Shameless MMA Radio: John Makdessi, UFC Fight Night 40 Recap, and the Bellator PPV Curse

May 13, 2014
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On this week’s edition of Shameless MMA, we spoke  with UFC lightweight John “The Bull” Makdessi. Topics include a recap of​​ UFC Fight Night 40: Brown vs. Silva and the Bellator PPV curse.

All this and more on this episode of Shameless MMA.

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  • Romulus

    I just saw last Saturday’s pay-outs by UFC, and, again I felt this deep strong hate and disgust by it all!!! …UFC‘s payouts still sucks!!!! These guys are still paid pittance, when in fact Dana White makes approximately $10 million in salary; this amount excludes his 9% ownership in the Zuffa, LLC, (dba UFC). Dana’s net worth is approximately $300 million; I’ll betch-you by the end of the year he’ll probably Increase his net worth by another $50 to $100 millions. How do I know all of this? Again, just look on those salaries……Oh….and what about those BONUSES???? THE WHOLE THING IS A JOKE, WHILE Dana, et al (those Italian boys get rich on scrambled brains). Isn’t there a way to stop this insanity? Maybe, a Union, Government agency or other organizations????…..PLEASE SOMEBODY STEP-IN AND STOP THIS ABSURDITY/ROBBERY!!!!!!
    One more comment, aren’t most of these MMA fighters College Graduates? After training costs and other expenses…….there are probably nothing left for their families……WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING? Romuls