Shane Carwin Explains the Uneasy Tension with ‘Average Guy’ Roy Nelson

September 4, 2012
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From everything UFC president Dana White has said so far, The Ultimate Fighter 16 will be one of the most interesting installments of the reality show produced.

The reports have slowly leaked, as the show comes closer to its debut date on Sept. 14, that tensions ran high between coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, as well as between Roy Nelson and Dana White himself.

There’s definitely no love lost between Carwin and Nelson, who have quietly jabbed at each other in the past through the press and through social networking sites like Twitter.

Now as they head into the show, Carwin admits there’s always been an uneasy tension between he and Nelson, and he’s sure it’s going to come into play.

“I think we hold ourselves as two different people,” Carwin told MMAWeekly Radio. “Roy’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong, very talented; could he be more talented? I think so. If he took things more serious.”

Carwin’s view on Nelson is apparently shared by White, who has spoken out on numerous occasions about Nelson’s weight and appearance as he heads into fights.

“Listen, he’s a tough guy with a ton of heart. He goes in there and he gives it his everything. My thing is, I’ve always said to him, I’d love to see you take this thing seriously and rip off some weight,” said White in March of this year. “When you’ve got a chin like that and a heart like that, you can’t deny the guy’s got a great chin, a ton of heart and he can knock people out. If he really could get to 205, he’d be a force at 205. He’d be a scary dude. He’s got great wrestling, awesome submissions, great chin, a ton of heart, and has knockout power.

“Who knows what Roy Nelson could really achieve if he applied himself.”

Carwin also believes that Nelson’s approach of being the “every man” in terms of not walking around with six-pack abs and ripped muscles is essentially not telling the whole story in terms of how he relates to who is actually the “average man” in America.

“I think the other tension is that I am this average guy and I’ve worked my ass off to get to where I’m at. I started working when I was 15. My mom raised three boys on her own and we were very poor. I grew up working construction and concrete work and threw boxes at the beef plant. I did everything just to try to survive,” Carwin stated.

“He plays this like he’s this average guy and, honestly, I don’t think the guy’s ever had a normal job.”

While Carwin’s forte has never been to trash talk or verbally go after an opponent before a fight, spending six weeks with Roy Nelson might change his approach a bit. Carwin readily admits he’s as fierce as any fighter in the world when it comes to competition, and he might just end up showing a new level of fire when facing off with Nelson on The Ultimate Fighter.

“When it comes to competing, I’m overly competitive and that’s my goal,” said Carwin.

“The whole point of the show for me is these fighters. The guys that end up on my team, I’m going to try to show them a professional route, becoming the best that they can be, not only in fighting but in life. That’s my goal to show these guys.”

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  • Shane Carwin is full of ****. Paid his dues? Seriously? Shane Carwin KO’d a bunch of damn nobodies from nowhere and got a contract.. Roy Nelson built his name from the ground up, fighting (and training top level fighters) all over the world in different promotions .. AND STILL had to win TUF go get a UFC contract .. GIVE ME A BREAK

    • KBEsq

      Not sure where it says, ‘paid his dues,’ but I don’t even think he’s talking about his fight career. He’s talking about all that happened before that, and the hard labor jobs he’s had before and during his fight career.

      There’s nothing in the story about Carwin being upset with Nelson’s fame. He’s upset for two reasons. First, the perception that Nelson is an ‘everyman’ just because he has a belly, when Carwin has worked menial jobs, and second, because Nelson could be better.

  • I love Carwin, he has heart and has had some tough fights but no surprise if Nelson wins by submission.

    • MrAdidas

      I also wouldnt be surprised if Carwin is the 1st to KO Nelson. I know Dos Santos never KO’s him etc., but noone had even come close to KO’ing Leben & then Stann changed that in a hurry. When you have the KO power of Carwin, noone, not even Nelson can say they are unable to get KTFO. But Nelson could submit Carwin, hopefully this fights DOESN’T go to the ground … early on anyway. Though Carwin does have great wrestling, this fight should provide fire works. Like both fighters, but I’d prefer to see Carwin win.

      I’d love to see Nelson fight @ LHW, but he’ll never take fighting “serious” enough to do what 90% of fighters do, which is … diet & take fighting VERY seriously. Nelson will NEER be champ, especially if he doesn’t change his attitude, but he will ALWAYS be a PPV fighter, who puts on great fights regardless.

      IMHO – Nelson is like/similar to the BJ Penn of the HW division. Could be a much better fighter if they actually “trained”/took fighting more seriously.

      • Machterf5

        Arlovski KO’d Nelson.

        • Lesnardo

          MrAdidas is obviously a TUF noob, aka a dude that never watched MMA until 2009.

          He has heard of a guy named Arlovski. He has heard from his other TUF noob friends that a guy named Arlovski was never good, he was the champ when UFC HW division sucked, and he lost to another can named Fedor.

          He probably doesn’t know that Arlovski, contrary to what Dana nuthuggers claim, gave Nelson a wooping. Roy wasn’t doing sh*t on top of Arlovksi. The ref stood them up. Arlovski then destroyed Fatty Nelson.

          And no! Arlovski did not get kicked out of the UFC. He left the UFC on his own terms. Dana White had talked highly of Arlovski until Arlovski lost to Fedor. Only then did Dana start talking cr@p on Arlovski.

      • WarriorScholar

        Didn’t Anderson KO Leben in his UFC debut……

        • maddawgmar

          Yup… That Adidas guy doesn’t know crap…

        • Lesnardo

          I just don’t understand this whole Roy Nelson nuthugging. The dude was a C-level fighter that had to come into the UFC thru TUF even though the dude was already a professional fighter with more bouts under his belt than his coach.

          Then the UFC, in an effort to legitimize the competition level of TUF, starts promoting this guy the same way it promoted other TUF guys like Stephan Bonnar, Ryan Bader, and Forrest Griffin.

          The thing that I find most puzzling about this whole Roy Fatson nuthugging is how the UFC and Fatson uses his 3 round survival from JDS as evidence of his greatness.

          My god, the dude probably sh*t blood that night.

          Then Fatson is fed to Frank Mir. Then to Werdum.

          He was gonna be fed to Bigfoot, but thanks to Overoid is saved.

          Now he is being fed to Shane Carwin.

          But the TUF noobs will continue to deny the truth, namely, that Roy Nelson is a gatekeeper gimmie.

      • Richurd Cheese

        You are stupid Mr. Adidas. I saw a quote from “Judo” Gene that applies to you, “A closed mouth can’t catch any foot.”

  • WarriorScholar

    Shane Carwin is a steroid using cheater

  • beastbeastin

    Seriously though, Carwin is saying he’s “worked his ass off.” throwing gallons of steroids into your system isn’t hard work, jacka**.

    • dathump

      I like how all these basement dwelling, keyboard warriors with names with beast or warrior think you can throw some roids in your arm and be jacked. Carwin has been with the UFC and never tested positive, He was implicated by some pharmasist who was already going down, and only listed as a client. Plus taking “roids” may make you big but you have to continue to take them to stay big and keep the strength up. I am sick of all these lazy pricks crying like school girls that because someone is big and muscular they have to be on roids because they are too lazy to stop eating the kraft dinner their mom makes them and get their a$$ off the couch and go to the gym. Most juice freaks realize that proper diet, lots of protien and a killer gym routine will get you farther then anything you can stick in you system unless big is your only goal.(atleast most juicers at my gym are weak as sh!t) Maybe you should put the keyboard and big gulp down, grab a protien drink and hit they gym, you my be surprised by what hard work can get you.

      • WarriorScholar

        Get Carwin’s nuts out of your mouth retard,what did you think happened when he ordered those steroids?I have no sympathy for anyone that intentionally cheats in a sport where it is a matter of life and death.He may not be on them now but you know he was before,and if you think he wasn’t you’re as naive as you are dumb dathump 🙂

        • dathump

          I am not saying he never took anything, but the fact is he was a monster in collage, its not like he got big overnight. If he took it before he had his first MMA fight, so be it. but nothing ever came out about what he “ordered” or when, don’t you think it was odd this story came out once he headlined a PPV, but I will tell you this, I have seen more x juicers that look like nelson, most get fat, the work required to stay big(and lean) without it is as much or more then it is to get big without it. So what he may or may not have taken 10-15 years ago doesn’t bother me, so until he fails a test I will say fight on.

      • anon

        You obviously know very little about steroids. Carwin used HGH (UFC doesn’t test for that) and probably other steroids. Athletes cycle on and off their steroids before testing so they don’t fail a test, thats why some fighters recently are refusing random drug testing.

      • cheapeyepokes

        Feds have proof Carwin had steroids (enough last 10 heavy users 5 years) delivered to his front door and he signed for them. Maybe they were all for his best buddy Nate “The CHEAT” Marquardt who has been popped 3 times in the UFC

  • Lesnardo

    Dear Damon Martin:

    You are one 3rd rate reporter.

    “Now as they head into the show, Carwin admits there’s always been an uneasy tension between he and Nelson,…”

    You mean “him and Nelson.” You would say “tension between THEM” and not “tension between they” right?

    • frumps

      Lesnardo: Do us all a favor and light yourself on fire.


  • maddawgmar

    Wow… Really something that small. Get a life.

  • bajafox

    Carwin couldn’t finish Brock when he had open season on him, I highly doubt he can finish Nelson.

    I think it’ll be Nelson by unanimous decision

    • Lesnardo

      Please see my post on TUF noobs above.

      Carwin finished pretty much everyone, including Frank Mir. Roy Nelson got manhandled by Mir.

      If you want to use MMA math, do it right. Brock didn’t even fight Nelson. But Brock would have killed Nelson had they fought.

      • dathump

        plus Carwin should have finished Brock. Turtling is not defending yourself! Had Brock covered up like that in a fight before I don’t think the ref would have given him that much leiency. Cain got a way quicker stoppage with his win over Brock. If Carwin comes back with the intesity he had before his loss to Brock, but healthy and his cardio up I say Nelson is going to get KTFO.

        • cheapeyepokes

          Carwin has been juiced to gills since high school

          Carwin could never fight in the UFC now (2016) USADA would expose him

  • felix

    Is this the first main event for Roy Nelson?

    • Lesnardo

      Yes. He co-main evented before. But this is the first time he gets to main event.

  • fightfankevin

    US prosecutor names him for recieving roids, whether he popped on a test or not, the guy took the roids. Neslon may not look the part of the typical MMA fighter, but he hasnt taken roids either.The biggest problem for Nelson is he doesnt kiss anyones butt.Plus his (Carwins) great complaint is no more than jumping on Danas bandwagon on his weight. There is absolutely no proof dropping wieght makes him better. It might, but unfair to say. Having said that he has trimmed way down. I like Carwin but he should just be quiet and fight.

  • MaritalArtist

    Go big country

  • danhandy

    im sure this has something to do with roys opinion on roids/ growth hormones / trt ect come on cawin who are you kidding lol