Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson Undergo Random Drug Testing by Nevada Commission

October 18, 2012
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Shane Carwin and Roy NelsonUltimate Fighter coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson will have additional drug testing ahead of their fight in December, but this time it will come from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission notified the fighters on Thursday that they will have random drug testing done, and will have to provide samples within 24-hours.

Carwin and Nelson face off at the Ultimate Fighter 16 finale in December.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is able to randomly drug test fighters in or out of competition, similar to the testing done prior to UFC 146. The commission tested the heavyweight competitors that appeared at a press conference in Las Vegas in late March.

The results returned caused former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem to be forced out of the main event against Junior dos Santos after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone.

The commission will now be testing Carwin and Nelson as they head into their fight into December.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Shane Carwin was happy that the commission was doing the additional testing and simply said “Thank you” when reached for comment on Thursday by

Nelson has long lobbied for additional drug testing as well and said he would gladly do “24/7” testing to verify he is clean of any prohibitive substances.

If similar to past tests, the results will be returned in approximately two weeks.

  • stevemvz11

    Roy will destroy Carwin. First round KO or submission

    • TheKaveman

      You must be smoking some good ****, bro.

    • shakejunt

      not sure where your prediction is coming from. shane has only really been rocked by jds and roy hasn’t subbed anyone in half a decade.

  • octawhat

    Do they really need to test Nelson?! If he’s on something, then he should ask for his money back!

    Or is there a test for ‘performance enhancing Burger King snacks’?

    • dathump

      Just because someone isn’t jacked, doesn’t mean they are not on PED, or taking a banned substance, That might be his rouse, others may take something during training and hope its out of their system come fight time, Nelson could take them right before fight time because no one would expect it.

  • Edgar

    Testing are IQ tests. Lance and many other athletes fooled the testers for many years. Micro-dosing, TRT, steroids, all the same, they know their glow time, easy to fool testers on their whereabouts. Joke

  • Russ Forbus

    Nelson tested positive for cheesburgers last time…with traces of fries. It’s a misdemenador infraction, but he’s a habitual offender.

    • tirdod

      Traces of fries? man , it was 3 times the limit allowed!