Sarah Kaufman: I Feel Like I Should Be Fighting for the Title (Video)

March 1, 2012
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Former Strikeforce bantamweight women’s champion Sarah Kaufman believes that Saturday, March 3 should be her day to recapture her title from Miesha Tate.

She’s not in that title fight however, so instead she has to take out her aggression and intent on Alexis Davis instead.

Kaufman was none too happy to find out that Ronda Rousey would get the title shot instead of her, but she’s got to move forward and if she wins Saturday then she will get the next crack at the belt.

Find out what else Kaufman had to say about her upcoming fight in this one on one video interview:

  • TKD

    zzzzzz…nobody cares I see. Ok, back to sleep…zzzzzzzzz…

    • mmachoman

      Has anybody else noticed that Rousey, Tate and Kaufman have lately been speaking a LOT about their “feelings”?!?

    • Mario

      Sarah did deserve the shot. Look at the rankings.

      Hopefully she gets her chance soon.

  • alhmiel

    please don’t subject me or ant fan of having to watch ugly sara roll around the ring. sara is dull and boring. yech