Ryan Ford Reveals He Fought Jake Shields with a Broken Arm

October 13, 2014
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World Series of Fighting Canadian welterweight champion Ryan Ford released a video, purportedly of him before his recent fight with Jake Shields, where he claims to have a broken arm.

While he hasn’t spoken at length about the injury since losing to Shields in the WSOF 14 main event on Saturday night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Ford posted on his Facebook page about doing his best with the situation he was in.

“Wanna Say Big Thanks 2 All My Fans For Coming Out And Supporting Me Tonight I Did My Best With The Situation I Was In,” Ford wrote. “I Will Always Put On For My Family City & Fans!! Love You All & I Will Be Back Better Then Ever!”

He then linked to a video, which he dates to Oct. 2, that details his reasoning for fighting with a broken ulna bone in his right arm.

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“I don’t have a choice but to fight. We’re not in a sport where insurance is available, you get injured nine days, 10 days out to a fight, and you get paid,” Ford said. “Don’t work like that. You step into the cage, you get paid.

“The only option I have is step in that cage, put on a hell of a fight, get paid, broken arm or not.”

WSOF president Ray Sefo denied any knowledge of Ford entering the bout with a broken arm. In a statement to Sherdog.com, he said, “Neither I nor any of my staff at World Series of Fighting had any prior knowledge of Ryan Ford’s condition until he went on the record about it after last night’s fight. Like all of the other fighters who competed last night, Ryan went through all of the steps necessary to receive clearance by the athletic commission to fight.”

Edmonton Combative Sports Commission Executive Director Pat Reid confirmed to Sherdog.com that Ford had passed his medical examination leading up to the fight, but did note that Ford was issued an indefinite medical suspension after the fight due to “a fractured right forearm that is listed as having occurred ‘pre-fight.'”

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  • Maddawgmar

    So why is he bringing it up after the fact. It is like he is using it as an excuse. Excuses are like… well you know the rest. If a fighter is dumb enough to get in a cage with a broken arm against another professional fighter, they give up their right to make excuses if they lose, IMO. This video serves no purpose other than making an excuse.

  • Joe

    While Sheilds its his biggest fight to date, that was a stupid move. You beat him and you are on your way to the UFC, you lose to him, you come off their radar. I understand the need for money now when you are fighting for smaller orgs, or when you are entry level UFC, but if this its for real you just cost yourself a hell of a lot more long term than you made losing to Shields.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t he realize people are now going to think he’s one of these fighters who has to come up with some sort of excuse whenever he loses. He gains nothing from bringing is up. Besides, I don’t think the doctor would clear him to fight with a broken arm. They all have to be medically cleared the day before the fight.

    • drkdisciple

      Ford has a criminal record and can’t even enter the USA so I doubt the UFC would be interested even if had won against Shields. But I do agree with the point you made.

  • drkdisciple

    Hate people with excuses, either you fight and accept the outcome or you don’t. These Tito Ortiz type excuses to justify a loss are just so cheap!

    • dandogood

      Hey Ford shut up and stop crying. go get another Tattoo but in white ink this time.

  • FordExcuse!

    Wow, so I’m gonna record myself to prove to people that I lost for a valid reason? LOL What a moron! I would spit on his face for being such a liar and a coward! You lost, deal with it! So, would you have still showed the video if you had won to claim you won with a broken arm? LOL what a moron! That just tells you what kind of pussy he is.

    • dandogood

      Ford is fighting in that scrap WSOF for a reason. Ford stinks.

  • dandogood

    Ford needs an outside job to support his family. This is the WSOF a low rate gig not paying much cash anyway. Give Ford some Cheese to go with Ford’s whining.

  • dandogood

    Why do blacks get tattoed in black ink?? makes no sense. Use white ink so we can see the tattoo. DUH?

  • Beast

    He’s just stating that he fought with a broken arm. All you couch potatoes fight with your wives who gona get to eat the last potato chips in the bag. God forbid you don’t get injured while wrestling for that last chip. He’s not making excuses but just saying he fought the best he could under the circumstances.

  • dandogood

    WSOF is like a minor league for has beens, and for less talented MMA fighters who fight with no fans and for little money.