Shogun and Big Nog Comment as TUF Brazil 4 Full Cast Revealed

March 18, 2015
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The UFC on Wednesday revealed the full cast for The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 4, which premieres on April 5.

The new season of TUF Brazil features Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua as the head coaches. Nogueira is filling the slot vacated by Anderson Silva after UFC officials removed him as a coach at the behest of the Nevada Athletic Commission due to an upcoming disciplinary for two drug test failures.

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Rodrigo Nogueira UFC 102_1391-478x270TUF Brazil 4 features 16 bantamweight and 16 lightweight fighters.

The bantamweights cast includes: Franklyn Arrocha (4-0), Eduardo Diez (4-0), Bruno Gustavo (8-2), Leandro Higo (13-2), Bruno Korea (4-0), Dileno Lopes (17-1), Marcos Maju (9-2), Matheus Mattos (8-0), Renato Monaco (10-1), Peter Montibeller (7-0), Matheus Nicolau (10-1), Gustavo Sedorio (4-0), Maycon Silvan (7-2), Giovanni Soldado (15-1), Mateus Vasco (12-1), and Reginaldo Vieira (12-3)

The lightweights cast includes: Fernando Bruno (15-2), Alexandre Cidade (11-1), Carlos Costa (7-1), Adilson Fernandes (11-4), Glaico Franca (12-3), Gabriel Macario (3-0), Nazareno Malegarie (27-3), Raush Manfio (6-1), Nikolas Motta (6-1), Bruno Murata (6-0), Jeferson Negrini (9-0), Joaquim Neto BJJ (7-0), Edson Pereira (12-2), Andre Ricardo (3-1), Erick Silva (14-4), and Arlen Viana (8-1)

Henderson-Shogun-0030-UFC-139-478x270“I always had the dream to be one of the The Ultimate Fighter coaches in Brazil, and it’s a dream to be on this season,” said Rua. “It’s the first Brazilian season in Las Vegas, the heart of the UFC, and the weight divisions selected by the UFC are great because of the physical aspect of the Brazilians and full of talents. The technical level is high and I can guarantee it’s going to be an exciting season.”

Nogueira felt he was at a disadvantage, having come in late as a coach after the teams had already been formed, but has never been one to back down from adverse odds.

“The beginning was tough because we didn’t know the kids, we haven’t studied each one’s styles, but we accepted the challenge, worked with Anderson’s team, and everything went fine,” said Nogueira. “It was a sensational experience to be able to work with young fighters who dream to be in the UFC and share moments with them.”

The reality show was taped in Las Vegas for the first time in its four-season run. It premieres on Globo TV in Brazil and on UFC Fight Pass around the globe on April 5.

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  • The only name I recognize on this full cast list is Nazareno Malegarie, and even then I’ve only seen him fight once (vs. Rad Martinez). Though since it’s Shogun and Big Nog coaching, two of my favorites from the Pride days, I’ll probably watch it anyways.

    • snapdad

      2 fighters who are not relevant anymore coaching TUF. this is perfect for fightpass. im about as excited for this as I am cro cop/Gonzaga 2 (two more fighters who are not relevant and also fighting on fightpass.) fightpass is a joke.

      • I wouldn’t say Fight Pass is a joke, they’ve put on some good events in the past and I’m sure most of the fights on the Cro Cop/Gonzaga card will entertain. And I seem to be the only one that is looking forward to TUF Brazil 4, mainly because of Shogun and Big Nog. But whatever floats your boat, man.

        • snapdad

          no disrespect, I’m a fan of both fighters as well, but they are both on the down side of their careers. I just feel that the fight pass main events would make good ppv bouts. then your ppv cards would constantly be stacked. I think that fight pass is the main reason for watered down ppv cards. if you have ten fight pass cards every year and you have two good fights on each card, then that is twenty fights that could be put on ppv cards. as much as I love mma, sometimes too much isn’t a good thing.