Scott Jorgensen Got the Job Done, But Didn’t Excite The Fans Like He Wanted

October 30, 2011
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The bantamweight division is known for some of the most exciting fights in the sport, but at UFC 137 while he got the win, Scott Jorgensen didn’t have the dynamite kind of bout he was hoping for.

Jorgensen won a unanimous decision over veteran Jeff Curran, but the fight ended up being a mostly tactical battle on the mat with a few exchanges on the feet.

Technically, Jorgensen is happy with his performance and what he showed in the Octagon. When it comes to the fans however, he apologizes if he let them down with a less than exciting performance.

“I performed well, (but) I didn’t put on the exciting fight that I like,” Jorgensen said after the fight.

The win is still a win and Jorgensen has now racked up two in a row after losing to UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz last year.

Check out what Scott Jorgensen had to say following his win over Jeff Curran at UFC 137:

  • MikeMc1983

    This is one of the few things that annoy.
    GSP is a guy who seems to do this as well. (one of the reasons why I’m not a big Gsp fan)

    Scott fought a good safe fight against a tough guy. He deserves a lot of credit.
    However, it annoys me when a guy fights taticly in a manner where he had little hope in finishing the fight then proceeds to apologise for not putting on an “exciting” fight like they “wanted to.”

    Under what circumstances could the fight been more exciting? If the other guy stopped fighting back, and dropped his hands so he could be knocked out?
    Maybe just put his neck out there to be choked? Oh, I know. Maybe if he closed his eyes, stood in the middle of the cage, and started swinging blindly?

    The fight wasn’t bad, but it’s not like Scott came out like an assasian trying to crush the guy.

    Now this fight wasn’t as safe as some other fights where guys make the same apology. But I just wish the guys stopped that bs. Giving an apology for not finishing a fight that pretty much was trying to win on points is silly. Also it’s a bit insulting to the fans.

    I guess it’s a good thing these guys don’t give a crap what I have to say. I guess people not being sincere annoys me.