Sam Stout: He Gave Me a Cookie… I’m Not Gonna Try and Hurt a Guy Like That (UFC 131 Video)

June 12, 2011
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Sam Stout and his coach, Shawn Tompkins, had the game plan that put Yves Edwards flat on his back on the Octagon floor on Saturday night all mapped out well before UFC 131 kicked into gear.

The plan worked to perfection, but that doesn’t mean that Stout had to put any more hurt on Edwards than was necessary to win the fight.

Stout KO’d Edwards in what UFC president Dana White called “one of the most vicious knockouts in UFC history.” So the Canadian knew he didn’t have to follow up when Edwards crashed to the mat.

  • iowafightfan

    I told everyone in the house at the time of this fight, that Stout was very respectful, and unlike many fighters, did not jump on top of Yves and land a bunch of un-necessary shots. He recognized Yves was out, and walked away. I respect Stout a lot for that!!

    P.S. – It was a very nice knockout!!

  • Agreed. That was a class move.