Ruh-Oh, Hackers May Have Gotten Ahold of Miesha Tate’s Nude Photos

October 14, 2014
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In a day and age where everyone’s privacy seems to be invaded through the wonders of digital media, one of MMA’s own is possibly the latest victim.

According to the folks at LAD Bible, hackers have allegedly secured nude photos of UFC fighter Miesha Tate in the latest run of celebrity photo hackings. And not only do the cyber thieves claim to possess the photos, but they are apparently selling them, some for $350 a pop.

The photos are reportedly circulating on some German website, and if you do enough searching on your own, you’ll get over being mad at us for our reluctance to link it on this blog.

The alleged leak of Tate’s photos is the latest in a growing trend of hacked celebrity photos. Other victims of the trend include Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian and looooooooooong list of others.

Some victims, including Lawrence, have even gone to the extent of saying they’ll prosecute anyone who decides to post their pictures on the internet. So if you’re trying to show off to your friends by showing them the leaked photos you downloaded, maybe think about the consequences, m’kay?

But celebrities aren’t alone. Commoners — such as yourself — are potential victims, too. Over 200,000 Snapchat photos were reportedly leaked recently, and the victims range anywhere from teenagers to potentially you. Excuse us while we go clear out our photo gallery.

Photo props go to Ben Watts, ESPN.

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  • Darin

    Why would anyone pay for pics of naked women? Neither Tate nor any other famous women have anything I haven’t seen a million times before. If you’ve seen her in a tight shirt (we all have) then you can pretty easily imagine what she looks like naked.

  • Seth

    So…she’s celebrity? That’s the biggest news in this article…

  • Darth Cheney

    That’s some serious jerking material.

  • Matte

    Is this really an article?

    Pathetic to say the least, the tone of the article most of all.

    Little boys writing.

    How about something about MMA?

  • Austin, TX

    You could have just said, “There are are some nude photos of Miesha Tate circulating now on the internet.”
    Your tone is stupid.
    p.s. you write like a fanboy 8 year old…..dare I say….a commoner. Your tone is puerile, prosaic, pedestrian. Go to a writing class, shore up your skills before you post articles like this. Do you have an editor? He didn’t do his job.

    • To answer your question, no, this site doesn’t have an editor or any valuable writers with degrees. To support them, please visit and donate money to gain yourself a spot on their board of trustees.

  • dandogood

    who wants to look at Big nose Meisha Tate nude?? Tate is disgusting to look at clothed.

    • la

      You must don’t like girls
      to say Tate is disgusting

    • TheCerealKiller


    • Jon Doe

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  • dandogood

    Come on! Meisha Big Nose Tate looks like an anteater or a rhino with that honker.

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