Shark Fights Main Event Finally Settled After Three Changes

November 8, 2011
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Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley

One day after confirming Mark Martinez as Bobby Lashley’s new opponent for Shark Fights 21, Shark Fight Promotions was informed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation that Mark Martinez’s blood work has expired and will be unable to compete.

Karl Knothe (17-5) now steps in to fight Bobby Lashley (6-1) for the Shark Fights Heavyweight Title at Shark Fights 21 on November 11 in Lubbock, Texas.

Knothe’s manager, Gavin Rydell said, “Karl has wanted to fight Bobby Lashley for a while. He’s had some offers before to fight Bobby, but it always fell apart. Karl is excited that not only does he get to fight Bobby Lashley, but it’s also for the Shark Fights Heavyweight Title.”

Rydell continues, “Karl is in great shape and ready to fight. He’s been training hard for a boxing match this weekend, but jumped at the opportunity to fight for Shark Fights. He only took the boxing match to stay fresh because no one wanted to fight him in MMA. Karl is ready to bring the belt back to Minnesota.”

Knothe has finished his last 12 opponents all within the 1st round.

Knothe was originally set to fight in Shark Fights 17 against Ricco Rodriquez, but because of a misunderstanding, couldn’t make the agreed upon catch weight.

Knothe spent the next two hours cutting over twenty pounds, but the commission deemed it too dangerous for him to drop anymore weight.

Shark Fights executive Wes Nolen states, “This main event title shot against Bobby Lashley is the perfect opportunity to make it up to Karl for the misunderstanding at Shark Fights 17.”

Nolen went on to say, “I want to thank Bobby Lashley for all his patience. After three opponent changes, it would have been very easy for Bobby to call off the fight, but he’s a true fighter that accepted any and all opponents we put in front of him. He has never complained once and just continues to train hard.”

Shark Fights 21 will take place on Friday, November 11, 2011 at The Fair Park Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas and will be broadcast via tape delay on FUEL TV beginning December 23, 2011.


    Man this guy is a joke,he only fights bums, which might be a good choice for him i guess because i dont think he has skills. Lesnars the man, he only fights the best fighters this sport has to offer, he doesnt deserve all the hate but this dude does. he needs to start fighting top competition or go back to fake wrestling


    the only guy he ever fought worth mentioning was Chad Griggs, and Griggs whooped his ass.

  • T Spoon

    I agree, this man is not a real fighter. He just wants to make a few dollars. He will never take on a big name, he is too afraid to lose. He will never be like Lesnar.

  • Wow, a lot of hate for a guy who’s trying to make a living. Just because the dude was in the WWE doesn’t mean he’s going to be the next Brock Lesner. He’s fighting MMA, fighting for a title, and he’s new at this. You guys have to seriously relax and quit hatin’. How would you like to have someone post derogatory comments on a public forum about how bad you are at your job, and how you have no skills…if you even have a job, that is. Besides, if Bobby came to your home, you’d crap your pants before saying “he has no skills.” It’s easy to be a black belt on a public forum. Law of Fist, why would a guy who doesn’t belong in the upper echelon of fighters, fight the upper echelon of fighters?? That’s just stupid. Bobby would get destroyed by top-10 fighters at this point in his career. He’s working his way up, trying to build a career, and hopefully get a call from Dana White some day. How can you not see that?? Oh, I know, because you’re the public forum Yoda…know nothing know it all. Get a job, kid.

  • pooby

    Thanks Matt, for saying what needed to be said. A lot of uneducated morons here, apparently.


    there r alot of good fighters out there he could fight, that r not top of the food chain. but hes not looking to fight those guys. he ducks real competition

    • ricardos

      What are you talking about? Every opponent he was matched up again for his Shark Fights Title fight have been good fighters. Do some research before you talk buddy. Dave Huckaba is a badass and Karl Knothe is on a 12 fight win streak all in the 1st round.


    Ok maybe im wrong. Hell I hope im wrong.

  • MikeMc1983

    I don’t know whether anyone is right or wrong. I just remember all the heat brick got for jumping in the UFC as quick as he did. (I’m not implying any of you gave that heat.

    I remember hearing lasley say he wanted to start at the bottom and earn his spot. Not just try to ride his name to the UFC. (a lot of people seemed to think that was a knock on Brock.)

    Again I would say that bobby isn’t just looking for the money. He was surely making more before. He might never amount to anything, but he seems to be an athlete just trying to compete. We’ll see how it goes.