Sean Hannity Training with Chuck Liddell to Force Interview with the President?

March 7, 2015
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Hannity and Liddell Training 750

Yeah, it’s probably nothing as devilish as trying to force President Obama to do an interview, or even as childish as meeting him out behind the equipment shed for throw down, but conservative political pundit Sean Hannity was caught training mixed martial arts with former UFC champion Chuck Liddell.

Check it out…

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  • EshamTheUnholy


  • Darin

    Hannity is such a douche.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Yep. And we needed this story why? I only clicked in hopes that he would be clowning around and Chuck would KO him during a light sparring session.

      • Carol Parks

        I would have loved to see Hannity get knocked out! What a Douche Bag! The way he talks about the President is a disgrace.

    • dgs

      A real douche bag contest would be the previous Bush President vs Obama. I vacillate on a daily basis, which of those two has done more irreparable harm to this country. Obama still has another two years to ruin the country even further, so I’ll wait to anoint a winner until Obama’s Presidency is over.

      • Carol Parks

        Yes, President Obama has really ruined the country. 5.5 % unemployment, Housing market thru the roof, Stock Market is fantastic, we are safe, & have not been attacked. He will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all times. This country was totally destroyed by GW Bush, & he brought it back better then ever. And he did It Despite Congress.

        Thank-you Mr. President!

        • Matt

          I can tell you’re not the smartest person. 5.5% unemployment!!!! Unless you enjoy working part time at subway or other places Obama inability to create jobs has been a disaster, and housing is through the roof? Really look at cities like Detroit, Chicago. And in case you didn’t hear 2014 was the most dangerous year for terror(lol at we are safe). And usually what happens after a recession is the economy recovers, but because of great old Obama it was one of the longest recoveries ever. Should I also mention the presidents ignorance to the troops. Please keep your welfare collecting mouth closed because there is no way he will go down as one of the greatest president

          • Joe

            Spot on my friend. But you can’t expect someone whos brainwashed by CNN or msnbc to understand how the market works. Most scandals in history with ties to the Muslim brotherhood will never have my trust.

          • W mcneil

            The problem with your logic is that at the end of W’s term, There were no jobs, not even at subway. Whole families were unemployed. Ignorance is not acknowledging the the greatest turnaround since the Great Depression that the current President has brought about. It is not his fault if your education level only allows for a minimum wage position. Stop whining,go to school, and get qualified for a better position. Or, just wait and vote for Bush 3, maybe he can get you back to the good ole days of 6 years ago. Talk about ignorance at it finest!

  • Brian

    Great first fight for CM Punk.

    • Kawlinz

      That would be sick.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        You’re kidding right?

        • Kawlinz

          Who else is Punk gonna fight?

  • Carol Parks

    Hannity is Scum, period. He’s not Fit to wipe the Presidents feet. This just shows how ignorant Hannity really is.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Very true….. And really we need to have “Chris Kyle” hoodies now? oh please just stop it.

      • Carol Parks
        • Sadstrangelittleman

          Hilarious but oh so sad at the same time. I want to see if it says “I’m a murdered” on the back

          • Jerry W Large

            “I’m a murdered” “I’m a murdered” “I’m a murdered” “I’m a murdered”

            The only hilarious thing here is that you have no clue how to speak the english language. And then you talk crap about a dead man. But not just any dead man one that served his country with Honor. You’re what we call in the Navy a “dirt bag.” D-I-R-T B-A-G or as you would spell, dirtered baggered.

          • $146314121

            It says “I’m a murderer” but true it is wrong, it should say “go f–k yourself” Pat yourself on the back cause you’re in the Navy. Being in the armed forces is not an automatic pass to do despicable things, nor does it make you “honorable”

            If someone came into “your country” and started killing people, you would call for them to be arrested and put in jail for the rest of their life or even worse killed.

            But like I said “Go f–k yourself” and tell your “we are heroes with honor” stories elsewhere.

          • Jerry W Large

            LOL the troll changed the spelling, then deletes his name from the post he was so proud of. Then tells me to “Go F–k myself,” but doesn’t have the balls to stay on the page, why? Cause he is a D-I-R-T B-A-G. For those of you still on this page, did I say anywhere that being in the armed forces made you an instant hero? I pointed out that we have dirt bags like him in the Navy. What a serious loser, really only a loser would comment back and then delete his picture from other people seeing who he is. ( He changed the spelling, LOL) Who the hell talks crap about the dead? A loser! Warning, you want to talk crap about military members you better be ready to get talked back to. Just do not be like this loser and run and hide.

  • Carol Parks

    Just watched the video, LOL! Hannity is weak! Hits like a five year old! Too funny!


    Oh my God. This is embarrassing. WHhle I like Hannity seeing him do his “MMA” is completely funny! What a total joke!

  • ……cant stand this douche bag, tries to act so fkn tuffin his show rubbing the governments testicles to keep them warm so his show stays on the air even tho he stinks for being so ignorant.

  • Pete Gaeta

    Please Chuck – put him out of his misery.