Shogun Prepares for Chael Sonnen with Lengendary Boxing Coach Freddie Roach (video)

August 11, 2013
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Shogun Rua and Freddie RoachIn preparation for his Aug. 17 bout with Chael Sonnen, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua spent some time at the Wild Card Boxing Club with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach.

Will it be the final touch on what Shogun needs to send Sonnen packing back down to the middleweight division?

Shogun and Sonnen square off in the UFC Fight Night 26 main event on Aug. 17 in Boston. The event serves as the center piece of the prime time launch programming for Fox Sports 1.

Check out Mauricio “Shogun” Rua training with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach…

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  • David

    I’m a huge Shogun fan and I hope he is also working on his takedown defense and jiu jitsu. I believe Shogun will win but he needs to work on that not only to beat Chael but if he wants to get back into title contention.

  • uncle

    I’m a big Shogun fan but i’m rooting for Chael
    and why in the hell is he training with Freddy Roach?
    his training got Amir Khan and Pacquiao knocked out

    • Advance*

      Yeah they both had pretty bad careers up until that

    • whatsup

      Your an idiot uncle. You don’t know crap! They were both doing great with freddIE roach,,, Amir khan before he got knockout by prescott was doing much worst.. Hes an ungrateful little sh1t blaming roach for his weak chin. I try not to seem biased because he did amazingly well with roach, With his movements and quick punches while moving to avoid getting hit… one thing he can’t ever improve on Its his chin. Pacquio had a really great run with him for years but seriously he fought marquez like what 4 or 5 times? Your bound to lose to that person eventually. Marquez changed his style.. Pacquio didn’t… Also had to mention pacman ran into that punch lol

      • unce

        It was a joke learn to have a sense of humor and take some anger management

        • Marcus Miles

          That was a dumb joke that had no humor. In fact that wasnt a joke, you just got called out Freddy roach is the best. All the greats he trained went to the top of their game with freddy roach. I think you truly dont understand Roaches background and how many fighters became great under his roof.

          • uncle

            How do you know it wasn’t a joke?
            so which cereal box did you get
            your P.H.D from to anayze me?
            it was a joke you don’t know me

    • Stephen Quadros

      Freddie Roach has made world champions and been trainer of the year numerous times…what are your accomplishments?

  • I can understand Shogun wanting to train boxing with Roach because he probably won’t be throwing leg kicks against Sonnen but I hope he’s focused completely on fighting off his back the entire fight.

  • kbroesq

    Are they really training with this guys, or just taking pictures with them and occasionally hitting gloves?

    • Fern

      I know right. GSP supposedly has trained with him for many fights and all we ever see from him is that long jab. Hardly any other type of dynamic boxing skills. I suppose it still helps to train with someone that good just for practice and to learn a few new tricks, but quite an expensive way to go if your not going to use it in the cage if you ask me.

  • Fern

    Why?? All he has to do is defend the take down and he’ll KO Sonnen. He should bring in high level wrestlers and practice with them morning til night. Chael’s hands have never worried anyone.

  • Maven

    I really hope Shogun’s conditioning is where it needs to be, as that aspect of him game has been hit or miss. Agree with other comments posted that he better also train in the way of some serious groundwork and takedown defense preparation. I hope he wins, but question whether he can defend against Chael’s takedowns and endless pillow punches with top control.