Rumors and Speculation Swirl About UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre’s Future

November 18, 2013
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Georges S-Pierre UFC 167 open workoutUFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre said following his win over Johny Hendricks that he needed to “step away for a little bit,” and at the UFC 167 post-fight press conference that he had personal problems, but didn’t reveal what those problems were.

As you can imagine, rumors and speculation have abounded since he uttered those words.

Celebrity gossip site made GSP’s personal problems much more public on Monday.

Citing an anonymous source close to the situation, the outlet reported that St-Pierre is currently dealing with the declining health of his father, as well as an unwanted pregnancy.

TMZ is not always known for the reliability of its sources, and at least in the case of St-Pierre’s father, it would appear that piece of information was not correct.

St-Pierre’s sister, Myriam, spoke directly to, a Canadian news site, denying the accusations about their father’s health. She said that their father was in good health and called for reports to the contrary to stop because it was causing pain for their family.

“I don’t know where this rumor came from, but this is wrong,” she said.

Myriam did not, however, comment on the TMZ report citing an “unwanted pregnancy” as part of St-Pierre’s problems.

Immediately following his UFC 167 win, St-Pierre told UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview that he needed to step away from the Octagon for a while. The champ didn’t, however, say how long he would be gone.

“I am going to hang my gloves up for a little bit and make sense of my life,” said St-Pierre. “I have to go away for a little bit at least. Personal things are happening. I have to step away for a bit, that’s all I can say right now.”

UFC President Dana White spoke privately with St-Pierre immediately following the post-fight press conference. Shortly after that conversation, White downplayed the scale of the fighter’s problems to a group of reporters.

“His problems aren’t as big as he thinks they are,” he said.

White wouldn’t reveal what he and St-Pierre talked about, and it is unclear what information St-Pierre shared with his boss.

Even St-Pierre’s trainer, Firas Zahabi, hasn’t unveiled much about St-Pierre’s issues and whether or not he will return to the Octagon.

“Honestly, I have no idea. I’m not inside of Georges’ head,” Zahabi told Fox Sports. “I know Georges is a warrior, but I have no idea. Listen, he’s spent more time inside the Octagon than any other human being. Everybody’s got a limit how long they want to do this for. How many rounds they want to do, how much fight they have in them, and everybody’s got a limit. Georges has literally done more than any man on the planet. Does he still have more? I don’t know, that’s up to him. It’s a really personal thing.”

The only thing that is clear is that there are definitely some issues that St-Pierre is struggling with, but isn’t quite ready to reveal to the world. We are left to wait, wondering what the future holds for the UFC’s greatest welterweight champion.

“Later on, I’ll make a point about that,” St-Pierre said at UFC 167. “Right now I have to go away for a little bit.”

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  • Eatabagov Dix

    Somebody tell Georges that America is a lot more accepting of homosexuals than they were a few years ago. He needs to get over himself.

    • Bmar

      Ur an American idiot. Ur mom is gonna get cancer soon oh and a reminder to ur ignorant American ass ur health care blows.

      • greaseygranny

        Hey Canadian idiot. I hope your Canadian health care doesn’t suck. Cause what I watched Saturday night was two Americans kick the crap out of two Canadians. By the look of GSPee in the butt’s face and his infant ramblings on about retirement, I would have to say he needs some good old fashion top of the line Canadian health care. So why don’t you go do one of the only two things you can do in Canada. Mount a horse or ice skate.

        • microman

          Wow! you are a genius too.

      • microman

        you are a genius.

    • DamianCross

      GSP is NOT gay just because he gets some booty!!

      Rory is gay for giving it to him.

    • microman

      You are a genius

  • bajafox

    I hate speculations…just tell everyone wtf already. If it is the pregnancy deal then Dana is right, that’s not a huge problem to have and next time he should wrap it up if he doesn’t want kids.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I imagine an unwanted pregnancy IS a HUGE problem when you make $12 million a year!!!

      • bajafox

        Yea good point, I dont know about child support policies in Canada but if it’s anything like California I’m sure he’s gonna take a huge financial hit

        • Kris-tyahn

          Not just that, he said he wants a wife & have plenty of kids. He probably doesn’t want the child with HER b/c it was probably some hot chick & wanted to bang her, like many of us on here have done, though we don’t have the tens of millions of dollars he has. And he probably doesn’t want some random child out there who he probably has no plans of being with the mother. I’m sure the female probably wants the kid for the fame of GSP being the father & the big bucks that comes with it. Along with god knows what else!

          • Lawdog1521

            Even worse, maybe he got drunk and hooked up with an ugly chick. Not only do you have to deal with an ugly chick for the next 18 years but the kid could be ugly too. Who wants to deal with an ugly kid?

          • earlsimmons

            How did your parents deal with you? ZING

      • JDMMA

        Yuppp… He should talk to Chuck Liddell he have kids from different women probably paying millions in child support

      • Thy_Yeti_Knows

        Maybe .. but if they’re siblings that’s reserved for the crosseyed Beisel clan

  • Usmc8408

    I think the guy just doesn’t want to fight anymore. Seems he’s upset because he’s such a competitor but has lost his heart. He admitted he was close once before to walking away, so maybe he realized his heart isn’t in it anymore. Maybe he just wants to be a human being again. The guy has always stricken me as a bit of a fragile soul…like when he said he couldn’t look Hughes in the eyes…so maybe he needs to fix some of those “dark places” in him. Just my 2 cents though.

    • Gary Fredericks

      So true. He handles defeat very badly as well…ala post GSP-Serra 1. Didn’t Greg Jackson play a part on helping him more mentally that strategically or technically?

      • Me

        He handles defeat badly? Someone should tell that to Hughes and Serra. I’m sure it’ll be news to them.

  • Corey Hutton

    Nice to see everybody is a gossipy lil bitch now a days.
    Mind your own pathetic lives and keep your noses out of everyone elses that have nothing to do with you.

    • Usmc8408

      …says the gossipy lil bitch calling everyone else a gossipy lil bitch, haha

      • archaictext

        lol, exactly.

    • greaseygranny

      Yes. Keep your noses out of a public sports figures comments of quitting after taking the worse beating he ever has. Just let him tie up the entire division as he goes on vacation for 6-18 months cause he knocked up some broad. He is obviously the only fighter in history to get a chick prego and have a loved one dying. You guys don’t understand. No fighter has ever had to deal with such intense situations. Corey “the lil bitch” Hutton seems to think it’s called The GSP. Not the UFC.

      • Lawdog1521

        GSP has always done this crap too. He puts up this nice guy, pretty boy image but behind the scenes he’s always whining about being picked on.

      • The guest of guests

        So you’re saying GSP should care more about the UFC than his family and himself? Put his job before his family? You must live in dreamland with no family of your own. I’m happy for you that you have no worries but some of us aren’t that fortunate. Some people deal with it differently. You’re not him, don’t criticize a situation you don’t fully understand/aren’t having to deal with. Never thought he was genuinely having personal issues before/after the fight? Seemed like he was being honest to me when he was talking to Joe. You’d think it would be a common courtesy to leave the man alone but hey, that’s just my morality speaking.

        • greaseygranny

          Yes dude. I live in dreamland and have no family. I know that when my father passed, a job that I’ve been at for 13 years gave me 5 days of bereavement pay. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s 5 paid days off to deal with my fathers death. Then back at work. By all means, if he needs 5 days off he should take it. I bet Dana would even pay him. But his dad isn’t dying. He needs time off because he knocked up some broad. I can give a flat out crap less what his personal problems are. He’s not my friend and we don’t hang out. I care as much about his problems as he does mine. What I do, is pay to watch him hold guys down and dry hump them for five rounds. I pay to see who can stop GSP from doing that. Big Rig did just that. He beat GSP up. The first to do so since the 1st BJ Penn fight. He couldn’t hold Johnny down when he got hurt. Johnny MADE him fight. So I don’t wanna hear a bunch of bs excuses from either fighter. I wanna see an immediate rematch. So, to me, it’s not acceptable at all. If you’re going to take a prolong absence from fighting while not injured, and you’re a champion, vacate the title. You don’t hold up a division for your personal problems. That’s why he’s called a PROFESSIONAL fighter.

  • Usmc8408

    To borrow someone else’s hilarious quote:

    s382 – “If the pregnancy thing is true.. at least he’ll have proved he CAN indeed finish.”

    • The guest of guests

      ^^Lol I like GSP but that’s the comment of the month.

  • GSP deserves time off but at the same time it’s not fair for the rest of the division. Best thing they can do is give him the longest layoff possible before a rematch with Hendricks. Or if anything let Hendricks and Lawler fight.

    • DamianCross

      I thought the UFC just put in the policy of fighting within one year or getting stripped of the belt? Wasn’t that a big thing with Jose Aldo or whoever? This should be a cut and dry thing. GSP wants time…he’s got 1 year.

      • Justin E.

        Or who ever? Cruz is the name you are looking for. Aldo or who ever. Like you don’t know who he is. He is the p4p best fighter in the world.

        • DamianCross

          Twinkieweights. ZZZZZZZZ

      • Agreed. Give him a year to get himself together. They both need rest before jumping back into camp to fight anyway.

    • Sarcasticball

      Agreed… But seriously I don’t understand what gsp mean by time off because he said that he is going back to montreal to train. Trainning for what? just to lift weight? I think he need some time alone far away from media an mabe the octogan but it’s weird. He shoul’d have said anything to the media because it’s going to be worst with them and it’s normal because we want to know what’s he’s going to do.

      • Very true. He should have kept this between him and his camp until he has a real answer. Now we are all held up in suspense. I don’t know what to think of it if he retired because on one hand he didn’t get KO’d by Hendricks or smoked by him, it was a great fight and a tough fight but he may have to do the rematch to cement that win. Best of luck to the guy either way.

  • paul

    $12 million a year and he cant afford a condom!!

    • J.D.C.D.

      Maybe he was waiting for the Condom Depot sponsorship that instead went to War Machine.

  • rapidfire

    This is another execuse in making why he GSP fought so poorly.hes gonna blame it on his own personal problem as the main reason why he didn’t fight well.
    if it’s not health issue then it’s some other personal issue.

    • Justin E.

      Except he didn’t fight poorly. At all. He fought very well, and with a ton of heart. Hendricks beat him. That’s all there is to it. Hendricks is the champ. I saw nothing off about GSPs performance. He just met a better fighter that night.

    • And another excuse fans are making because they hate GSP’s fighting style or success. C’mon there’s no denying that there was obviously something serious on his mind before this fight. It was the toughest fight he’s had in a very long time but either way he hung in there, didn’t get knocked out by Hendricks and stood with him the entire fight taking shots and throwing kicks. A rematch would be nice but I hope fans would entertain the idea of Hendricks/Woodley or Hendricks/Lawler.

      • The guest of guests

        ^This. Lawler deserves Hendricks. I’d love to see Tyron/Hector but they won’t do that. Tyron vs Rory and Hector vs Dong.

        • All very interesting match ups. Tyron and Hendricks would be awesome. Lombard is asking for Condit if he wins but I wouldn’t mind he fighting Robbie Lawler either. I know they are both out of ATT but Robbie is new there and Hector probably wouldn’t mind if it meant being in title contention. I do like Hector and Dong though. Great grappling match that could be if Hector doesn’t KO him.

    • Mark McDowall

      If you think GSP fought poorly then you need to visit an eye doctor. Hendricks hit him with shots that have put other guys to sleep. Did he loose the fight…in my opinion he did but that doesn’t mean he fought badly, Hendricks just fought better.

      Like Dana said…GSP obsesses about everything. So what may not seem like a big deal to others may be devastating to him.

    • Fainmal

      GSP didn’t make any excuuses. He said he left it all in the Octagon. Giving Hendricks credit for his toughest fight ever, and not taking away from that accomplishment by claiming he (GSP) didn’t give it his all.
      Hendricks however tried to discredit GSP’s ability to take devastating punishment from supposedly the hardest hitter ever in the WW division, and still come back to get more, by saying he (Hendricks) only used 70% power.
      Hendricks sounds like Diaz. “I’ll beat you next time”
      Next time? wtf was wrong with this time?
      Do we have to give people two chances at beating GSP so it will be fair to the challenger? One practice fight to see how it goes, and then another real fight after the challenger has some experience fighting GSP?

      Talk about a dominant champion where everyone needs two cracks at fighting him just so they might have a chance of beating him once.

  • Cilantro

    If u watch JWP interview with MMA Heat he talks about how GSP has been stressing over negative criticism from fans etc leading up to the fight, could very well be as simple as that. When you’re both champ and a perfectionist like him, the littlest things can get in your head and turn in to neurotic issues over time. He might just be over it and wants to do something else.

  • jake snod

    Who is the unwanted pregnancy with?? key question?

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Why pull out now? What’s done is done.

  • Mark McDowall

    Who friggin cares?? He does have a life outside of the octagon. What and who he does with his junk behind closed doors is up to him. Why does that change what he has accomplished so far?? It doesn’t!!

    Just another thing all the uneducated moronic fan boys that comment on this site can jump all over.


    He did say he is having trouble sleeping…plus he believes that he might be getting abducted by aliens (watch it yourself on YouTube)

  • GSP won – Hendriks LOST
    thats how it was and how it is.
    GSP beat him fair and square.
    Hendricks will lose AGAIN come rematch time aswell

    • The guest of guests

      You’re half right. GSP won over two ignorant judges, but he lost the fight. It was a good fight but anyone with a pair of eyeballs should be able to distinguish winner from loser. George’s face told the story of the fight, and Hendricks will win yet again even more convincingly should there ever be a rematch.

      • robc

        Well no actually GSP won. Facial damage is irrelevant to the current scoring system. Each round is scored on a round by round basis. Damage from prior rounds is not factored in. GSP and Hendricks both won 2 rounds clearly. Hendricks did not get a 10-8 in either of his rounds. The only round that is in dispute is round 1. It was a pretty close round. Please do not let your ignorance of the scoring system confuse others. George’s face had nothing to do with winning or losing. In round 1 GSP had a sub attempt and a takedown. Apparently that was enough in two judges minds for the win. Hendricks should have pulled the trigger in the 5th round instead of handing it to GSP. Perhaps his corner lacks the same intelligence you do regarding the scoring system…

    • Jeremy Nm

      yup…and pigs fly. lol

      GSP doesn’t have the skill set to beat Hendricks. It’s going to be another beat down. Except this time…GSP gets TKO’d in the 3rd round.

      • Fainmal

        Clearly, you are blinded by your desperation to see GSP dethroned. GSP is well rounded. That means in his ‘set’ are all of the skills involved in MMA. Wrestling, striking, submissions.

        Hendricks has ‘wrestling’ ONLY. that’s one skill out of a set. only other thing Johnny has, his striking isn’t technical or crisp, it just has power. Power is a physical attribute.
        Just like GSP’s cardio. Johnny has a punchers chance, or had one. Apparently 5 rounds of punches wasn’t enough, so the antichampion is gonna get another five rounds.

        • Jeremy Nm

          desperation to see him dethroned? really? lol. Funny you are making ignorant assumptions. Personally I think GSP is the best welterweight of all time. However his time is over. Puncher’s chance? really is that why Johnny Hendricks mauled him so badly everywhere the fight took place? lol. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. GSP’s biggest asset is his wrestling, and his speed. His wrestling is nullified by Hendricks so you can take that away. Without the wrestling GSP is very one dimensional as we saw in the fight. His striking is very basic at best. he only has a few tools in the striking game. His speed and his ability to move is what makes his basic striking game effective. Thats it. However after his ACL surgeries and age, his speed is declining and that was noticeable in the Condit fight. His BJJ game has been over hyped for years… Hell he didn’t know how to complete an arm bar on Dan Hardy for crying out loud! lol. Hendricks posses the ability to nullify and beat him everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before Hendrick’s beats him down again…. a punchers chance lmao.

          • Sarcasticball

            Well you make assumption too and comments that are not necessairly true. Still Hendrick is a dangerous opponent for GSP because of his wrestling, punching power, strenght and the fact that he is a southpaw boxer. But I don’t want to make any prediction for a rematch because I think it can go either way, Saying that one of them dosen’t have a chance is false and stupid. sorry.

  • J.D.C.D.

    Part of me thinks that if Rory and GSP both had convincing wins none of the post fight stuff and awkwardness would never have happened. GSP would have retired on top and passed the mantle over to Rory.

  • Trues

    It’s funny how people just make s*** up and all the sheep jump on it.