Scott Jorgensen Plans on Filing Appeal Regarding Head Butt in UFC Natal Loss

March 26, 2014
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Scott-Jorgensen094Scott Jorgensen and his representatives plan on filing an appeal with the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission for his submission loss to Jussier da Silva at UFC Natal last weekend.

According to a report from UFC Tonight on Wednesday, Jorgensen’s appeal will address the unintentional head butt he received moments before the end of the fight, and whether he should have been given more time to recover from the blow.

During the first round of their fight, da Silva and Jorgensen engaged in a scramble that included a fight-pace-changing head butt. Jorgensen dropped to the floor in an obvious daze, at which point da Silva secured his opponent’s back.

Once in position, da Silva sank in a rear-naked choke to finish Jorgensen at the 3:07 mark of the opening round.

Following the loss, Jorgensen aired his grievances via Twitter.

“[Expletive] head butt, wake up in a choke,” the fighter wrote, adding, “[I] absolutely feel robbed.”

Plans for when Jorgensen and his camp intend on filing their appeal were not revealed.

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  • Gregg

    No worse than the illegal blows to the head of Shogun by Hendo IMO.

    • prototype

      Oh a shogun nuthugger. Imagine that lol

      • Gregg

        I was rooting for Hendo dumbass. It still doesn’t make the back of the head a legal target.

        • prototype

          He should have never been put n that position by a 43 year old man that moves like c3po. Shoguns done 5-6 n the ufc.. No more beating up on one dimensional Japanese fighters for him. As for me being a dumbass ur the one defending a guy that tries to hide his head like a cowatd then complain cause he,was hit there. U like the guys that go to one knee to avoid getting kneed. In my day competing that coward s–t was not allowed. Go get ur referee license then douchebag.

          • Nathaniel


          • TheCerealKiller

            *pulls up a chair and some popcorn

          • Gregg

            When someone says “back in my day” that means they are stupidly admitting to living in the past and are not looking at the reality of the present. If you read my email I didn’t defend Shogun at all. That being said, where does it say in the unified rules….”there is no punching to the back of the head unless the opponent gives you no other good target?” How does Shogun’s past history or Hendo’s age apply to this argument at all? (Here is a hint for the stupid guy…It doesn’t apply.) Maybe you should learn how to make an argument before posting something in a public forum. Maybe you took a few too many shots to the head back in your day? I like the reference to “back in my day” signed by the screen name “Prototype”. Absolutely brilliant!

          • Prototype

            Ok Gregg with 2 g’s let me break it down for you like this. Age has everything to do with it. Henderson is old and is not any good anymore. Half of the fighters in the UFC have limited knowledge of striking and very few hold black belts in a striking art or are professional level boxers. The reason why very few people continue to compete after the age of 36 is because your timing is off and your reaction time decreases and your knees and chins start to go. i realize someone like you has never competed in anything other than a spot in line at a bath house, however the truth is Shogun was never that good. He is 6-7 in the UFC with losses to griffin and anyone that loses to Griffin is weak look how someone came from a weight class below and knocked him out in 2 minutes. He lost to Machida, lost to lost to Jones, Henderson twice and both times the dude was over 40, lost to gustaffson who is good and to sonnen who is a middleweight. He beat Coleman, Griffin, Machida, Vera and Te Huna. He beat one guy that was top 10. Lost to several that were not. Now considering that Shogun has not been able to train with you hanging on his nuts since Pride, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. No I have not taken too many punches just think that fighting is watered down, footbal is going to be flag football in 20 years. You do not have to wait by my every response and answer so quickly. Prove to us you have a girlfriend, a wife, a hobby something, please.

          • Gregg

            You realize you are only arguing with yourself now? I never said Shogun was still a great fighter making all of your points pretty moot. You obviously dodged the argument. Not only are you stupid but you are also obviously conflicted..

  • shakejunt

    if it doesn’t get overturned, i won’t be livid, but scotty is certainly the superior fighter and i feel bad for him. wouldn’t mind a rematch down the road.