SFL 15 Fight Card Rumors

April 2, 2013
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XyienceSFL 15
Date: April 12, 2013
Location: Mumbai, India

• Kapil Kumar vs. Alam Idrisi
• Kaushik ‘The Original’ Sen vs. Uchit Sharma
• Narender ‘Dynamite’ Grewal vs. Aadil Bashir
• Amit Thapa vs. Mohit Tokas
• Ricky ‘Ranjeet Singh’ Sahni vs. Deen Mohammad Jorat
• Manjit Kolekar vs. Aya Saeid Saber
• Vasily Klepikov vs. Arunas Andriuskevicus

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Event Time:
9:00 PM in Mumbai, 8:30 AM in Los Angeles, 11:30 AM in New York, 11:30 PM in Hong Kong, and 4:30 PM in London

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  • Mcgiggity

    Yikes. Looks like the budget ran out for SFL.