Rustam Khabilov Says He Will Not Fight Khabib Nurmagomedov (video)

November 7, 2013
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UFCTroops3-Rustam-Khabilov-478x270UFC lightweight Rustam Khabilov says he will not fight fellow Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov during the UFC: Fight for the Troops 3 post-fight press conference at Fort Campbell, Ky., on Nov. 6.

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  • It’s because Khavilbowonjbov can’t beat Khabib Nurmagomowmvinrnev

    • Kenny Powers

      Meet, Fran stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky. She is the most dangerous woman on earth with a dodgeball.

    • Maddawgmar

      I don’t think you have any room to dog anyone on their name.

  • Pat Garret

    “Don’t be scared homie!” Nick Diaz

  • Maddawgmar

    I can understand not wanting to fight a friend. Yet if a title or a title shot is on the line, I think they’ll sing a different tune.


    He will,, when the time & $$$ is RIGHT !!!

  • Alex Anderson

    There is something not entirely rational about fighting, and not entirely good about fighting, even in the very controlled circumstances of mma. We accept certain bad consequences of what we do sometimes, because we can’t think of anything better, but when it comes to a friendship, people often see that there is A LOT more to lose, and so they choose to potentially have to wait longer to fight (and/or make less money), because those irrational, negative consequences are often much worse if it’s a fight between friends, although it depends on the types of people, and the types of friendships involved, and fighting a friend is not impossible (we can easily imagine that a fight between two fighters who are not power punchers is more likely to happen, as there would probably be much less chance of anybody getting hurt).