Shogun and Lombard Open as Sizeable Favorites In Upcoming Bouts

June 29, 2012
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Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Brandon Vera
Injuries have derailed some of the summer’s biggest fights, but there are still plenty of match-ups to talk about including the debut of a former Bellator champion and the return of a former UFC title holder.

Former Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard will make his long awaited Octagon debut at UFC 149 where he faces former light heavyweight Tim Boetsch in a 185lb showdown.

According to Nick Kalikas from, Lombard’s reputation as a knockout artist will follow him to the UFC where he has opened as a sizeable favorite over UFC veteran Boetsch.

Lombard comes in as a whopping -310 favorite with the comeback on Boetsch at +240

Before he even signed with the UFC, Lombard was calling out middleweight king Anderson Silva, but first things first he has back up the hype and for now the oddsmakers are betting on that becoming reality.

At UFC on Fox 4, the entire main event was scrapped when Lombard’s original opponent Brian Stann fell out of the fight due to injury so the promotion opted to go with former light heavyweight champion Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua taking on Brandon Vera.

Vera was originally scheduled to fight James Te Huna at UFC on Fuel TV 4 in July, but got the opportunity to face Rua instead when injuries forced several changes on the summer cards.

Rua opens as an expected favorite in the fight with -290 odds in his favor while Vera comes back at the underdog with +220 odds on his side.

As the fight draws closer, those numbers could shift due to Rua’s popularity and status heading into this one with Vera struggling mightily over his last several performances.

  • b-soc

    I think a lot of people will be putting money down on Boetch – only my opinion, but I think its easy money.

    • LongDongSilver

      its definately a safe one to bet underdog. We don’t actually know how good Lombard is because he’s fought mostly subpar competition.

  • mrsister

    The funny part is that people will say Lombard hasn’t fought the best in the world because he hasn’t been in the UFC. That is a completely unfounded statement no matter what Dana says day in and day out. Cole Conrad could beat every HW in the UFC – Dana has no idea. Like there is some scientific method to determine who is the best and who is not. The UFC had told you in high gloss that they have the best fighters and most people who pay attention to MMA have blindly believed. It’s mostly the high gloss that has done the convincing because most people can’t think for themselves.

    • shakejunt

      right, they should just take your opinion as concrete facts

    • fsunoles09

      id take jds or cain anyday of the week, and when overeem gets back ill pick him every day of the week over cole conrad brotha hell i may even take travis browne over that guy.

    • sameames

      Dude, you’re crazy. Cole Konrad? You kidding me?

    • LongDongSilver

      You drunk guy. Cole Conrad probably get paid more but he’d get completely annihilated in the ufc.

    • gnodeb

      I think it is very simple. There is more money in UFC then in any other promotion, or all other promotions combined. Most fighters are in MMA business after money, so naturally the best fighters are going after best paychecks. Even if there are some fighters who fights because of competition itself, still UFC is the best place to prove that you are the best.

      In short, if some fighter is confident that he is the best he will eventually find his way to the UFC to prove that and to take his money. If you are not doing just that, you are not confident enough…

  • mrsister

    You can’t argue with stupid. You’d take JDS or Cain or whoever is next to be signed by the UFC because you don’t know any better.

    A fighter beats B fighter. B fighter beats C fighter. Does A fighter beat C fighter? Does this happen in every occurrence? I’m just trying to figure out how this works and how guys who sit on their couchs all day become experts in hand to hand combat.

    So the 2nd best HW in the world is Roy Nelson. Without question. 3rd is Shane Carwin and 4th is Frank Mir. So on and so on. You can’t argue with this – this is fact. Cole Conrad would be somewhere after all the UFC guys have been ranked. If there is 30 UFC HW’s – Cole could be ranked as high as 31st but no higher, he’s not in the UFC.

    So stupid. Just a bunch of followers. Can only repeat what you hear.

    • RubeKegal

      Your posts wreak of stupidity. Cole Konrad(not Conrad) beats Paul Buentello and Eric Prindle and you are annointing him the best HW in the world. Do you realize how stupid you sound?

      It’s like me saying Brock was the best in the world after he beat Min Soo Kim.

      Fact, Cole Konrad will NOT do well in UFC. His wrestling is top notch, but that is where it ends.

  • mrsister

    Sorry I screwed that up, Cop is before Frank Mir and Andre Arlovski is before Roy Nelson. So the HW order would be:

    Cro Cop

    Nelson put up the best fight against JDS but Arlovski knocked out Nelson so that means Arlovski is number 2.

    You can’t argue with this. It’s fact.

    • Cptmats

      Roy did the best against JDS ? Roy did nothing but absorb punches ? Carwin had the best performance by far against JDS.

      • mrsister

        So JDS, Carwin, Arlovski, then Nelson. Your top 4. Ok.

        I don’t agree with Carwin being better against JDS than Nelson. I can remember one punch Carwin landed in 15 minutes – one. Nelson landed more than that plus Carwin’s face was a bloody bad mess. Nelson did better.

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    I want to see Lomard vs Bisping. Bisping needs to get dumped on his head and KO’d in violent fashion so we can post it on Epic Fail. Then his corner needs to run out and piss on his head to bring him to.

  • 808empire

    You have no f-ing clue what you are talking about!!!!
    Arlovski???? Hahaha you must be a joke and have a glass chin like him.
    Cro cop??? Are you kidding me??
    Carwin??? Maybe…….. If he can make it out of the first round.
    …..dude stop sitting on your couch and eating Doritos… Put some mat time in and stop saying stupid comments on the Internet.

    1. Jds
    2. Cain
    3. Cormier
    4. Verdum ( he kinda earned it )
    5. Nelson
    6. Barnett
    7. Overeem
    8. Travis brown
    9. Nogueira
    10. Mir

    49. Cole Conrad…..


    • 8-0-h8

      Are you kidding? You pick JDS over cro cop? You haven’t seen pride. Go check yourself.

      • 808empire

        Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!???????
        did you slip and hit your head???
        You should jump into your Z28 with the T-top down and grow out your mullet out.. STOOPID!!!!

        cro cop is DONE!!!!!! WASHED UP…
        maybe back in serbia he could still beat his wife… But thats about it….
        SORRY BUD you gotta wake up from your dream.

        • 8-0-h8

          CEO cop is Croatian. “cro” stands for Croatia, but you would know that cuz you never watched pride. You just probably got started watching UFC and saw JDS win. So go back to cruising in your Suzuki samurai to get spam.

          I’ll give you a serious list

          1. Cro cop
          2. Mir
          3. Overeem
          3. Big foot
          4. Fedor (only cuz he lost to Bigfoot)
          5. JDS (cuz he’s fought only in the UFC)
          6. Cormier (I almost put him ahead of JDS)
          7. Valezquez (cuz he got knocked out in first round, fast)
          8. Nelson (cuz his mullet is lethal)
          9. Minatoro
          10. Bret Rogers (he almost beat fedor).

          • elgallo666

            dude this is a dumb list…..the top ten list is made to see how fighters are doing now What they did in their career
            So this is how it is
            1)JDS(because he is champ)
            3)overeem(he would of been #2 but he is out for nine months)
            9)Bigfoot(only because he beat fador)
            10)Travis brownie(because he is undefeated not a fan of him)
            Now that is a better top ten list

    • Cptmats

      Close ! Cormier #2 Cain #3, Nelson and Barnet need to switch place too !

      • 808empire

        Nelson and Barnet can be switched…. But Comier only has two notable wins under his belt.

  • mrsister

    Dumbass –

    You clearly can’t follow logic. Cain’s fight with JDS was basically a one punch knockout and Werdum was a one punch knockout. How can they be above Nelson and Carwin or Cro Cop?

    And don’t forget Arlovski knocked Nelson out. And Vera knocked out Mir at HW.

    And although I would never fight anyone unless they were smoking cigarettes around my kids, I would love throwing you around for laughs. Come to Chicago and lets do it.

  • 808empire

    ‘Missed Her Sister”, let go of the past, i bet you are still in love with Tito Ortiz! Does your wife, i mean boyfriend know? I bet your kids do…

    Arlovski did beat Nelson when Arlovski’s glass jaw wasn’t completely shattered.

    Carwin could be a great fighter if fights were 1 rounders. Maybe fights are 1 round in Chicago, not in the UFC champ.

    Corcop? what century are you talking about? Do you just dream of your boyfriend in red checkered shorts? again, reality, get with it.

    Where in Chicago do you train? McDonald’s?! Stop deep throating Chicago dogs and put in some mat time.

  • mrsister

    Bring all of 808 with you too. You can have all the mat time you need to prepare. Just come when you are ready and bring whoever you need to help
    you. Train all you want and I’ll sit here and wait. Take as much time as you want. I’ll eat whatever you want me to eat in the meantime. It won’t make a difference in how bad I’ll hurt you and how easy it will be. All your training until now won’t help you.

    • 8-0-h8

      Missed her sister, why so angry? Chicago is where arlovski used to train. Did you ever get to suck his chicago dog?