Ryan Ford Suspended for Six Months for Fighting with a Broken Arm

November 5, 2014
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World Series of Fighting Canadian welterweight champion Ryan Ford has been suspended for six months for failing to reveal an injury prior to his most recent fight.

Ford faced Jake Shields in a five-round non-title fight in the WSOF 14 main event on Oct. 11 in Edmonton, but he had broken his arm in training a couple weeks prior. He went through the usual medical screening before the fight, but the broken arm was not discovered by medical staff and Ford did not reveal the injury to Edmonton Combative Sports Commission officials.

He ended up losing the fight via rear naked choke in the first round.

Ryan Ford Broken Arm VideoECSC Executive Director Pat Reid on Wednesday, following an initial report by MMAJunkie.com, confirmed to MMAWeekly.com that Ford has been suspended for six months, retroactive to the date of the fight. He was not issued any monetary penalty.

After the fight, Ford released a video that was recorded prior to the fight, disclosing his broken arm, explaining why he didn’t back out.

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“I don’t have a choice but to fight. We’re not in a sport where insurance is available, you get injured nine days, 10 days out to a fight, and you get paid,” Ford said. “Don’t work like that. You step into the cage, you get paid.

“The only option I have is step in that cage, put on a hell of a fight, get paid, broken arm or not.”

When it came to light that Ford had entered the bout with a broken arm, WSOF president Ray Sefo issued a statement denying that the promotion had any prior knowledge of the injury.

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  • Seth

    Now, first of all – Im glad they are FINALLY doing something to protect those guys from themselves. I understand that they have to fight to get paid, but fighting injured is just stupid. You HAVE to take care of your body, since it depends on your health how long and how much you can do it. That talk “Oh, he is so tough, he fought injured!” is silly. Fighters aren’t “tough” by fighting with injury. They are stupid. And Reckless. And short-sighted.

    Now, who’s to blame here? Ford? For not saying he was injured, protecting his income? Medical stuff? For not realizing that dude they are checking has a broken arm (maybe got paid to not see it? Who knows)? WSOF? For (JUST MAYBE!) telling him to fight anyway? I mean, we all know promotors aren’t the nicest guys and not always they care about all the fighters.Or maybe they just really didn’t know? I doubt you can clearly say whose fault was that, but I hope that this case will be eye-opener for others.

    Don’t fight injured guys. We do NOT watch MMA events to see you get hurt. We do NOT watch it to see broken bones and bloodied faces. We are watching MMA because it’s a combat sport and we want to see you compete. Possibly as close to 100% as possible. Without you, there wouldn’t be any MMA. So please, take care of yourself and be smart… :/

  • TheCerealKiller

    Come on, Tita fought with a broken skull, missing spine, dislocated wussy bone, etc. How did he not get suspended?

    • Rence

      ROFL cuz no one believed him when he said anything. The only health issue we know for sure about is that horrible case of “sand in the vag”, but honestly that had become the normal state for him so it wasnt really considered a hindrance.

  • Darin

    Where do you draw the line? I mean, most fighters have some sort of “injury” going into any fight. Maybe it’s just a pulled muscle, bruises, cuts, or just general soreness. Is that the same as a broken bone? Not exactly, but nobody is 100% healthy going into a fight. How many times have we seen fighters suffer a major injury in a fight and keep fighting? Rich Franklin broke his arm against Chuck Liddel and went on to knock him out, so, in his case he COULD fight effectively with a broken arm. Uriah Hall fought a couple rounds with his toe falling off and won that fight. Jaime Varner had a fight awhile back where his foot was flopping around because something in his ankle broke, he kept fighting.

    Getting into a fight, there is a very good chance you will suffer a major injury, perhaps seconds into the fight. At that point it is mostly up to the fighter whether or not they can continue (occasionally we get a doctor stoppage in extreme circumstances. I don’t see why it should be any different before the fight starts.

    In this case, Ryan Ford kept his mouth shut about his arm before the fight, but his pride caused him to blab about it after he lost. He made the decision to not pull out and he lost, he should have kept quiet about the arm forever. I’m sure there are far more examples of fighters going into fights with pretty major injuries than we’ll ever know, but most of those guys kept it quiet.

    • Seth

      So…you don’t have a problem with guys risking more than they have to? It doesn’t matter for you if fighter is healthy or not when he steps into the cage? Because that’s what it looks like reading your comment…


        Hey man you dont live in their shoes so who are you to judge? If a fighter wants to step into the cage with a broken arm,leg or torn muscle then that is their own personal choice. Why do you care so much its not you. Worry about your own life and let people live their own lives.

        • Seth

          I appreciate and respect their job. I want to see them fight as long as possible and fighting with broken arm isn’t best idea. Besides, when they fight injured they can’t give 100% in the cage, which affects the fight that we watch. If you dont give a f if they are healthy or not, its your selfish problem. Have some respect for those guys.

          • UFCJUNKIE

            So you’re saying that a fighter that chooses to fight hurt has no respect for himself? Its not my business or anyone’s business to judge what a fighter does with his body.the only selfish person here is you as you since you only care about the entertainment aspect and how it will affect your viewing instead of how he might need the money to support his family.you are no one to judge.

          • Seth

            You are an idiot. Read my comment again – this time use your brain. Fighting hurt = shorter career for them = less money they will make during it. If you read my comment, you would see that I wrote “I want to see them to fight as long as possible”, which clearly means I want them to fight as long as they can = I want them to make as much money as they can, moron.

          • UFCJUNKIE

            How does fighting hurt= a shorter career? First of all, all fighters fight with some sort of injury.Cain was about to fight with a messed up knee on Saturday. You can be the healthiest fighter in the history of MMA but that still that wont guarantee a long career especially if youre losing which is the ultimate factor in making money. The fighters that have made the most money and have had the longest careers are the fighters that fight hurt in every fight and push through this injuries FACT! That’s how you separate the champs from the chumps.Fighters NEED to fight even when they are hurt.are you going to pay their bills when they are sitting at home waiting for their injuries to heal??? Especially if they are an up and comer? Didn’t think so dumbass.

          • Seth

            “that wont guarantee a long career especially if youre losing” <– that's one reason to NOT fight with injury. If you keep doing this and you keep losing (which is most likely to happen, while you fight injured), you will make less and less money and less and less organizations will even want you. That's why UFC champions doesn't fight injured anymore. Cain did that mistake once, when he took on JDS for the first time and he paid for it. That's why he won't do it again – same as other UFC champions and other high ranked guys.

          • UFCJUNKIE

            Wrong! Cain was ready to fight injured on Saturday. He was training with the injury up to the fight and unfortunately his knee wasnt moving well on him so that prompted him to cancel but he himself said he would have fought with the injury if it would have improved just slightly.Fighting with an injury does not guarantee that you will lose. AGAIN every single fighter that steps into the cage has some sort of lingering injury,that is just a fact. The Champions are the ones that push through those injuries.Now mind your business and go back to playing your UFC video games because its apparent that you have never fought a day in your life.

          • Seth

            I did fought – even if that was amateur tourney, I did fight in it – so stop making yourself look like an idiot, by judging someone who you don’t even know, jerk. If Cain would be willing to fight injured, he would fight – but he didn’t. So you can see that he didn’t want to fight injured. Learn one thing – RARELY fighters mean what they say, when they talk to media. It’s called PR. Maybe you’ve heard about it.