Ryan Bader: I’m Ready to Go Out There and Upset Glover and the UFC’s Plans for Him

September 3, 2013
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Ryan Bader UFC 144Light heavyweights Glover Teixeira and Ryan Bader were originally expected to meet at UFC 160 on May 25, but a knee injury forced Bader out of the fight.  Teixeira defeated Bader’s replacement, James Te Huna, by submission that night, but now that Bader is healthy, the two will finally face off at UFC Fight Night 28 on Wednesday.

While Teixeira had to change his focus to Te Huna, Bader’s focus remained on Teixeira, and he believes that is an advantage.

“We were thinking about him long before and he had to switch it up and think about Te Huna, so we’ve been having a long training camp for him.  At least thinking about him for when I healed up and started training again and getting back at it, it was for Glover,” Bader told MMAWeekly content partner Knockout Radio.

“I was either scouting him or watching video and he’s been on my mind knowing that I’m going to fight him, so I have had a lot of time to prepare for him, more so than I would have to prepare for someone else or for him to prepare for me,” he added.

UFC Fight Night 28 takes place at the Mineirinho Arena in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Fighting a Brazilian in Brazil is a unique experience.  The crowd is nationalistic and vocal.  Bader had the opportunity to travel to Teixeira’s home country a few weeks ago to attend UFC 163 and witnessed the atmosphere firsthand.

“We got a call that we had to go down to Brazil about three weeks ago, so I was kind of bummed I had to leave in the middle of training camp, but it was good because I got to go down there and went to that UFC Rio fight,” he said.

“I was starting to listen to the energy of the crowd, the ‘You’re gonna die’ chants, all that kind of stuff.  They were all really cool to me, really respectful.  Everybody was fine, but they’re definitely going to be chanting and rooting against me when it’s my turn to come out, so I listened to it, I heard it, I know what to expect and it’s not going to bother me,” said the 30-year-old American.

Fighting in your home country or hometown can play in your favor with not having to get acclimated to time zones and travel, but it can also be a major distraction.

“I think it’s more pressure on the guy being in his hometown or home country and you have to deal with more people.  For me, I’m going down there with my three coaches and that’s it.  So they’re all in the same state of mind that I’m in,” explained Bader.

“Nobody is asking me for tickets or where my after party is at or anything like that. So I just focus on that and it’s kind of like the old school wrestling days when you go to some random Midwest town in the middle of winter where you just get the job done and leave. So that’s my mindset going into that,” he added.

Teixeira is the favorite heading into Wednesday’s event and is a well-rounded fighter known for his boxing ability and knockout power, as well as submission and grappling game.  Bader went back to basics for this training camp, improving his boxing and polishing up his wrestling.

“I just, my knee, I couldn’t get on the mat at all for a while.  It’s all healthy now, a non-issue.  But I worked a lot exclusively on tightening up my boxing and being more technical, straight punches, all that kind of good stuff.  And then I worked on trying to get back into wrestling,” he said.

“Getting the little stuff that I needed down and going and wrestling with the pure wrestlers.  So I went in once a week at least and really drilled and wrestled live with those pure wrestlers and got back to the little things that you miss when you haven’t been doing that exclusively for the last couple years, so definitely worked a lot on that, “ he added.

“I feel great, I had a great camp, I’m healthy.  I’m in a great state physically and mentally, so I’m ready to go out there and upset Glover and all the UFC‘s plans they have for him.”

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  • fsunoles10

    Brazilian fans are the worse, talk all the s*** you want about american fans but there is no place in any sport for the fans to yell out death threats and you’re gonna die chants. brazil can *** ****.

    • bajafox

      At least they show up for the prelims, I’ve been two 2 events in the US and showed up for all the prelim fights. The arena’s were damn near empty until midway through the main card

      • fsunoles10

        yeah cuz that point really factors in to the no place in sports for death threats comment right? like i said brazillian fans can eat s.

      • wow

        lol yes we threaten to kill people in the stands…but atleast we show up an hour earlier…great argument.

    • Kbroesq

      I totally agree with you. I can’t stand Brazilian fans. Brazilians are the only group of people whose culture demands respect but does not give it in return. Every other culture either gives respect and demands it, or doesn’t give it and doesn’t demand it (try going to Israel, for example – they don’t give you respect, but they don’t expect it in return). I’m so tired of hearing people say things like “yeah, the Brazilian fans really bring it!” There’s a different between being into the sport and being completely classless, rude and disrespectful.

      Aside from what you’ve already mentioned (death threats to fighters), they are the only group of people who would kill a referee at a soccer match, cut him into four pieces and put his head on a stake in the center of the field.

      (BTW, yes, that’s a real story [look it up – it just happened] and yes, I know the ref stabbed a guy and if you respond by saying, “the ref stabbed a guy!” you’re really just proving my point)

  • John Bunch

    I like Bader and if he wins I’ll definitely be happy for him. But I’ve become a big fan of Glover’s, as much for what a great person he seems to be as for his all around game and pedigree. I’m kind of taken aback by a lot of the hate I see in some forum posts about him. Guy has done everything he can to find a way to fight on the biggest stage in the world and once there, he’s fought everyone they put in front of him. After Rampage, the UFC did him a severe disservice by scheduling him Bader (and then Te Huna stepped in) imo…not that Bader can’t win but because Gover had earned a fight against a legit Top 10 guy to see where he’s really at. And then after winning his 4th in a row, the UFC gives him another non-Top 10 fighter and hints at the possibility he could earn a title shot with a win. I’m sure Glover could give two sh!!s about armchair warriors bashing his legitimacy but he has earned a better path to a title shot imo. At this point, everyone should know whether he deserves to be ranked #4 or not and matchmaking has not done him any favors.

    If he beats Bader…and I think he will…he deserves a top guy next and then determine if he’s ready for a title shot. Who he should fight, idk…maybe Davis just because the two are on a roll right now and both seem to be heading towards a title shot. Davis would have to wait to fight in that case, so I doubt the matchmakers will want to keep Phil on ice that long.

    • Dragon Kid

      There aren’t a lot of top names to throw at Glover right now since most of the LHW has been cleared out. With Machida dropping down a division and Shogun not willing to fight Glover, there aren’t really many big names to throw at him. All Teixeira can do is just keep climbing the ranks no matter who he continues to beat but I do agree he needs some tougher competition.

      davis has fought a few times this year and I think he’s been matched up with chael sonnen next.

      • John Bunch

        I hear there’s talk about Chael/Evans…but I think you nailed it. Once considered one of the deepest divisions on the planet, the UFC LHW division is wearing thin…I guess ‘Lil Nog is an option, but the haters will deride that fight win or lose…if Phil is available, that fight makes sense…and if I’m Shogun and I really want to reassert myself in the division, a win over a top 5 guy…Glover…is a desirable fight…I don’t think Shogun is afraid of anyone.,..or any other high level fighter…but it seems, for w/e reason, he doesn’t want to fight Glover.

  • wow

    I love how Glover fights, plus he may be the only guy who has the all around skill set to actually beat jones. Bader is a work horse but we saw what happened to him the first time he fought Jones, and there’s no reason to expect a different result. Hope Glover wins and can take out Jones.

    • John Bunch

      I truly believe he has the skills to beat Jones…the question is, does he has the experience level to pull it off? The UFC hasn’t done him any favors continually feeding him opponents outside of the top 10…even if he wins this, which I think he shall…he needs one more tune up fight.

  • Kbroesq

    It’s nice to hear Bader talking like this, but he is outmatched here.

    Quite frankly, I’m surprised that they keep giving Texiera opponents that don’t match up to his abilities. I know he’s fighting in Brazil, so their going to feed him an American that he’s better than so the UFC can appease the Brazilian fans like they always do, but it’s time they give Texiera LHW that will be competitive wit him. Maybe it’s true that none of the LHW want to fight him…if that’s the case, props to Bader for stepping up. Texiera is a scary dude.