Roy Nelson Talks Stipe Miocic, “Saving” UFC 161 and Title Aspirations (UFC 161 Video)

June 12, 2013
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Roy Nelson TUF 16 FinaleRoy Nelson had a lot on his mind when he met with a flock of reporters, including’s Ryan McKinnell, in Las Vegas prior to leaving for UFC 161 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, this week.

He touched on everything from how dangerous of an opponent Stipe Miocic is and why the UFC called him to help “save” the UFC 161 card to what it means to be an undisputed champion and what it will take him to finally get the gold.

Check out our UFC 161 pre-fight media scrum interview with Roy Nelson…

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  • Werdoomb

    Don’t let Miosic’s loss to Struve fool you. He will shock the world by beating Nelson….or not.

    The upper echelon of the UFC is truly amazing.

    Pretty much a top dawg from minor leagues get killed by mid-tier fighters, recent example of this being Thiago Silva vs Feijao.

    I thought Miosic would go on to become a top contender. And he lost to Struve who cannot even beat Nelson.

    • Lucas Freire

      huh…who is the top dawg and who is the mid-tier fighter in this recent example?


    If Nelson beats him, I’d rather like to see him fight for the title than Overeem or Werdum,,, Nelson against either Cain or JDS would be an exciting fight , that’s for sure

    • Werdoomb

      Dude, guys on this board think Werdum doesn’t deserve a title shot.

      No way Nelson deserves a title shot. He lost to Werdum and Mir, and would lose to Big Foot, Overeem and Barnett.

      He has never won a big fight in his fight.

      I know his belly turns you on but come on man. Be real.

      • JDMMA

        It’s a match of Excitement & entertainment, Werdum has been in many boring bouts, All of Nelson’s fights are exciting whether he win or lose

      • jay

        overeem and barnett (especially barneet) would kill him, but he would KO Big Foot in 1 round … Big Foot is too slow to avoid a flush right hand for 15 minutes and he has a glass jaw. With his Chin, he may do the same to Overeem, but after the BF lost, Overeem is probably going to fight “Greg Jackson Style” and use his huge size advantage to “Fitch” Roy Nelson for 3 rounds, but one shot would KO Overeem as well. Barnett would take him down within 30 seconds of all 3 rounds and no one, especially someone much smaller, gets Barnett off them.

        • Lucas Freire

          The problem is Overeem doesn’t even come close to Fitch or even Nelson on the stamina. He gasses with pure footworking. lol

      • Sir_Roy

        Nelson’s “belly” is well established and less worrisome as, like Babe Ruth, he’s proven he can perform in his sport regardless. Werdum’s ever more protruding belly is what worries. Yeah, I went there.

      • Baller31

        Nelson would definitely not lose to Bigfoot…it would end in much the same way Bigfoot’s fight with Cormier did…As for Overeem or Barnett, Nelson has a decent shot at beating either one of them.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Nelson already got DESTROYED by dos Santos, and that was when DosSantos wasn’t as good as he is now. Cain would own Nelson now as well. Nelson’s good, but not even close to being a champ! He needs to lose weight & be a crazy in shape HW (for Nelson;s standards) or drop to LHW & own people there! But if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’ll never be a champ or top 5 in the world! Fun to watch, but when you’re fun to watch, usually means you are NOT a champ!

    • Sir_Roy

      I honestly believe most heavy weights would “get owned” at the hands of the top echelon in LHW. Including Nelson (I don’t think Cormier will do very well either).

      Outside of a select few, the skill differential is significant IMHO.

  • Kris-tyahn

    I can’t remember the last fight Nelson was in, that was boring or not fun to watch! That’s what I mean!