Shogun vs. Hendo 2 Verbally Agreed for UFC Fight Night 38 in Brazil

January 21, 2014
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Henderson vs. Shogun

How good was the UFC 139 bout between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Dan Henderson?

It was so good that we’re going to get to see it again… in a rematch.

Shogun and Henderson are expected to headline the as yet unannounced UFC Fight Night 38 event slated for March 23 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, according to an initial report by Brazilian website sources confirmed that the fighters have verbally agreed to the bout.

Shogun and Henderson first fought at UFC 139 in November of 2011. The result was an epic five-round, non-title fight that went bell to bell. Each man was on the precipice of victory a number of times, only to have the other fight back from the brink.

Henderson won a unanimous decision in what was the consensus Fight of the Year for 2011.

Shogun (22-8) has since gone 2-2 in the Octagon. He bounced back with a TKO stoppage of Brandon Vera, but then dropped back-to-back fights to Alexander Gustafsson and Chael Sonnen, which effectively derailed any hopes of title contention for the near future.

After his fight with Sonnen, which served as the launching pad for the new Fox Sports 1 network, Shogun recently scored a first-round knockout over James Te-Huna at UFC Fight Night 33 in December, staving off questions of a possible retirement or perhaps a move to middleweight.

Henderson (29-11) has also come to a crossroads in his career since his first fight with Shogun. Although he was at the forefront of the title picture at the time he defeated Shogun, Henderson went on to lose his next three fights.

Losing to Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, and then Vitor Belfort, the retirement question that has constantly swirled around the 43-year-old fighter hit a fevered pace, especially since Henderson had fulfilled his contractual obligations to the UFC with the Belfort bout. Henderson, however, isn’t ready to hang up his gloves, and the UFC still sees value in having him in the Octagon, since fans continue to clamor for his fights.

Like their first fight, Shogun vs. Henderson 2 is expected to be a five-round, non-title fight.

(Erik Fontanez contributed to this report.)

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  • julian moran

    I do not like this fight. 2 of the best fighters in the division, both fighters are over criticised. A hard fight for both. The looser loses everything, the winner wins little.

    • shakejunt

      unfortunately, hendo is a novelty act at this point and shogun just needs name fights.


      Agree !!! And getting tired of all these rematches as well. How about Rua vs Davis, since Mr wonderful needs a fight, (his last fight 8/03/13). And give old Hendo someone like Te Huna or Jimmo.

      • julian moran

        Good match ups.

    • deepgrim

      the only winner in this fight is the company. there is little to be gained by either fighter, they will probably both take alot of damage needlessly late in their careers and it probably wont live up to the fans expectation after the first fight. it stinks of dollar over fighter wellware

      • Advance*

        They didn’t have to accept the fight. You’re acting like these are two gladiators that the evil UFC is forcing to fight to the death.

  • Mark McDowall

    I still can’t understand why everyone got so hyped up about the first fight. It was a round and a half of a good fight…then the rest was 2 older fighters with no gas left in their tank swinging for the fences and not being able to finish because they had nothing left.

    This fight does absolutely nothing for either of them. Neither of them are going to be in title contention again. It’s a fight between to big names which makes it interesting but other than that not really a big fight…

    • Advance*

      Haha you sound like a miserable bastard. It was considered fight of the year by a lot of people, including this website. They’re ranked 6th and 7th and there’s only so many relevant fighters in that division. Phil Davis is basically the only other guy that either doesn’t have a fight lined up, isn’t injured or dropping down to middleweight. If you’d rather see them fight Phil Davis then there’s something wrong with you.

      • Mark McDowall

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion…but 2 FORMER contenders in the division standing in front of each other, out of breath, swinging wildly for 18 of the 25 minutes of the fight to me is not a fight of the year. Jones/Gustofsen was infinitely better than Hendo/Shogun…

        Put either of them against anoyone else in that division and they loose. Its a legends fight. Does nothing for the division what so ever.

        • julian moran

          I don t like the fight, but I think that they are both still good and dangerous.

          • Mark McDowall

            To an extent…Hendo’s only weapon is his H bomb…and unless he lands it in the first round he might as well hit you with a pillow. Shogun has dangerous striking…but again if it doesn’t happen in the first round its worthless.

      • Manuel Lopez

        It’s a pointless matchup. Yes I would rather see Davis retire either one of them once and for all.

        • robc

          Sure… Davis is known for retiring fighters. Guy is boring as hell. His claim to fame is eeking out a split decision win over Lyoto Machida. If you would rather watch Davis fight than Shogun or Machida, perhaps you should switch to a lower octane sport.. like competative badminton

      • julian moran

        I would love to see Shogun for Davis.

  • metoo

    Man all the crying in here is just sad, sure both have many miles in them and not tip top any more but come on these two true mma warriors need more respect and yes there last fight was awesome, same night as the eddie vs Chandler war. Incredible both fights happened at the same time

  • Fritz

    ufc wants them to kill each other… neither shogun nor hendo are going to be title contenders in the near future so theres no place for them in the lhw mix. but the ufc wont let them go to bellator or world series of fighting to build up their fighters… so the ufc considers to let them go at each other again and destroy each others career to become useless to any other mma organisation…. sad story… im going to miss both of them winning epic fights…

  • Dragon Kid

    I’d rather see Hendo drop back down to middleweight than lose another fight at light heavyweight.