Shinya Aoki Intends to Capture Belt and Be One FC Champion for a Very Long Time

April 4, 2013
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Shinya-Aoki-Strikeforce20Shinya Aoki, upon signing with Asian fight promotion ONE FC, was immediately expected to become a centerpiece of the organization. He is one of the most popular fighters not only in Japan, but also in his era of mixed martial arts.

Having defeated Arnaud Lepont in his ONE FC debut, Aoki now heads into ONE FC 8 on April 5 to challenge Kotetsu Boku for the lightweight championship.

Prior to the fight, however, Aoki took some time away from his training to talk with about ONE FC and his upcoming fight. How important was it for you to sign with One FC, especially considering that the past few years have been very difficult for mixed martial arts’ survival in Japan?

Shinya Aoki: I decided to sign with ONE FC because I wanted to, not because I had to. ONE FC is the largest mixed martial arts promotion in Asia, and has the top fighters in Asia’s. I can compete with the best fighters here at ONE FC that I might not have had the opportunity to anymore in Japan. ONE FC is the future of MMA, not just in Asia, but in the world. Although One FC keeps you fighting in Asia, the majority of your career was spent fighting in Japan. Recently you have fought in the U.S. and now in Singapore. What has it been like for you to have to go outside of Japan to seek out big fights and big opportunities?

Shinya Aoki: The fans in Singapore have been great. I was really shocked that there were so many people cheering for me the last time I fought in Singapore, and when I submitted my opponent, the entire arena went crazy. It was a moment that I would remember for the rest of my life and I’m grateful that ONE FC gave me this opportunity to fight in front of my fans. Most people consider you the favorite to defeat Kotetsu Boku on April 5 to become the One FC lightweight champion. What type of expectations do you place upon yourself for the fight?

Shinya Aoki: I don’t think I’m the favorite because Kotetsu is the champion. I place the same kind of expectations on myself every fight. I fight not just for myself. I fight for my family, for my teammates from the Evolve Fight Team, who have supported me. I will go in there, and I will defeat Boku and become ONE FC Lightweight champion. Although he hasn’t reached the level of fame or overall accomplishments that you have, Boku has been fighting as long as you have. What do you see as Boku’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?

Shinya Aoki: I think Boku’s greatest strength was in his attitude. He is very resilient and will not break down even if things are not going his way. I think his weakness is that he will not be as good as me in grappling and I would be able to take him down and submit him. Is your goal simply to win the fight and become the One FC champion, or do you have other things you wish to accomplish? What other goals do you have for the fight with Boku?

Shinya Aoki: I am going to be ONE FC champion for a very long time. I want to clean out the entire Lightweight division in ONE FC. I don’t care who they sign; I am going to beat all of them.

For the fight with Boku, my goal is to finish the fight early. I do not want to go to a judges’ decision. Since moving your camp to Evolve MMA, you have worked with a wide array of the top fighters in the world. How has training at Evolve changed the way you approach fighting and what aspects of your style has it most helped?

Shinya Aoki: I have gotten a more diverse training at Evolve MMA. I can now work with Muay Thai legends and wrestling coaches and there are many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champions to train with. I feel like my striking game has improved the most. I even got my first victory by striking in my last fight. That is how confident I am now. Dream was recently resurrected and you fought on the Dream NYE card. If One FC and Dream continue to work together, would you like to continue fighting on future Dream cards in Japan, and what does it mean to you to still be able to fight in Japan?

Shinya Aoki: I will always be proud to fight in front of my Japanese fans and I will never turn my back on them. I hope ONE FC holds an event in Japan so my fans there can watch me compete for the biggest promotion in Asia. One FC on April 5 will be the first MMA event to be broadcast live on ESPN Star Sports. How important is it to you to be part of such a huge milestone for MMA in Asia?

Shinya Aoki: It is such an important date. ONE FC will now be broadcast live all over Asia on Star Sports and live stream around the world and many new fans will understand what MMA is about. I am in the main event and I would do my part and put on an amazing show that would leave the viewers wanting more. ONE FC is only beginning. We will become the biggest sport in the whole of Asia.

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  • AJ Madic

    He signed with ONE FC because he doesn’t want anything to do with the top 155lbers.

    • though i love aoki….this is very true….he never really adopted the idea of “mixed” martial art in his game….he is more having enough striking to take it to the ground…the kind of mentality that wont work in top tier mma

      • AJ Madic

        After getting smashed by Gilbert and Eddie, he realized he has nothing on the top guys. Good for him, though. Keep winning, making that chedda, then go down as the top 155lber…… in Asia.

  • I don’t understand why there’s all this negative talk about the guy. If it is true that he signed with ONE FC b/c he doesn’t want to fight top 55’ers it’s not that big of a deal. The guy is a full time fighter and some guys can only go so far. Not everybody can handle top competition and have a successful career. I’m a fan of the guy just knowing that he hasn’t quit and still continues to train and compete. Its’ like seeing a kid quitting football b/c he’ll only b/c JV never starter. It takes a lot of guts to keep doing what you do. I’m just saying.

    • AJ Madic

      The guy is a piece. Especially after what he did to Hirota. What made be dislike him in the first place was when he started talking shi* on American MMA. Then he comes and gets smashed, lolol

      • I’m not familiar with this Hirota incident and the American MMA trash talk so please fill me in. Also since you know your MMA please follow me on facebook and twitter. I like fans like you and I am always down to talk fights.

        • Lucas Freire

          “When I had his arm behind his back, I could feel it popping, I thought, ‘Well, this guy’s pride just won’t let him tap, will it?’ So without hesitation, I broke it. I heard it break, and I thought, ‘Ah, there, I just broke it.’ I was stopped afterward, but even if I hadn’t been, continuing to break it more would have been fine by me.” That’s the Hirota incident.

          • Thanks my friend.

          • Advance*

            I had no problem with him breaking Hirota’s arm. The guy knew the risks and refused to tap, so that’s what he gets. The problem is right after the fight Aoki got in his face and flipped him off. It’s bad enough to flip off your opponent once you’ve beaten him, but when he’s laying there with a broken arm it’s especially messed up

          • I can agree with that. Most guys even after a lot of trash talk gain a lot of respect for each other after a good fight. Guess he took things very personal lol.

  • he wants nothing to do with american fighters