know i dont know to much about Glover i would have rather seen that as a main event after his last fight last week. that guy looked amazing. It actually hurts my interest throwing Vera in there. Just because a guy is not some big name dont think us UFC are stupid. Throwing in some washed up big name was a mistake. Fans would have been more interested in seeing this Glover guy who they dont know or had seen fight last week then Vera.


    Sorry for all the typos. Im at work and should probably not be posting.I meant “do not think us, ufc fans are stupid”

  • meliflx70

    Thought Machida vs Bader was a for sure thing. Shogun will still be nice to watch, but really hoped for Machida.


    Wow i must of missed something. The Bader Machida fight isn’t happening or just not on the Fox 4 card?

  • I honestly believe there needs to be a shake up of some sort in the UFC organization, because decisions like THIS one are going to eventually do irreparable damage to it.
    The decisions being made by Dana White & his ( apparently ) matchmaker for life, Joe Silva are going to absolutely destroy the FOX TV deal. I mean, Shogun vs Brandon Vera as a network television main event? REALLY?!!
    Are they TRYING to sabotage themselves?
    After the May 5 card tanked in the ratings they’re going to come back with THIS rubbish August 4? And they expect the ratings to improve? It’s madness!
    After years of going off, railing against all the top boxing promoters about how their greed was destroying that sport, now here’s Dana doing the same EXACT thing. Using his network spot to showcase dodgy fights that not even the hardcore MMA fan cares much about, while saving the best contests for the PPV shows that they attempt to get the fans to pay $50 – $60 for every three weeks or so.
    At this rate, with the over saturation of product that the UFC is providing right now, they’re going to not only shoot themselves in the foot, but the entire sport as well.
    FOX is in the ratings business & if this next show tanks too ( which, it likely will IMO ) then Dana & the boys are going to be on a VERY short leash, with maybe just one more show in the fall to prove that they can get viewers. If not, they’re going to be done.
    While Dana likes to go on about their’s being a seven year deal with the network, in reality FOX can pull the plug at any time.
    They’d likely still have their FX & FuelTV deals in place, but as far as The UFC being a big league mainstream sport worthy of a major broadcast network showcase, they’d be D-O-N-E.

    • Anthony

      Agreed, I think they ok’d this fight cuz both guys are stand up fighters which has the potential for a KO finish. The day you see a lay and prey fighter headlining they are gonna blow the Fox deal–so keep Fitch away and im not sure you want a GSP main event either. The whole problem with this fight is Vera is way overmatched and no ones gonna get wet for this. Watch the betting lines, im guessing Shogun -800. I just dont get this choice of match up for a main event on Fox.

    • Ememay

      While this fight was surprising to me, I don’t think it’s too bad. Yes, more UFC events mean weaker cards. Every PPV used to have a title fight. I wouldn’t expect the UFC on Fox events to feature many title fights. If this is a stand up war then it will draw new viewers to the sport.

  • Agree with others here that this is not going to boost the Fox viewing numbers at all.

  • julianmoran

    If Shogun shows up 100 percent, he should win this one in the first. How will Shogun show up though?

  • Anthony

    I just got some insider info boys–Fox 5 will feature a double main event card: Alister Overeem vs Christian Morcraft and Anderson Silva vs Mayhem Miller–They have titled it ” NIGHT OF THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB”–I dont know about you guys but I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!

    • Booker T

      You have the title right on Anthony. lol

  • JesseShredderMalloy

    Honestly, I had no idea Vera was still with the UFC. Also, why not have Machida/Bader headline? That’s who I assumed was headlining when their match up was put together.

  • smill0313

    This fight as a main event is pretty crappy.

  • liver000

    i was thinking Alexander Gustafsson and shogun is he hurt or something it made so much sence

  • liver000

    Alexander Gustafsson vs shogun wouldve been awesome he must be hurt or something

  • somecokehead

    Really, why is Vera still in the UFC? Shogun will finish him. no more questionable wins or losses, straight knock out. that is my 2 cents … ty err1

  • markrenton

    Props to Vera for accepting this fight…especially after Thiago Silva knocked his nose basically off his face. This could turn into a pretty big beatdown