Ryan Bader Admits He Was Too Aggressive in UFC Fight Night 28 Loss to Glover Teixeira

September 6, 2013
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Ryan Bader UFC 144Ryan Bader was coming off  an injury layoff after suffering a knee injury, but admitted he was too aggressive in his loss to Glover Teixeira at UFC Fight Night 28 in Brazil on Wednesday night.

Bader was due to face Teixeira at UFC 160, until the knee injury struck. He got the call to return to the Octagon in Brazil against Teixeira, who was on a 19-fight winning streak coming into the bout.

“I was a little too aggressive,” Bader admitted post-fight. “I wasn’t staying tight, and I got caught with a right hand and a left hook, and that was that.

“I just got a little over aggressive and tried to jump on the choke. I got back up and ended up kind of rocking him again, and it was the same thing. I felt good tonight. I made some mistakes, mental errors, and for me it’s just going back and keep getting better.”

Despite the loss, Bader is looking forward to getting back in the gym and improving as a fighter.

“In this sport, you come up real quick and you go down quick, but a big fight for me and I’m right back where I want to be. It’s just going back and training hard and getting right back at it.”

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  • Sir_Roy

    While losing to the rising star that is Tex carries with it no real shame, losing to an over the hill Ortiz is a tough loss to get past. Bader has yet to be able to erase that stumble from his career IMHO.

    • jbear

      The shame is in making an excuse as to why you lost, especially a stupid one.

  • Teixeira is just too tough, I believe Bader still has it in him

    • Werdoomb

      Has it in him for what?

      UFC HW and LHW divisions are so stacked right now that there is no room for middle of the road fighters like Ryan Bader.

      I say Mousasi vs Bader!

      • Lucas Freire

        HW stacked? wut?

        • Werdoomb

          now it is doomy

          • Lucas Freire

            Hell no.
            The HW is all about Cain vs Cigano.
            At least the understanding I have of stacked, is a division where there are a lot of guys with chance to get a title shot.
            LW is stacked, WW is stacked, HW not.
            Out of the HW top 10 tell me how many have a chance at getting a title shot.

          • Werdoomb

            Just listen to yourself.

            Who in the WW division has a chance of beating GSP? Seriously? You got Condit (who failed), Ellenberger (who couldn’t even beat Kampmann), Hendricks (wouldn’t be surprised if he loses), and Rory McDonald (who is a poor man’s version of GSP).

            By your definition, the LHW division isn’t stacked since JBJ can beat everyone.

            Just stop mang.

          • Marcus Miles

            whats a doomy?

      • TheCerealKiller

        So you are saying Mousasi is middle of the road?

        • Werdoomb

          no you retardo. I just get amazed by your leap of logic. The other day, I remember you saying another dooomb shiiit like this. Think before you draw conclusions and make accusations you terd.

          UFC doesn’t always match up middle of the road vs middle of the road.

          While Mousasi is NOT a contender in the LHW division, he is not a stepping stone either. But fact of the matter is, Mousasi hasn’t done enough in the UFC to get a contender shot, let alone a title shot.

          Bader should be a good test for Mousasi who has yet to prove his hype in the UFC.

          Jesus. Ever heard of tune-up fights?

          • brando

            ur a rly unmannered lil basta**

          • TheCerealKiller

            He has to be the angriest little man I have ever come across on these boards. At least I didn’t get called the “N” word this time.

          • jbear

            Hey, potty mouth, a tune up fight is not fighting someone ranked lower than you are. Mousasi should fight Henderson, Nogueira, Evans, or Machida. These are guys ranked higher than he is. I would like to see him fight Evans of Machida.

          • TheCerealKiller

            So you’re calling Ryan Bader a “tune-up fight”? The YFC doesn’t have “tune-up” fights.

          • Werdoomb

            Depends on how you define tune-up fights. The UFC gave Cro Cop a lot of tune-ups. Eddie Sanchez.

          • Marcus Miles

            “the other day, i remember you saying another dooomb shiiit like this”

            LMFAO, you are a f@cking idiot, learn how to type, spell, and use better slang

        • jbear

          Mousasi should insist on fighting better fighters because he deserves it. He would beat Bader badly!!!

          • Werdoomb

            not so sure about that.

            Mousasi lost to King Mo and drew against Jardine.

            Mousasi (a) has proved to be weak against takedowns and (b) haven’t fought UFC level dudes.

            Mousasi vs Bader should be good for both guys.

  • tapout

    no Bader your chin failed you again.

  • james j


  • jbear

    Yeah, that was the problem, you were too aggressive.

  • dgs

    Ryan Bader was no more aggressive than he normally is. If he had won the fight, I’m sure post fight he would not have critiqued his fighting style at all. I seriously doubt his aggression level would have changed the outcome of the fight, he simply lost to a better fighter.

  • Mr Pete

    You did pretty good Bader, if you would of landed them overhand rights everyone would talking how much your striking ability and confidence have improved. Not stiff and one dimensional wrestling and over right but good uppercuts, high kick and overall looked comfortable striking.

  • james j

    Bader will remain a main card fighter, but he will always be the guy we are glad is fighting cause it should make for good entertainment. He is no threat ever to be a champ. Like the guy and I am glad he is in the UFC.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Bader admits to being over aggressive? Did someone accuse him of that?