Shane Carwin Slated for Back Surgery on Tuesday

November 15, 2011
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Carwin lands a shot on Lesnar at UFC 116

Carwin lands a shot on Lesnar at UFC 116

Surgery never comes with 100-perent, rock solid guarantee, but it’s better than the assurance that skipping a procedure means a drastic life change. Headed in to surgery on Tuesday, that’s the exact scenario that former UFC interim heavyweight champion Shane Carwin finds himself in.

“The doctor told me that I could either have this surgery and be able to train and do all the things I need to do to be a complete athlete or we could forgo the surgery and I could quit, I would be done,” Carwin recounted on HDNet’s Inside MMA on Monday night.

The procedure is to fix a problem in his back, where a disc in his spine is interfering with the nerves. It caused a scary episode during training for an expected bout at UFC 141, when Carwin’s body locked up.

Carwin is confident that Tuesday’s surgery will fix the issue, allowing him to return to the career he is so passionate about. If all goes as planned, he could be back in the gym in early 2012, looking for a fight.

“I’m probably only look at about 10 weeks (of down time).”

Watch the clip below for Carwin’s interview with Inside MMA

  • wonggfan

    The HW division is soooo stacked now. Frank Mir is irrelevant.

    • Black Belt

      My goodness, you are sharp. That college degree of yours really came into play with that 3rd grade observation. What a moron…hahahaha!!!

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        who laughs at their own jokes?

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  • Hope everything goes well for Shane and he has a speedy recovery. He seems like a good guy is a great ambassador for the sport.