Shane Carwin Heads to the Emergency Room for Treatment After UFC 131

June 12, 2011
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Junior dos Santos and Shane Carwin at UFC 131

A battered Shane Carwin at UFC 131.

Shane Carwin showed plenty of heart and guts in his three round performance against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131 on Saturday night.

Unfortunately for the former UFC interim champion, heart kept him in the fight, but it wasn’t able to put him over the top for a victory.

When the night was over, Dos Santos came out on top by unanimous decision.

Following the events of UFC 131, Carwin skipped out on any post fight press conferences because he had to head to the emergency room to get treatment for the injuries suffered in the loss to Dos Santos.

According to Carwin’s manager Jason Genet of Ingrained Media via Twitter, the Colorado fighter suffered 3 deep cuts, a broken nose and had to go to the emergency room for a CT scan.

Carwin almost went down in the first round after Dos Santos caught him with a good shot that put him down on his knee on the mat. As the Brazilian followed up, Carwin showed tremendous heart to stick in the fight, defending himself, and working his way back to his feet.

Once the final horn sounded, Carwin was bloodied and may have lost a decision, but no one can question his heart for sticking in the fight and giving everything he had.

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  • Shane Carwin is one tough dude.

  • rob da rippah

    very tough, but he looked like shit against JDS. Carwin didn’t throw many strikes, and the leg kicks he threw just wasted energy. He really disappointed me in this last fight

  • wonggfan

    I mean…does this some what prove that UFC has been dismissing JDS?

    Let’s Brock, Carwin, Cain, and JDS’s top 10 win before getting a title shot:

    Brock: Randy
    Carwin: Gonzaga, Mir
    Cain: Nog
    JDS: Werdum, Cro Cop, Gonzaga, Carwin

    So…. why did it take so long for JDS to get a title shot? English language barrier? Desire to promote American HWs? Marketability of HUGE HWs?

    The way I see it, JDS would have pwned Randy, Carwin, and Brock two years ago when he debuted.

  • americanmma

    not a fan of either fighter but hated to see Shane lose like that. I for one won’t pay a dime to watch JDS fight Cain could careless who wins

    • You don’t want to see Velasquez vs. JDS?

      Seriously? LOL

  • Mario


    The best heavyweight fight to come together in a long time, and you ain’t interested?


    Haha. Maybe Kimbo Slice would excite you, seeing as how quality MMA doesn’t.

    • americanmma

      No just not a HW fan period
      Real Quality MMA is in the lower weight classes…..and the thought of any male get excited to see another male is sad and sick

      • BYHTeam

        “americanmma”. I think the hint as to why he’s more interested in the lighter weights and not in the HW picture is in his user name.