Scoring Error Nixes World’s Strongest Man’s Win

November 28, 2011
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Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Friday’s KSW 17 main event bout between Mariusz Pudzianowski and James Thompson has been overturned to a no contest by KSW Federation officials.

Pudzianowski stepped into the ring with Thompson on Friday, trying to avenge a prior submission loss to the British fighter. After two rounds, he thought he’d succeeded with the in-ring announcer declaring a majority decision in his favor.

That outcome, however, was deemed a mistake by KSW Federation officials who held a press conference on Monday to try and right the wrong. Maciej Kawulski, Martin Lewandowski, Tomasz Bronder, and Piotr Bagi?ski released the following statement:

On Nov. 26 during KSW 17 event in Atlas Arena in Lodz a miscommunication between the judges and the in-ring referee resulted in grievous procedural errors.

KSW official rules stand that in case the judges declare a standard two-round fight a draw, the bout is extended by an overtime round. This rule does not apply to championship fights or other fights signed for a different number of rounds.

Pudzianowski vs. Thompson bout at KSW 17 was a standard two-round fight and was scored as follows:

Judge Piotr Baginski – 20:19 Thompson
Judge Robert Lysiak – 20:19 Pudzianowski
Judge Leszek Pawlega – 20:20 Draw

Judge Piotr Baginski conveyed a scorecard in favor of Pudzianowski to the in-ring referee, whereas in fact he had scored the fight for Thompson. Instead of announcing Pudzianowski’s win, according to the KSW rules, the overtime round should have been ordered.

Due to the fact that the overtime round did not happen, KSW owners along with KSW officials have decided to erase this fight from fighters’ records and declare the 6th bout at KSW 17 a no contest.

KSW Federation would like to apologize to both fighters as well as MMA fans all over the world for failing their trust and promises that KSW officials will do everything in their powers to eliminate such procedural errors in the future. First efforts to improve the communication between the judges and the referees during KSW events will be made this week.

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  • What fight were the judges watching, Thompson was all over puds and could have possibly been 20-17 in Thompsons favour, this is the problem with having biased judges on your show. Glad James got a NC as its better than a loss or in my opinion a draw!!!

  • They’re just trying to save face. If Thompson hadn’t grabbed the mic after the fight I wonder if they would have made this change. Something tells me no.

    • wonggfan

      Thompson’s record is too crappy for anyone, even including Thompson himself, to care.

      Marius is a tomato can.

  • Pudzianowski looked nothing like the photo above. He looked small actually. Thompson was the bigger man and dominated the first round. Probably won the second too but I can see where a few moments would give the hometown fighter an even round. Should be another good payday for Thompson in the third fight. What other options does he have?

    • wonggfan

      did not watch the 2nd fight. saw the first though.

      marius vs kimbo!!!