Royce Gracie Asking for Rematch with Matt Hughes at UFC 134 in Brazil

April 27, 2011
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Royce Gracie is trying to get one more fight in the UFC in his home country of Brazil, and he’s asking for a rematch with Matt Hughes.

The legendary winner of several early UFC tournaments has been hounding president Dana White to place him on the UFC 134 card in Rio, but no decision has been made yet whether or not he’ll be granted his wish.

“I’ll just tell you straight up, he thinks his performance against Matt Hughes was not what it could have been. He thinks he can beat Matt Hughes, and he wants that fight again,” White told reporters on Wednesday about Gracie’s wish to return to the Octagon.

Gracie has been out of action since a 2007 win over Kazushi Sakuraba in K-1. Following the fight, Gracie tested positive for the anabolic steroid Nandrolone Metabolite, and was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for one year.

It was Gracie’s first fight after losing to Hughes in his UFC comeback bout, where he was finished by strikes in the first round.

White admits he hasn’t made a final decision regarding Gracie’s involvement in UFC 134 or a rematch with Hughes. For his part, Matt Hughes hasn’t made any statement whether he’d even be interested in a second fight with Gracie after a dominant performance during their first go round.

While he won’t tell Gracie what to do regarding his fight future, White didn’t make things sound too optimistic when discussing the UFC hall of famer.

“There’s times when I step in for instance like Chuck Liddel and I say ‘Chuck I think you should retire’. Royce Gracie, I don’t know. He didn’t look too damn good against Matt the first time,” White said.

Gracie was at the UFC 129 pre-fight press conference, and will meet with White later today to discuss his future with the promotion.

“Royce is here, he’s waiting to talk to me,” White commented on Wednesday.

Gracie has long been rumored to make one more run in the Octagon during the historic UFC 134 event in Brazil. During his time with the UFC, Gracie has gone 11-1-1 overall, but the one loss was of course the first round stoppage versus Hughes in 2006.

White didn’t put a time line on how soon he might decide on Gracie’s future, but he’ll likely get the hard sell on Wednesday from the Brazilian legend to try and get one more shot in the Octagon he helped build.

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  • Jmoney

    he’s too old and testing positive… hang em up and retire. boring fight no one is interested in seeing

  • panik

    hes a legend so let him have this fight in his home country then thats it

  • Mario

    He got manhandled in the first fight. He wasn’t able to modify the rules in that match either. That’s why he got dominated so badly. The steroid controversy is another thing. This man is a cheater.

    Royce Gracie is a legend, sure, but he always wants things his way.

    I say, nah. Not interested in seeing Matt run over him again. First fight was funny enough. What does Matt need to prove?

    Royce would get murdered, again.

    People glorify Royce alot, but really, think about when HE was around. Who was he beating?

    A bunch of nobody’s that looked like they came from a trailer park. LOL. Those were also the days when fighters weren’t actually fighting with fists. At least not like now. I guarantee you if Royce Gracie fought at 24 years of age today, he would not be the great Royce Gracie everybody made him to be. His biggest victory came against Ken Shamrock. The 2nd Sakuraba fight, well, we all know he lost even though he walked away with a decision. That was the fight where he tested positive also.

    Royce, is a loser!
    stay retired.

  • gnodeb

    I won’t call him a loser. Yes he fought nobodies but, back in time, he was nobody too. He showed us that one dimensional JJ fighter can win against any other one dimensional fighter (even with big size disadvantage). That fact changed sport forever and that is how he earned legendary status.

    But, that is irrelevant today. That was irrelevant 5 years ago. Matt is just too much for him. I would be surprised if he can put competitive fight against Ken Shamrock.

  • MrAdidas

    Yeah he got owned by Hughes yrs ago, but you have to remember people that Hughes was still in his prime back then & he was still Champ & he even beat BJ Penn his next fight to remain Champ. I’m not sure if Hughes would “OWN” Gracie again like he did, they are both over the hill & “washed up” – I know Gracie more so, but you never know. I wouldnt care if they did fight, as long as its not on the PPV portion – undercard sounds good to me. As for saying he beat a bunch of nobodies, well didnt he beat Ken Shamrock in his prime & didnt he give up like 40+lbs, didnt he beat Kimo Leopoldo & gave up over 50+lbs in that fight, which everyone thought Gracie was going to die & he also beat Dan Severn another guy who out weighed him by 40+lbs @ least. Dont forget Gracie was a no name, he fought @ a time where there were only 3 or 4 rules. There were no weight limit, no time limit, no gloves/bare nuckle etc.

  • Rk1968

    I hated watching him fight. He’d lay on his back for 2 1/2 rounds doing nothing, and then get a submission. Refs nowadays would have stopped it and gotten them back on their feet. he is 47 now. Please Dana don’t put him back in for another fight.

    • jackie chan

      you do know that this article is 3 years old right……?????????

      • Rk1968

        hahahah..Nope..WTF are they putting this article back up?

  • brad king

    royce will submit hughes easily this time! no ufc dollars coming his way this time to throw the fight

  • Nuh

    Does Hughes fight PED users? I know he smashes d-bags like Trigg.